iBuprofen - (the fotoLAB is DEAD) Tease

Soon come the single featuring Likwuid & Sumkid. The Carolina's South and North meet for this collaborative effort produced by iAreConscious.

#iBuprofen is the sequel to "We Sort Glass" featuring Sumkid.

The song quite simply is about manifesting what it is in your life that you want to come to be. Taking matters into your own hands. Taking total control of your life. There is no ship coming that you should be waiting to board. If anything learn how to swim and get where ever it is you'd like to be. Fly there if you have to. Train yourself to teleport. It really doesn't matter how. Just get there!



It took me long enough but I finally have some physical product out. Yesterday, I launched a web store connected to my official website furthing the 'Believe In You' mantra with first of a limited edition of shirts that read, "Be Leave En Ur Phour" (Believe In Your Power!). With only 500 pieces to be created by order, the possibilities of me selling all of them in a months time is pretty feasible seeing as in the support I've already garnered for this movement and the number of both domestics and international orders I received on day one. to say the least, I'm pretty excited about all of this. One of my first orders was from a lovely lady in Australia of all places. I have Twitter to thank for that sale. Come check out the store here: