My Good Look Interview

About a couple weeks ago I answered some questions asked of me by the folks or pretty exclusive stuff I'm sharing with you. The interview is only viewable to subscribers to the good look new media service. But You're cool I'm going to let you get a peak.

Meet The Good Look Artist
The Renaissance Renegade with the ENDLESS Bag of Tricks.

Picture a space pirate on a flying ship that time travels. The ship is shooting rockets everywhere and blasting funk, rock and electronica from chunky ass speakers, and every once in a while you hear the space pirate reciting only the most intense lyrics through a loudspeaker he bought at a pawn shop on the Moon. Now you kind of have an idea of what it's like to know my boy Conscious. He's the type of dude that will randomly stroll up on you in a dark Manhattan bar and just start talking business plans. Not the typical "Yeh son, so I'm about to drop this album next month" rapper plans. I'm talkin "Yeh, so I'm about to integrate my live art and web platforms to start aiming at this punk rock demographic" type plans. After discussing his plans in the heaviest of New York accents and with the gnarliest of snarls, he'll give you feedback on your plans and THEN introduce himself. Without smiling. Matter of fact, I kinda just described how we met. Years after our first meeting, Conscious has become a good friend, a trusted sounding board and one of my favorite artists. At first it was just because he's a breathtaking lyricist. The more I got to know him, it was because he's also an equally prolific songwriter, musician, poet, visual artist, graphic designer and God knows what else. And here's what I get for picking his brain.....

If your life was a movie and you’re constantly scoring it with your own music, what’s the plot of the Conscious movie.

Very Seinfieldish. A movie about nothing. How'd you come up with that question...?

Because your life is a movie that you’re constantly scoring with your own music. So who’s the arch-nemesis in the movie?

People that mangle classic songs by unjustifiably doing covers! Look. If you can barely sing your own songs... Leave everyone else's alone.

Well you’re gonna hate me next year then, we might as well end our friendship now. I’m covering every song I ever loved next year, and some of them will be terrible, I promise. So how about that Barack Obama?

Yes We Did! But now, what will we do? It's about time we focus our attention inward and start making moves to clean the filter out the muck in our immediate environments. Personal responsibilities handled in ‘09 is the true ticket! Whoa!

A lot of people hear your name and automatically start to think you’re some preachy positive hip-hop guy who burns incense at his Native Tongue shrine. But I know you, and I know better. And sometimes, I even prefer to call you "Blackbeard". Why do you stick with the Conscious moniker?

It just works... You kind of stick with names that make sense. Some folks have a tremendous time with figuring out what to call themselves. It just so happens I happen to be aware; for the most part. Conscious means aware... it works. I do have aliases. Rokstar Charlatan, The Bronx Über Villain... Those names make sense for the movements they are a part of. What's in a name anyway? Well... letters.

There’s some dude traveling to a distant planet in a spaceship that is only playing your music. The trip will take him about one year. Describe what his mind-set will be when he lands.

Confused. Frightened. Curious. Not because of my music but by the 'fashion' that will catch his eyes. Both males and females in skinny jeans hanging down to their knees. Seriously though depending on how he internalizes the music the outcome could go in multiple directions. I feel I offer up a rather diverse scheme of sound and audio word content to accompany the tunage where our space traveler will definitely have some words for me good or bad. There will be some sort of reaction. I'd only hope it would be one of not wanting to vaporize me with some phaser gun.

I always looked at the Bronx like it’s own planet. Many people who love hip-hop have never been to the borough where it all started. What’s life like in the Bronx? Shed some light on it for the folks who’ve never been there.

I surely do not want to paint an unflattering picture of the Bronx to those who have never travelled here. But, I can't honestly say I'm incredibly in love with living here. There's a kind of stagnancy here. There's almost a stifling, stiff invisible mess that clouds our breathing air at times. The Bronx in my opinion does not have the same vibration that say Harlem has or certain parts of Brooklyn. It's rather dead. There's no electricity here with the people. Surely there's more going on then I'm probably aware of. But you do not instantly get any feeling of productive movement when you enter this borough. I just don't feel it. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I need to create it.

It definitely has it’s own aura….

I've been thinking about doing some live art here and pulling in a few artists to do the same. Posting up on like the Grand Concourse with easels and doing random pieces of art just to change the monotony of the average person’s day here. We'll see. [Go to] There will be information about that there soon.

What are you working on right this moment?

