Desperate Housewives - A Work In Progress

Track Produced by Verse All

desperate housewives
wit steak knives
can take lives
escaped with mine
ran by dem naked mines
on the field
on the reels
they taped my life
how can i be wrong for layin pipe, if i layed it right
slick plumber that never showed crack
man i never sold crack
just contra band to fans
in the form of new millennium wax...
even still i build watching grams
removing weight
music distributed through a basement gate..
then hit the the pavement...
independent indies jump the slaveship, left the salt mines

in strawberry fields blue blood spills for real
there is no oxygen, or pills
there is no boxin in this doc oc phil
mermaids splash
iare pop dem gill
some shock and aw campaign
we chop trill
for proper spill
the operas filled
canaries singing
we don't believe you
we know you ain't slinging

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