Trapped In The Drive-Thru

Weird Al. What can you really say? He's a talented kat. I think the magic and genius in this parody this time around is the totally non related content displayed. What he turned R. Kelly's song into... Ha ha...


Garbage Lady.

I saw a garbage lady this morning. I'd never seen one before. Plus, she was the driver.

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Say Word Tisha Campbell!

Hey, you know what? Tisha is looking right right now. I can see the six pack.


Anam Owili-Eger: These Subtle Declarations

There’s nothing like a soulful live performance. On first hearing Anam Owili-Eger, three names came to mind. Gil Scot Heron, Bill Withers & Eugene McDaniels. The likelihood of me ever just running out to purchase a cd from any artist is pretty small, but this kat really moved me. The Philly bro that currently resides in NY has a smokin ep entitled, These Subtle Declarations. His voice is smooth, as are his words. There’s an extreme potency within the subtleties, a simple complexity, definitely an inspiring sound. With a hint of Ayers along with a portion of Wonder, Anam channels the energy of his great predecessors without copying them. Anam sounds like Anam. ‘These Subtle Declarations’ is an EP with beautiful music composed by an individual that in person emanates a peaceful aura.

"Reason To Be - Anam Owili-Eger" length: 05:03
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Fighting Sleep...


Can We Focus Better?

I'm all for people having an opinion but sometimes I wonder if we always think things out fully. I'm not a fan of Kanye West. But I'd be lying if I ever said he wasn't responsible for some great songs since he's been around. I was on a message board and saw a post that read, 'Would You Rock?'. It consisted of a few t-shirt images. This Kanye West one stood out the most to me. It's interesting how people get around to using their freedom of speech, but in this age of increased ability to reach a mass audience through multiple channels, you'd think that all the so-called, 'lover's of Hiphop', would take advantage and possibly use these avenues to promote what they love within the art. With all the complaining that goes on, sadly on so many levels there is this consistent thread of human beings who refuse to take responsibility for anything, especially in Hiphop. All I’m saying is, when will we stop complaining and pointing out what we don't like so much and start embracing what we actually do enjoy and appreciate. When will we begin to regulate things, force a standard to be set and met by our collective, punctuated with a refusal to accept just anything? I say consider the energy you put into whatever it is that you do. Then, ask yourself if what you're doing is progressive or will it contribute to the already dilapidated state that exist and worsen it?

Walk It Out! Good Stuff Andre 3000. Good Stuff...

"Your white tee, well to me look like a night gown, make yah mama proud take that thing two sizes down, then you'll look like the man you are or could be..." Andre 3000 - Walk It Out Remix...

I was in Slam Dunk the other day coppin some boxers a pair of jeans and some new socks when I heard what sounded like Andre 3000 on a track that ended with Jim Jones talking over it on the radio. From what I caught of the verse of Andre's was not surprising, a very tight and on point gathering of rhymes in a percise flow that only he could deliver. I think the track is hilarious for a lot of reasons. I think it's an interesting combination of individuals as well, kinda shows the diversity of Hiphop.

Walk It Out Remix


No More Captain...

So it took 66 years for them to figure out how to kill Captain America (Captain America #25) Death by sniper. Maybe it it will mark the demise of the evils existing in these here United States that continue to seperate the people of this nation. Is it feasible, or just plain ol bright eyed optimism? The 2007 Academy Awards in my opinion, displayed an interesting random sampling of what America is and what it could be, also what some fear. Diverse. But, diversity that increases the potential for individual and collective growth. A respect for humanity and what every person regardless of background can contribute to this giant ball of energy that is us. You And I. Him and her. Them. We.