I'm working on figuring out what made me stop being so productive. Most folks would say I'm crazy because I'm always making some new music or art.

And I agree with them.

But I'm talking about trynah restart the engine that I had burning that was getting me on various stages, filling up my resume with interesting accomplishments and finding my face or words written about me in various magazines and on television sets abroad. It's been incredibly hard to focus in the last almost two years. Sitting on the cusp of success as far as 'being known/wealth'; I've smelled it. Tasted a tad bit of it and even held it in my grasp for less then a brief moment. Hurts. I've been working toward just being financially sound for more than me. It's for family, for friends. I want to be able to create opportunity. On a large scale. I want to be able to satisfy those onlookers that for years and years approach me with same the question; “Yo, why aren't you on”. I've been sitting in limbo. I'm tired of getting to know me. I'm working on building that momentum, getting enough push behind me to finally get up that hill. I know the answer is to strip down. So I'm stripping. Full Monty.

Don't think it's all bad though. I don't want you guys to read this and be thinking “oh god this dude is gonna take his life or someone else's. I'm actually a pretty happy dude. Patient. And aware of everything around me. There's a great few albums being put together. Innovative, genuine music. Quality work that will stand the test of time. There's the finding of my voice to actually sing. Not just record but to do it live. The new year will bring forth much. There will not be a new me. Just a reconfiguration of what has always been. Faster Stronger Better. Not! Jokes.. Im kidding... Come on have a sense of humor... Smile...

Do you plan on smiling in any of your pictures in the near future?


Anybody who’s known you for more than five minutes knows you have about 20 different projects and a catalogue of hundreds of songs. What are the two projects (musical or otherwise) that have the majority of your attention right now?

I've been laboring over this Magnavok7 album entitled Let Her Bomb. It's an Alt/Rock minimalist record. Well that's what I've been describing it as. It's an interesting thing to be working with an invisible band. Yes. Exactly. I've been getting some feedback on a few of the tracks and it's been pretty positive. There's one song in particular that has gotten an overwhelming response. “One Couple”. Mind you only the rough reference version has been made available online. Part of the reason is to test out a handful of net applications that distribute new music to fans and take advantage of the fact that we are now in an age where we can share our works in progress with them. It's an interesting time. Anyway, the song is probably one of the best works I've contributed to creating I think and it's seems to be appreciated across the board, even by those folks that wouldn't normally dig this type of music. The song is rock, punkish. Yeah I said it the other way around. Deal with it.

Where else can The Good Look family find you online?

Are there any other independent or not-so-well known artists out there you’re listening to that people should know about?

Sumkid, Gif, Kalae, Coole High, The Black Horde, Cavalier of The Dugout, K-Swift, Elucid

Where’s the best place to eat in the Bronx?

Couldn't tell you. Probably home if you know how to cook.

"Neck on Froze"
"One Couple"
"Smilin on the Inside"

Finding Conscious Online

Tuesday is Alive!

So I finally found a friggin template that I like and started working on my website. It's totally ridiculous that I haven't had one all this time, but whatever... I want you guys to check it out and stay posted. Keep on reading and most importantly commenting so that I know you're out there. Shout out to Lateef Dameer who reached out after realizing he recognized me at a Ghostface show in NYC. Using the power of the internet for good. One day at a time. So the official iareconscious website will basically keep you up to date on the madness that I create, where I'm going to be and things of that nature. One of the things I'm really excited about is the journals I'll be writing to share the process of creating two great album in Magnavok7's 'Let Her Bomb' and The Bronx Über Villain's, 'The Bronx Über Villaini'. Of course they'll be new photography and painting projects. Also look for frequent drops of new and old audio... basically a wealth of art to share with you. Hoping you find some sort of benefit from ingesting it all.


Best Course Of Action

For the most part in most situations we know the better path to thread, but sometimes various, variables detour us from making the best decisions. As an adult we stumble upon and place ourselves at times in precarious positions, many of which could have easily been avoided. Nonetheless, we can benefit from whatever the matters are regardless, if we use these experiences toward our self refinement.


Friday November 14th 11pm

This is a pretty big night. It's a mainstage show. The Knitting Factory is closing. It's Manhattan doors this year and I'm performing with a lottah great friends on this night. If you're a follower of this blog and my general madness and you are within reach of this fair city of new York, you've gottah come out!


