Journal: The Next Expedition

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In the middle of the night I began to craft the idea for a sequel to the first album I ever recorded. Seven years ago I put together an album entitled, 'Journal: An Eklektik Journey'. It was a mixture of Hiphop Spoketry. Indeed, I did make up that description. As of late I've been inspired to write poems again. This project will consist of poetry pieces written during my wee hour madness with interesting backdrops of chopped and mangled record samples. Let's see what regions of your mind and mine will be tapped during this new expedition.

days vanish..

nights cover blemishes..
sun shines brightly
when your eyes is open... to the possibility

bright star

in moment with present
present in moment

flickering, flashbulb
wide eyed shutter speed
pause tap makin
photo matte
match heart rate
numbers flashin on screen

hueman beings
just being


fuzzy... focus clear
clearly no focus
can't hear

touch time

aquatic math in queue
counting lil fishies...

golden tube..

land of lost
found truth...
bundled up...
nearly dead

finger nail grew long
manicure necessary...

let's meet again soon
to discuss the rest...


a rhyme

chillen and illen, and willen to fly.
i, building wit pilgrim, plus villain spillin duh wine.
fillin in blanks, blanketed talk, chalk walk definitive lines..
sunshine and aqua replenish this unlimited mind
subliminal, crime - lab, line stab'em in eye
show'em the point, point blank mey siah arrive in the sky
i turn pages, rip stages, navigate life's mazes...
at the same time 'wondering why'?
what does it all mean, he fabricated a dream involving a spleen
and irene cryin over some cream
these sheep asleep, get herded 2day
she just missed the beast nourished by curds and some way...
marketed by the beast but that's awful cliche...
thumb out and about hitchikin, a dj
serato to scratch, soundwaves over digital wax
poetic with vets, the religion war is over,
an avatar never forgets, dem properties of we
minuscule pieces of god's debris


new - poem - inspired by new friend

been long time since i penned
been sown seeds
sans rhyme
for life moments
in life poses
like still life animated
of my previous thoughts..
with acrylic.. nervous twitchin
there are none

sunny day dream

her sun dress complemented her skin tone..

goose bumps.. singing..
stomach stirrin love at first right
turn corners and hide
neath sheets


she please me
like water drops
dew touch famished tongue pierced..

Music: Conscious & Thinker - Basement ?

[Click Here] to download Basement - Conscious & Thinker

Here's something my friend Thinker just emailed me a few minutes ago. I assume we recorded this 3-4 years ago. Not really sure. Anyway, it made me think about the fact that Thinker and I have a project we talked about doing together a long while ago and we ought to make that happen. It's honestly a great thing to be able to record and create music with a person that you find agreeable. Surely we do not agree on every single thing but we get along and work well together. Look out for some more Conscious, Thinker collaborations.

Here's a few links to past collabos, they go back a few years:

Time Is Of The Essence - Thinker shot the video. And actually recorded the track. Track produced by Provide records.

Sessions - ft. God's Chocolate - Thinker produced the track and recorded it as well.

Spinnin ft. Thinker & L - Star - Thinker recorded this one.

Scrub Handz ft. Kaleal Crooks & Thinker