My Song For The Summer Has Been...

I'm starting this blog entry for the second time after something crazy went about with this Mozilla browser. More then likely triggered by attempt at using a shortcut to cut & paste but I digress, mustn't submit you to the verbal loitering that the majority of blogs are known for. I cease contributing to the stereotype right now.

Well this summer I...
You know what I'm tired. Be back.


Supplication of Understanding

I'm creating visuals. Sometimes I'd rather just do this. No writing or rhyming.



Check it out!


Not natural...

I saw a grasshopper today, and it hopped right into a brick wall. Twice. A house in my opinion just shouldn't be surrounded by concrete walkways. Picture windows need to over look grand green lawn blankets, sans bits of broken glass shards. A place where one may walk with feet bare. Unclothed skin touching nature. Not concerte street, under feet.