True Speak

Roy Jones Jr.




excuse my french but, she kiss like a broad wit no lips
as i travel abroad wit no chips...
ain't never seen one, so i's not recognize no ships.
blips on radars, clockin quasars
soul patrol in sharp blue blazors
before the layzars, man tag you're it
the chosen, frozen, in street, you might get hit
split in 2, amoeba feevuh
at the group home, there's a bunk for u
beats get juggled,
we could discuss struggle...
or lay down all weather coats over puddles
disappear in London's fog, then
reappear in sisco's smog
these Nabisco's god...
got a whole lottah nerve
natural born doctors of spin, with a whole lottah swerve
campaign, champagne bottles
christianing ships, model optimist
the runway's a plank, the audience sharks
there's no night light to life
you finna swim in the dark
tuck in chin, then get smart
they put shoe to ear
guzzle beers and throw dart
niggah, we fabricate art - in circles
stereo types get broke apart
a baby face'll merk you
you facin grown men wit curfews
some later day saints that birthed cool
no dress rehearsal
married in flip flops and jeans
carried a clip board on site like I manage the bricks that leave
nah man.. they red ones we buildin
cliche we say we for the children
then we for us... cause most times we act like dem
an actually... that ain't so bad
crayola controller, finger paint the pad
i got rhymes on stand by, am i mad
no not at all, i mean life's too short to be so sad
mournin ghost, good mornin hope
float on over... all hallows get weened in late October
late night hay rides, night life for agriculture
in pace we phase out the savage, the vulture
regurgitate and re initiate our culture
feed it to the yute
then show and prove so its us they salute...
no refueling the machine
cause it's us they recruit
whether it be for front lines
or chained together on bus lines
let's do lunch, no math
niggah it's crunch time

Good Bye Michael Crichton

This man was totally responsible for a whole lottah dope stuff. George Clooney owes his career to this man.


Getting thrown under a bus...

I just recently got thrown under a friggin charter, I mean one of those huge touring joints with the bottom like 2 inches off of the ground. Though nothing really surprises me anymore and honestly I wasn't really hurt by the instance, it still initially was some WTF! type business. Like, 'Oh word that's how you get down?'. Damn, you really went the distance for you showed your true colors, infiltrated the camp even.

When was the last time someone you considered a close friend just straight up threw you under the bus? What was the situation and how'd you handle it?

* yeah I realize that's not a charter bus in the image. I just liked the image and used it...

Monday. Yes, Monday.

Life is about recognizing obstacles as challenges, then figuring out how to overcome them.


Pharoahe Monch Interview With

Pharoahe Monch hasn't failed me. I have a tremendous amount respect for this dude and his movements in the musical field. I totally appreciated his enthusiasm as discussed in this video clip for production and the meticulous nature of a great craftsman of good tunes. It's great to see an artist articulate his true feelings about this business of creating good music. Support Pharoahe Monch. Dig for that discography.

Monday Introduces Bondfire,'Hosted by The Bronx Uber Villain'. invites you to a unique and awesome event on Tuesday October 28th 10PM at New York City's Bowery Poetry Club. It takes place only once a month and this being the inaugural show, you do not want to miss it. (As space is limited we ask that if you'd like to attend you rsvp at ) We look forward to seeing you there!

Admission is $5 before 11:30, $10 after. Come early, get in for less and enjoy two completely different shows. Now that's a bargain! This is an all ages event. You must be 21 and have a valid ID in order to drink. There will be giveaways. Everyone that attends, takes something home.

The Bowery Poetry Club

308 Bowery Street
(Between Houston and Bleecker)
F train to 2nd Ave, 6 to Bleecker

10:00 PM Open Mic Sign Up. (The list is limited. The taping is 1 hour)

DJ Ready Cee Spins from 10:00 - 10:30PM
10:30 - 11:30PM Bondfire: Mic's Open Show hosted by "The Bronx Über Villain"

11:30 Bondfire: Concert Series Begins

11:45 -12:30 1st Act: Preachermann And 'The Revival' - Soul Man
12:45 2nd Act: Kahlil Almustafa - Hiprock Spoketry
1:10 3rd Act: K Swift - Emcee

Bondfire: Mic's Open Show [Pilot Taping] 10-11:30

Think MTV Unplugged, Def Poetry/Comedy Jam & SNL. During Bondfire: Mic's Open Show, open mic participants are guest of the host, "The Bronx
Über Villain". Like medieval times where kings were entertained by the likes of jesters and musicians, performers do the same for the audience as well as , "The Bronx Über Villain". Each performance concludes with a mostly humorous comment from the host. The official show once edited for televison and dvd will have a mix of the most outstanding open mic performances and out takes, live performances from the Bondfire: Concert Series, video interviews with various artists, comedy sketches and special ‘The Bronx Über Villain" commentary.

