Conscious Live (Matt's abandoning us for greener pastures.)

Still getting the rust off. A picture taken by the talented Mr. Tah, during the Fire Your Boss Show at The Bower Poetry Club.

Last night I rolled through late to the going away party for Matt Lydon. He's moving his family out to New Hampshire.

I wrote a little top ten list to read last night.

Top Ten List Of Reasons Why Matt (Lydon) May Be Moving To New Hampshire

10. Ghosts of his checkered past have come back to haunt him.
9. Everyone knows, the ‘real’ rap recording contracts start in New Hampshire.
8. It’s time to ‘witness’ relocate.
7. Pigeons, pigeons, pigeons!
6. Bob Holman, Bob Holman, Bob Holman.
5. The Red Coats are coming! The Red Coats are coming!
4. To toilet paper the childhood homes of both Adam Sandler and Sarah Silverman.
3. If music doesn’t hit. There’s always NASCAR.
2. To find out if The Hotel New Hampshire is even remotely similar to the Hotel California.
1. Gentrification has pushed him and his loving family out of their Greenpoint neighborhood.


Long time no write...

original bush baby maybe from haiti
maybe the river euphrates shaped me
like fountain of youth brew
daily climb mountains in projects
is what some of the youth do
troop knew it was inevitable for them to die
but they ain't even cry
gettin even with steven means
nothin because steven been bluffin
beat the stuffin outtah dude
but what did that prove
because at a distance we both looked like fools
looked like tools
used to dissasemble
short circuit
work it till you squeeze all the life juice out...
through the pipe the mouth
for major lip service
snapshot of she lookin nervous
bended knee, for phallic prayer ritual
her knew her purpose
he was awesome on stage
with consummate rage he spit his verses

Quick Self Portrait...

Getting used to your face. Getting used to your voice. Getting used to getting used to.


Aflac Goat


It's only bad as you let it be.

I sat on a bench in Union Square last night. Tired. Upset. Filled with anxiety. Down wind of a homeless dude, I looked up to notice was staring at me and suddenly I didn’t feel so bad.

Each day needs to start with being grateful. That’s it. Soon after visualize the day ahead of you positively. Make your day.

Yeah I'm Feeling Myself...

Village Voice: Group Photo, in two page spread.
Foam: Quoted for 5 Top Music Cities. Talked about places to eat sleep and catch a show.
Elemental Magazine: Poetry In Prison's Article
Beyond Race Magazine: Album reviewed: Neo Retro Spectro Graphiks Vol.1
Washington Square News: 2 part article; Part 1 Thought on hiphop artist Chaz Kangas; Part 2 Info On the NYC Subway Series
The L Magazine: Classic photo of Kidlucky and I during the hiphop Subway Series.(Camera's are always flashing in NY).


Clean up time.

This week begins a new move to get the body to act accordingly. For the next 2 weeks, no meat of any kind for me. Since I already removed red meat and pork from my diet some years ago my selection won't be so hard to scale down further. Also I'm cutting down on my egg intake. No scrambled ones in the morning or afternoon egg and cheese on a role type business. I'm also gonna cut out the cheese. That's the hard one. I like cheess. I really like cheese.

I have two shows coming up thus far this month, part of the reason I'm paying close attention to my food intake is because of them. I'm considering a general detox/fast perhaps I'll begin that a week from today.

I'll keep you posted.


Marthalicia... The Enchanting Paintress

Technology is great sometimes. Snap a few pictures with your digital camera. Record a conversation with your mp3 player. Upload through usb 2.0 and presto, you're a new media wizard.

Martha Alicia is an outstanding painter and illustrator I wanted you guys to know about... Here's a conversation with her.