Konnichiwa (K)ninja - Don't Trip Prod by CooleHigh

We timewarp like CooleHigh pro-sprt
Carl Lewis shoe trick, my dough short
term memory, mother nature into me
father time wanna block the phallus
Flavor Flav stopwatch block my palace
comin 80/20 served unbalanced
walkin wit a grill plate, facially challenged
femmes with issues
they say the goods damaged
i say the hoods damaged my lawn with burning crosses
Will I am Cooper, behold pale horses
divorce this dated sales model
I kicked in braille to this blind spokes-model
late night pokes hostile,
Magnolia poses,
falling down, after my war with the roses
the video's viral
i know some crackheads that'll kill you with kindness
open up doors for you, or wash your car
for a little pocket change, middle of the day
so they can see stars

Verse 2
he writing tickets with the pencil lead missin,
talkin bout man listen, I know it’s all fiction
I’m trynah fit in, pod like the next guy
next die rolled, poker face sweet
you crashin folding chairs
ideology blown out hair, highlights there
And I wish I had the glow, like Leroy there
deploy flares, because its dark after accidents
pack it in a baggie, national endowment saggy
dress tacky, depressed by adult acne
end result gottah be assault
A Acme mallet across head
the Ansars bowed heads like Malachi was dead
before they got the jump on’em
drop that pork, york shouldah fled
now he just another thoroughbred shitting In the glue factory
bed bugs drugs, rhinestone studs,
building with the killers in an irish pub

Konnichiwa (K​)​ninja
I was going to Japan for a mini tour of sorts in 2010 and didn't have any product. It's pretty insane to travel abroad as a performing artist with no physical merch, especially if you're already making an investment to do the traveling independent of a label situation or tour booking agency.

I fashioned Konnichiwa (K​)​ninja together be fore I exited Amerika for the very first time in my life. I boarded a flight post 9-11 with bricks of cd's in every single one of my bags, I even had my travel companion carrying a few as well.

With art by now friend, Josh Fischer of Maine, depicting the many faces of me. Konnichiwa (K​)​ninja was and still is well received. This record is a compilation of pieces, some complete, some not. Thoughts and ideas from almost a decade of recording and performing. Definitely not a complete representation of the 'inner workings' of my mind, but definitely one photo album of snap shots. The first book in a vast library.

I offer up this digital package. I'm sharing a part of me. Let my experiences be yours and in the time you spend ingesting and digesting this material my hope is that you will be inspired in some way by its words and sounds.

There is no asking price, nor minimum suggested one. I know the value of my work. Simply put, it is priceless. I leave that up to you though, to contemplate what this energy exchange is worth to you in the present moment.  Most important thing to me is that you be moved by this creation. Enjoy!