Bondfire: Concert Series 11:30

People aren't too enthused these days with live shows. They never seem to start on time. Artists either cancel or show up and aren't that impressive. New York is a great city that has a reputation for being the starting point, and place of discovery of some of the greatests musicians to ever do it. Bondfire: Concert Series is about regaining the confidence of music lovers and creating lasting memories. Simply having a wonderful time. We're saying, 'No To Mediocrity!'.

Check out for free downloads and more information about the artists performing at Bondfire: Concert Series.


We hours rnadom scribes...

didn't smoke the devil's lettuce, just sprinkled on the salad
alice asked the holy falice, would it spit a few bars...
wet her whistle at the palace, she a hustler, love the challenge,
of snatchin niggas balance, losin mojo, stagger in the after
jo-jo dancin with sum's talent, respect from vinyl junky parents
far from average, like uh thousand blocks away
never shot on blocks, peddled sacks of rock, moved or used the yay
only move the hay searchin for record needles
to the tune of beatles, Diego's useless easel, sadly thrown away
in a world of many canvas, I chose to mural upon the wall
future plan, purchase land, of Bahamas sand, sans
boutique grubbing spots and over crowded malls...




Conscious & DMC

Conscious, Chilly S & DMC.
DMC looks like he wants to hurt Conscious? What was it that I asked him?


Space Age. But This Is The Remix.

"Space Age [Remix] - Conscious" length: 01:52
space_age_art.jpg Stream HIFI Space Age [Remix] - Conscious play HiFi (mp3)
Download HiFi Space Age [Remix] - Conscious download (2.73 MB)


October is here...

Self Portrait. I really like this photo.

This week has been great thus far. As always daily I'm on my 'professional networker' kick creating situations that will lead to awesome happenings not only for myself but for those individuals in my network that are doing exactly the same. Last night I headed out to the Bowery Poetry Club to check out the last Bondfire Showcase before I take on the responsibility for the monthly event in association with and some other companies TBD. Seriously, this show is going to be phenomenal. I'm actually excited. October 28th. 10PM. Be there. Preachermann & The Revival. MC K-Swift headline the first ever Bondfire: Concert Series. This is a Nod.Sway.Lean. event.


Why Am I Making Music?

Because I am able. I'm blessed with the ability to create things that affect people positively... I don't do it for personal attention or because I think I'm going to be rich from it. In my opinion, you really can't 'sell' music to begin with... It's not a person's responsibility to 'support' me. It's not your job as audience to see that my bills are payed. I will not guilt you into supporting. I create music actually to support you. To inspire you and get you through your rough patches. To share with you my experiences. To share what I've learned, I love, I enjoy so that perhaps you may draw some benefit from them. Maybe not. My job is not to thrust any agenda on you or smother you with what I think it's all about. I appreciate your time and interest in my endeavors and not for one minute do I feel you to be obligated to do so. I am grateful for your time.


Tuesday is today.

Looks like Sam Cooke is the focus on this cool September morning as I make an attempt to get some type of work done. Was singing , 'All I Need To Know', while walking through the park. I didn't do my shoes off, sit atop the rock thing at Crotona this go round. Frying up some turkey sausage. 'Come Love' is playing now as I type these words you're reading. Sam Cooke. What can you really say? He was a phenomenal being that made an early exit. Now off topic but similarly related because it's music. Radiohead. I'm mad late. Just now catching up. 'Hail To The Thief', the song, 'Sail To The Moon', like damn. Anyway... I'll be back.


EMA Photography

Yall don't know Lizzy Allen? She took this flick.


Working with another artist...

Yesterday I went and helped out a friend of mine on some preliminary recordings for her forthcoming album project. I had to get reacquainted with Logic on a Mac. Has been quite some years since I've used the program. The last time I used it was still available on Windows. I still have the Sound Magic software. Think I might rig up an old comp with 98 Second Edition and run that old one. Maybe not.

