Monday Introduces Bondfire,'Hosted by The Bronx Uber Villain'. invites you to a unique and awesome event on Tuesday October 28th 10PM at New York City's Bowery Poetry Club. It takes place only once a month and this being the inaugural show, you do not want to miss it. (As space is limited we ask that if you'd like to attend you rsvp at ) We look forward to seeing you there!

Admission is $5 before 11:30, $10 after. Come early, get in for less and enjoy two completely different shows. Now that's a bargain! This is an all ages event. You must be 21 and have a valid ID in order to drink. There will be giveaways. Everyone that attends, takes something home.

The Bowery Poetry Club

308 Bowery Street
(Between Houston and Bleecker)
F train to 2nd Ave, 6 to Bleecker

10:00 PM Open Mic Sign Up. (The list is limited. The taping is 1 hour)

DJ Ready Cee Spins from 10:00 - 10:30PM
10:30 - 11:30PM Bondfire: Mic's Open Show hosted by "The Bronx Über Villain"

11:30 Bondfire: Concert Series Begins

11:45 -12:30 1st Act: Preachermann And 'The Revival' - Soul Man
12:45 2nd Act: Kahlil Almustafa - Hiprock Spoketry
1:10 3rd Act: K Swift - Emcee

Bondfire: Mic's Open Show [Pilot Taping] 10-11:30

Think MTV Unplugged, Def Poetry/Comedy Jam & SNL. During Bondfire: Mic's Open Show, open mic participants are guest of the host, "The Bronx
Über Villain". Like medieval times where kings were entertained by the likes of jesters and musicians, performers do the same for the audience as well as , "The Bronx Über Villain". Each performance concludes with a mostly humorous comment from the host. The official show once edited for televison and dvd will have a mix of the most outstanding open mic performances and out takes, live performances from the Bondfire: Concert Series, video interviews with various artists, comedy sketches and special ‘The Bronx Über Villain" commentary.

Bondfire: Concert Series 11:30

People aren't too enthused these days with live shows. They never seem to start on time. Artists either cancel or show up and aren't that impressive. New York is a great city that has a reputation for being the starting point, and place of discovery of some of the greatests musicians to ever do it. Bondfire: Concert Series is about regaining the confidence of music lovers and creating lasting memories. Simply having a wonderful time. We're saying, 'No To Mediocrity!'.

Check out for free downloads and more information about the artists performing at Bondfire: Concert Series.


We hours rnadom scribes...

didn't smoke the devil's lettuce, just sprinkled on the salad
alice asked the holy falice, would it spit a few bars...
wet her whistle at the palace, she a hustler, love the challenge,
of snatchin niggas balance, losin mojo, stagger in the after
jo-jo dancin with sum's talent, respect from vinyl junky parents
far from average, like uh thousand blocks away
never shot on blocks, peddled sacks of rock, moved or used the yay
only move the hay searchin for record needles
to the tune of beatles, Diego's useless easel, sadly thrown away
in a world of many canvas, I chose to mural upon the wall
future plan, purchase land, of Bahamas sand, sans
boutique grubbing spots and over crowded malls...




Conscious & DMC

Conscious, Chilly S & DMC.
DMC looks like he wants to hurt Conscious? What was it that I asked him?


Space Age. But This Is The Remix.

"Space Age [Remix] - Conscious" length: 01:52
space_age_art.jpg Stream HIFI Space Age [Remix] - Conscious play HiFi (mp3)
Download HiFi Space Age [Remix] - Conscious download (2.73 MB)


October is here...

Self Portrait. I really like this photo.

This week has been great thus far. As always daily I'm on my 'professional networker' kick creating situations that will lead to awesome happenings not only for myself but for those individuals in my network that are doing exactly the same. Last night I headed out to the Bowery Poetry Club to check out the last Bondfire Showcase before I take on the responsibility for the monthly event in association with and some other companies TBD. Seriously, this show is going to be phenomenal. I'm actually excited. October 28th. 10PM. Be there. Preachermann & The Revival. MC K-Swift headline the first ever Bondfire: Concert Series. This is a Nod.Sway.Lean. event.