5 Truly Talented Artists You’ve Probably Never Heard Of.

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Sum(kid) Majere…
Outstanding on record, he’s a diverse lyricist with engaging storylines and extremely descriptive wordplay, Sum is much more then your average run of the mill emcee. A phenomenal writer of both poetry and prose he is fabricating a body of work that in future times will be respected as if etched in sacred scroll.

"September" length: 03:18
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"Naked With My Cape On"

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In passing this now Brooklyn resident on the street you’d never know this young man epitomizes what New York once cultivated in truly talented street poets. He’s not flashy, sorta quiet and virtually invisible. On stage though, the story is quiet different. Explosive and energetic with sharp delivery of certified street science, Gif is more then deserving of the label, ‘one of the best that ever did it’ already, that so liberally gets spread around these days.

"Change ft Kitty" length: 04:08
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Anam Owili-Eger
There’s nothing like a soulful live performance. On first hearing Anam Owili-Eger, three names came to mind. Gil Scot Heron, Bill Withers & Eugene McDaniels. The likelihood of me ever just running out to purchase a cd from any artist is pretty small, but this kat really moved me. The Philly bro that currently resides in NY has a smokin ep entitled, These Subtle Declarations. His voice is smooth, as are his words. There’s an extreme potency within the subtleties, a simple complexity, definitely an inspiring sound. With a hint of Ayers along with a portion of Wonder, Anam channels the energy of his great predecessors without copying them. Anam sounds like Anam. ‘These Subtle Declarations’ is an EP with beautiful music composed by an individual that in person emanates a peaceful aura.

"Reason To Be - Anam Owili-Eger" length: 05:03
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Former member of Brooklyn based indie group Nuclear Family, shows why at times going solo is just the right thing to do. With an underground classic album, ‘Like A Heart Attack’ under his belt, and a follow up LP entitled, ‘The Necessary Evil’ US has set a bar for quality in eclectic style hiphop spoketry that most well known and unknown artist alike will never be capable of reaching, even with a fire engine ladder.

"All Cry - Us" length: 04:07
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"Brooklyn (Break The System) - Us" length: 02:42
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Tah Phrum Duh Bush
He’s a Flatbush resident who takes self promotion and networking to new heights that every independent artist should follow closely, is not to be taken for a joke. The silly and comical stage presence is just a portion of what he has to offer. On Tah’s album, ‘Sunshine Or Pure Shade’ he tackles the serious side of our existence on tracks like, ‘Life and Death Dichotomy’ and ‘2 Second Ejaculation’ where he confronts an individual on record that impregnated a close friend and runs from the responsibility.

"Phlatbush - Tah Phrum Duh Bush" length: 05:30
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