Anyway back to my friend, Eboni Smith. She's quite amazing to say the least. Working with another artist that you respect and share similar opinions and feeling about the direction of your music is great. It's a tremendous thing as well to actually do more then sit in a room while recordings are going on. Eboni can sing. She's not formally trained. So there are things that she doesn't exactly know about preparing. We did a vocal exercise together. I never did that. I felt good about teaching her something helpful. I'm putting her on to a good friend of mine for vocal training. These actions can do nothing but add to the refinement of her artistry. Make her better. Make me better. Eboni is dope. Wait till you hear her.



Last week was a pretty interesting one in terms of the various connections that were made. Ultimate linkage, whoa! I learned about this new music form that's currently in its infancy called psyphy. Yeah. Look it up. I'm currently experimenting with Glitch
on one of the singles for The Bronx Über Villani project I'm working on.

I met Rob Sonic Tuesday night at The Knitting factory during The Fire Your Boss show. Heard much about the kat and finally got to see him rock. He's tight. Good dude too. Will definitely be linking up with him for some things in the future. Spoke to Kool G Rap last week as well. Definitely gonna hit him up, I'll let you know what comes of the linkage.

Frida was dope

If I had a time machine, I'd definitely go back and holler at her.


6 Feet Over

When I was a kid, to be six feet was the goal. As an adult six feet ain’t that tall, at least sometimes it’s not. I’ve seen men of 5'5 that were mountains, while those that were a whole foot taller were mere hills with not so much incline. Daily my height changes. I’d like to be consistently tall. I’m working on that.

I Are Commentary


Anuther Dey

My mind is clear for the time being. Being that it is clear I'm attempting to at least get a few things done. This morning I went for a walk-jog-run. I've eaten at least twice today. I watched the Nixon show and waited to hear my music play on Fuel TV. That was cool!. I wrote a short review of Indie Ducky and...


Rest In Peace Isaac Hayes

Yet another individual I'm upset that I never got a chance to meet. Felt the same way when Dilla Passed. The funny thing about this is I have some music in a film that Isaac Hayes was in. This martial arts flick that's now being edited. My partner Coole High is responsible for the sound and he was telling me earlier it's kinda weird editing this movie now that Isaac Hayes has left.

What a weekend. What does this week have in store?


Rest In Peace Bernie Mac

Not the news you'd like to hear first thing in the morning or for that matter any time of the day. 50 years old. No time for tears though.

'I ain't scared of you...!' - Bernie Mac....

Help Me Decide Which Album Art To Use.

I'm working on a handful of possible album covers for this one song I'm working on with Coole High. Basically, it only makes sense for us to put out a small project considering we've already recorded three songs together that we've been performing and also we have a few other collaborations recorded for future records.

I need to figure out the art for this... By Sunday night!


Desperate Housewives - A Work In Progress

Track Produced by Verse All

desperate housewives
wit steak knives
can take lives
escaped with mine
ran by dem naked mines
on the field
on the reels
they taped my life
how can i be wrong for layin pipe, if i layed it right
slick plumber that never showed crack
man i never sold crack
just contra band to fans
in the form of new millennium wax...
even still i build watching grams
removing weight
music distributed through a basement gate..
then hit the the pavement...
independent indies jump the slaveship, left the salt mines

in strawberry fields blue blood spills for real
there is no oxygen, or pills
there is no boxin in this doc oc phil
mermaids splash
iare pop dem gill
some shock and aw campaign
we chop trill
for proper spill
the operas filled
canaries singing
we don't believe you
we know you ain't slinging



Wednesday, July 23rd @ 205 Club in NYC

205 Chrystie St., at Stanton St. New York, NY 10002




Yes. A New Fast...

Time to do a cleansing. Started flushing last night. Followed up with some more salt water flushing this morning. Went to the park with my sister and shot some baskets. I gottah say, I was definitely feeling good out there in the park. No stiffness. I felt rather flexible. Did a lil jumping exercise. Made some jumpers. Before I left, I ate a lil fruit mixture of blueberries, mango and apricot. With a lil orange juice in there.

Getting ready for tonight's show. Got Rabbi Darkside Djing the set. Coole high making an appearance and Gif opening up...


