I Are Commentary


Anuther Dey

My mind is clear for the time being. Being that it is clear I'm attempting to at least get a few things done. This morning I went for a walk-jog-run. I've eaten at least twice today. I watched the Nixon show and waited to hear my music play on Fuel TV. That was cool!. I wrote a short review of Indie Ducky and...


Rest In Peace Isaac Hayes

Yet another individual I'm upset that I never got a chance to meet. Felt the same way when Dilla Passed. The funny thing about this is I have some music in a film that Isaac Hayes was in. This martial arts flick that's now being edited. My partner Coole High is responsible for the sound and he was telling me earlier it's kinda weird editing this movie now that Isaac Hayes has left.

What a weekend. What does this week have in store?


Rest In Peace Bernie Mac

Not the news you'd like to hear first thing in the morning or for that matter any time of the day. 50 years old. No time for tears though.

'I ain't scared of you...!' - Bernie Mac....