youngfish. is a #timerelease 'freestyle' multi-media project. Spontaneous creation of content that will go on for at minimum two months. (Delivery method similar to "audio journaling: unkempt". That project ended up reaching the cap of 300MB of digital content.)

Exclusive material delivered to you as the project grows like videos, remixes, digital art and much more. This isn't a 'rap' or Hiphop album. It just started with a rap verse. Be prepared for more. That's all I'll say.

You'll be introduced to other creatives through this project that I myself am influenced by and want to showcase the talents of as well. All this connected to the original theme.

A new model of creating and sharing. So be courageous and download the experience. You don't even have to pay for it. (enter 0 after clicking Buy) But contributions are always welcome and appreciated because #artistscanteatlikes and #creativesneedsupport...

I'm pretty excited.


Vinyl Destination is on Bandcamp

It's been an interesting year thus far. Winter still looms a bit as we wait for Spring to really show some sign of kicking in. But we're breathing right? That's enough to be grateful for. So, this morning I was looking through folders and I came across an album that I've been sitting on for a while. I felt like today would be a great day to drop it just because. Of course it'll be good to make a few sales, but more importantly I need to continue to release material into the world for people to find. This project Vinyl Destination today symbolizes me looking back at past production as I contemplate my future as a producer. You've gotta recognize where you came from to move forward? Well I came from a crate of a handful of records and turntable initially. And as it stands today I don't have much more. The big difference is these days I don't sample very much. But with Vinyl Destination it's all about the sample. Download it today! Listen and see how many samples you recognize. Here's the link: Enjoy!

As always thanks for reading if you made it this far.

Believe In You.


It's important to me. I hope it is to you too.

When mainstream media reports what it wants to and law enforcement and gov’t find ways to block us from seeing what’s really going on, in this age we pull out our camera phones and take to the internet to get our social media networks charged with millions of characters, images, video and audio clips to connect with one another and reveal the truth we’re being denied. What about radio?

In January of 2013 we launched a radio station to give real people like you a voice globally. Diverse programming to educate, entertain and empower the listener. An example of what people can build if they have a dream and ignore all the naysayers, believe and just follow it. The impact thus far has been tremendous from Australia to the Ukraine we’re inspiring people online. And offline we’ve been hands on in the community serving meals, tending garden and speaking to the youth and interacting with real people.

I never thought that deciding to take over an open mic in 2008, the movement of Bondfire would grow as it has. Years of connections have brought a number of friends and close associates of mine under one roof to affect change in this reality we share.

We’re in our last week of fundraising for a new studio and community workspace to broadcast from. The space we currently broadcast from is on the market. We can not continue to grow and broadcast without a place to do it from.

Throughout this campaign I’ve been asking for contributions and it’s never been solely about the money (everyone doesn’t have it), of course we need it but what we definitely need just as much is true support by way of the co-sign, the testimony, the sharing of awareness about our movement to those that matter. Friends and family. The artists and entrepreneurs. I can honestly say Bondfire has been shaping and changing lives for over a half decade. It’s a big deal. It’s one answer to every complaint of how bad radio is. It’s an accessible entity. We’re in the community not shut off and hiding.

In close to fifteen years of community building and creating spaces for people with voices to express and grow, I’ve never wasted my energy with endeavors I felt were not worth it. I’ve fought with it. Sometimes you lose yourself in your work but I’ve never been upset with the results of how doing what I do has affected so many in a profound way.

I’m asking you to help build #thefutureofradio. Be a part of something real. Not later but now.This is for us.

Join The Movement! LISTEN, SHARE & INVEST in #thefutureofradio | @Indiegogo


The #futureofradio LIVES at....

I can't tell you that I ever thought that I'd be a part of a growing radio station. Seriously, this isn't an everyday thing for everyday people, but then again it actually is. I'm an everyday person. I'm part of a movement that supports the everyday artists and gives the everyday listener access to education, entertainment and empowerment...

We offer up an opportunity for everyday people to seize control of the #thefutureofradio by joining our movement grounded in community manifesting what we determine to represent the best qualities in us. We realized our power and the importance of controlling the narrative as they say. Help us to continue work-shopping this brilliant script. Real Radio For Real People is what we represent. Welcome to Bondfire Radio.


Ankhle Conscious - MacBook Pro (I Need a MacBook Pro) Song

Ankhle Conscious - MacBook Pro (I Need a MacBook Pro) Song


Rested by Mon-tag


 A compilation of verses recorded mostly at random in the wee hours. I sometimes wake up peruse maybe Soundcloud and a beat strikes me. I free write and record with no regard for whether or not the listener will like what I'm saying or how I deliver it. It's my journal. Journals aren't written to impress others. Subconscious and conscious meet. My thoughts of the week emerge and traces of conversations I've recently had  join the now growing collage of ideas, dreams and what have you. I offer this piece as an introduction or perhaps a reintroduction to me and the sonics that flow through me as I figure out the future of my auditory output.

It's unkempt because this is raw stuff. Of course it's audible and will not destroy your speakers or rattle your ears buds in an unsettling way. There are no high fidelity mixes in giant studio. It's unkempt with much character and the content is just the same. I even cuss on a track or two.

I'll be using the funds from this release for future official releases as well as putting $'s towards #theconsciousness my movement to continue to support artists through the channels of FreeHiphopNow, OkaySoSTFU, BondfireRadio Conscious Bootleggers as well as PayUsNoMind. ( You can also just contribute to #theconsciousness here if you're not interested in this release but would like to help this movement along. be sure to specify in your note where you'd like funds to go.)

I've set the price at $3.00 but feel free to contribute more if you feel to do so.

P.S. All lyrics will be provided accompanied by a unique piece of visual art. Depending on interest I may make some of the art available for purchase as prints as well as the audio on cd or perhaps cassette. we'll get to that point when we have reached that point.

I'll be adding some bonus items with this digital release leading up to October 1st at 12PM when this becomes available.