Conscious & Rabbi Darkside @ Vox Pop July 15th

On Tuesday July 15th 7PM (Half Time Show is at 9PM. Don’t lollygag please) you’ll be able to catch me at Vox Pop in Brooklyn providing the halftime show entertainment for A to Z Emcee, hosted by Tah Phrum Da Bush and Super King Armor. I have a 25 minute set. Tah ensured me that he’d be expecting a full set from me, or else...! Accompanying me on this night is a good friend of mine, Rabbi Darkside. You may recognize him from MTV’s Made. He’s teaching this young lady how to beatbox. Rabbi will be Djing this set as well as performing a tune with me and a tune of his own, a single from his forthcoming album ‘Building the Better Bomb’ (album release party 7.19.2008 at Mercury Lounge). Rabbi D in my opinions is one of the best emcees in New York. I wouldn’t produce anything for him if I didn’t feel so. Also making an appearance during my set is Brooklyn’s own Coole High. We have a couple songs that will make you ask, ‘So where’s that collaboration album?’. Soon come. Soon come. Pending acts, Gif, and Core Rhythm haven’t confirm their appearances yet. All in all, I’m putting together a great set that all in attendance will enjoy. If you can’t be there you still can check it out live online via the website. We’ve got all areas covered...! The show is $3 for spectators. $10 for Contestants. Yeah remember it’s A to Z Emcee. An emcee challenge with a cash prize of fifty bucks. I’m the halftime entertainment...

Vox Pop
1022 Cortelyou Road Brooklyn, NY 11218 Q train to Cortelyou Road 718–940-2084



My Message Board Fans

Look what my message board fan created for me. It's awesome. Thanks so much!



Conscious on FuelTV. Sponsored By Nixon.

Track being used for upcoming FuelTV program sponsored by Nixon.


Golden Mountain

Golden Mountain from Conscious on Vimeo.

RIP - Frosty Freeze

I think it's kinda ill that this kat passed away 2 whole weeks ago and I actually didn't find out till a couple days ago, sheerly by accident while on Youtube.

Anyway, I was thinking about how you have a dude like this that basically was an integral part of breaking history and contributed to it's evolution, by inventing moves but he never really got enough props as far as I'm concerned. Never heard him making so much noise about what he did and what not while a few other dancers deem it necessary to stake their claim with every single opportunity given, just like a number of DJ's and emcees. (I rarely see aerosol artists come out like that. They always seem much more humble though I'm sure there are those who aren't that spray as well.) Anyway this is just a reminder that often times people ain't got nothing to say about you till your dead. And even when they do, it's for more selfish reasons. They wanna get props for giving you props. If they really felt you were so dope and important they would have given you your props while you were still breathing and possibly helped you out when you were sick and falling on hard time..

Just a rant. Whatever...

RIP Frosty Freeze...


Tupac: The Leader That Almost Wasn't.

Recently there's been a stir about some things Alicia Keys said in a recent interview with Blender Magazine. The discussion is everywhere online, especially on message boards. The responses are wide ranging, a lot of the ones I've seen though are pretty vulgar. One described her as a 'dumb ass dyke bitch'. It never ceases to amaze me the way people react to the opinions of others or the statements they make not only directly, but most importantly when taken out of context. Calling people names has nothing to do with anything. Anyway, this post is about Tupac because on one message board (Philaflava) that started off talking about Alicia's comments some of which mentioned Tupac, detoured into a conversation about whether or not Tupac was capable of being an affective strong 'black leader'. After reading a few comments namely this one posted by Philaflava:

'I just want to know who was the great black leader the goverment stopped. 2Pac was a 26 year old loose cannon who flipped his script from a ballet dancing aspiring actor. A leader is Colin Powell. 2Pac was a talented guy who acted in some great b-movies and could rhyme words together'.
I decided to add a response as follows:
Tupac did have potential that would have ultimately been realized over time if he chose to go the route all the way. He didn't (or did not get a chance to) so it did not happen. The proof is in his influence beyond people saying they loved his music. People's lives have been literally changed because of his existence, his music and what some would call his moments of profound outspokenness. How many Hiphop artists have actually been responsible for definite progressive movements globally where people actively pursue change in their way of living in an effort to change the state of chaos that surrounds them. He was a spark. Everyone isn't a spark. Perhaps most are not actually aware of the magnitude his life has contributed to the possibilities... Or some just refuse to see him as anything but some nigger that rapped. Some men have an inherent ability to affect the minds of people naturally, to rally their inner spirits and help to reverse the bullshit that man creates to destroy himself. Any person male or female that has the power to affect change in a major way also in most cases faces an extreme where the demons pull at him or her to keep them from making those move at their fullest potential.
On another note the greatest type of leader is a man that can influence those followers to be leaders in their own right. Great changes happen to come when individuals realize their own strengths and do not rely on orders from some 'leader' be he black white or green.
People are detached from their internal natural sense and socialized to not believe they can make a difference., never to take initiative to just stand up for themselves let alone anyone else.
Question. Why aren't white men that lead, called white leaders?

