Support the troops...

As if we don’t already know how cruel and insensitive some human beings can be to one another, in this modern age of high speed internet, viral video captures this consistently on so many levels it is easy to see how there are people that give up hope on our future as a civilization. There’s some video cam footage going around currently on Youtube where we see Iraqi children chasing after a bottle of water being dangled by an American soldier from the back of unidentified military vehicle. I honestly don’t have much to say about this other then I felt like sharing something that was shared with me. What sharing this with you will do I do not know, but none the less here it goes…


Peter Tosh & Mick Jagger - Dont Look Back

So what yall know about this right here?


Ghostly - mp3... Bored on saturday...


didn't even know what was going down...
till the people heard that trumpet sound

didn't even know what was going down...
till the people heard that trumpet sound

didn't even know what was going down...
till the people heard that trumpet sound

didn't even know what was going down...
till the people heard that trumpet sound

pocket watches watched us. the hole world clocked us
like sprinters in the winter we runnin outtah breath
what's left when your diginity is washed down the faucet.
eventually they bought us brought us to
the the faded end of the margin.. us words they treated we like martians..
a fueled rebellion.. willam tell them the answer to the riddle
silence in the thinking chamber.. astral plane seemingly insane but there is no danger...
i dissappeared for moment is plain site..
mental mechanic playing game with life
device unmeasured.. adulterous pleasure
there are no levers to vote with...
hands cut off... the ones you used to use to praise the most with
the ones you'd use to to toast with if you even had an occassion to do so
eyes wide like a childs open upon seeing a new snow
a new revolt.. came like a jolt in the rain and ben's kite never was electrocuted
executed words play, zombie day we all stand attention by the grave of us
be moderen slaves till we awake and break up out this maze.. today's the day.. today's
the bloody day!


... the sun

The sun would be my inspiration during my time here. It is a more then powerful forgotten technology with the capability to heal and resolve all.

I found strength in my brothers, though not of blood relation. We held a bond through universal truth. How we located one another is another story within itself. We’ll eventually get to that but for now I must record the details of my current feelings.

As if heaven were on earth, a blanket of warm undisturbed peace covered i during my session absorbing the sun’s rays. For some time I’d been ‘refueling’ as I would ultimately come to label this experience. As children we’d been warned of the dangers of staring into the sun, similar to the myth of staring into the television set. These actions were to surely weaken your vision if not blind you, but its obvious these ideas held no truth. I can see, and quite well mind you. Call me the man with x ray eyes, only I learned to control them unlike that poor fellow in the old black and white sci-fi thriller. Never would I pluck mine own eyes from their sockets.

Jokes and jokes and jokes....

Playstation 3.

I watched the news tonight and I saw a woman with like three or four kids waiting on line for a Playstation 3. That my friends, is beyond ridiculous. Today is tuesday. Playstation 3 comes out friday.



A Model's Life? MP3

A little something to check out...

Minute mp3

termites iceskating on yahface tear drops turn to jewels cause yah ice cold crewl dirty diva with a cleaver, grimm reaper in drag... lightin up a fag outside of yo flat pacman calluses, bounced checks, and balances on beams, a queen with ultra sheen vibrations, from the tie die rides and spilt libations, but you suppossed to pour it notches on your head board, how do we score it... I don't know but it sure ain't no dominoes, you could catch cold, you should close up them open toes... posin with a runny nose... cute I supposse in the mind of a pedophile... walkin single file.. dead woman walkin talkin reckless... peep wolves on the runway this ain't A & E or Bravo far as I know pretty broads, get scarred in the wilds of survival...


Mos Def - Ghetto Rock

Mos Def-Ghetto Rock

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Didi yall forget about this one. Did you even see it to begin with. A simply nice little video presentation. Nuff Respect Mighty Mos!

Fast. Day 3

Yeah well everything smells extra good. Didn't realize how much advertising there is for food.


The fast begins.

Yes, yesterday I offically began my fast. I'm doing the Master Cleanse thing. Aiming for 10 days. As the year draws close to an end I'm feeling the need for attention. I'm booking more shows and launching some new situations. I need to be in better shape. It's time to detox my body.

As you read this consider your own health please and think about being even healthier. I urge all that I'm within reach of to make efforts to perserve and strengthen their lives through proper diet and exercise. Also, by embracing those things that are positive. We can shine brightly, healing ourselves and those we interact with.