Shout out to all spooks that sit beside doors!
In conclusion, though there are quite a few issues apparent on this message board beyond the actual post, I just wanted to focus on this thing about Tupac and express my feelings as to the statement made that denied the potential he had to be an affective leader had he lived long enough and chose to follow through with some of the plans he spoke about.


Five Things That Are Still True About Music [PDF] By Andrew Dubber

Music online is different. It’s not just ‘new format’ different — it’s ‘new ballgame’ different. But some rules still apply.

Here's a great short and informative e-book that may spark some ideas in your mind for your musical pursuit.
Download Link.


A Poem A Day - Poem #1

on this life's stage, frightened
no guidance for this one...
only part written in this play
was 'pucker up'...
first kisses tied to butterflies
stitched into stomachs

explaining the uneasy feeling inside


Journal: The Next Expedition

Sweet - Download [Click Here]

In the middle of the night I began to craft the idea for a sequel to the first album I ever recorded. Seven years ago I put together an album entitled, 'Journal: An Eklektik Journey'. It was a mixture of Hiphop Spoketry. Indeed, I did make up that description. As of late I've been inspired to write poems again. This project will consist of poetry pieces written during my wee hour madness with interesting backdrops of chopped and mangled record samples. Let's see what regions of your mind and mine will be tapped during this new expedition.

days vanish..

nights cover blemishes..
sun shines brightly
when your eyes is open... to the possibility

bright star

in moment with present
present in moment

flickering, flashbulb
wide eyed shutter speed
pause tap makin
photo matte
match heart rate
numbers flashin on screen

hueman beings
just being


fuzzy... focus clear
clearly no focus
can't hear

touch time

aquatic math in queue
counting lil fishies...

golden tube..

land of lost
found truth...
bundled up...
nearly dead

finger nail grew long
manicure necessary...

let's meet again soon
to discuss the rest...


a rhyme

chillen and illen, and willen to fly.
i, building wit pilgrim, plus villain spillin duh wine.
fillin in blanks, blanketed talk, chalk walk definitive lines..
sunshine and aqua replenish this unlimited mind
subliminal, crime - lab, line stab'em in eye
show'em the point, point blank mey siah arrive in the sky
i turn pages, rip stages, navigate life's mazes...
at the same time 'wondering why'?
what does it all mean, he fabricated a dream involving a spleen
and irene cryin over some cream
these sheep asleep, get herded 2day
she just missed the beast nourished by curds and some way...
marketed by the beast but that's awful cliche...
thumb out and about hitchikin, a dj
serato to scratch, soundwaves over digital wax
poetic with vets, the religion war is over,
an avatar never forgets, dem properties of we
minuscule pieces of god's debris


new - poem - inspired by new friend

been long time since i penned
been sown seeds
sans rhyme
for life moments
in life poses
like still life animated
of my previous thoughts..
with acrylic.. nervous twitchin
there are none

sunny day dream

her sun dress complemented her skin tone..

goose bumps.. singing..
stomach stirrin love at first right
turn corners and hide
neath sheets


she please me
like water drops
dew touch famished tongue pierced..

Music: Conscious & Thinker - Basement ?

[Click Here] to download Basement - Conscious & Thinker

Here's something my friend Thinker just emailed me a few minutes ago. I assume we recorded this 3-4 years ago. Not really sure. Anyway, it made me think about the fact that Thinker and I have a project we talked about doing together a long while ago and we ought to make that happen. It's honestly a great thing to be able to record and create music with a person that you find agreeable. Surely we do not agree on every single thing but we get along and work well together. Look out for some more Conscious, Thinker collaborations.

Here's a few links to past collabos, they go back a few years:

Time Is Of The Essence - Thinker shot the video. And actually recorded the track. Track produced by Provide records.

Sessions - ft. God's Chocolate - Thinker produced the track and recorded it as well.

Spinnin ft. Thinker & L - Star - Thinker recorded this one.

Scrub Handz ft. Kaleal Crooks & Thinker


The following poem, inspired by a being I love...


gold tonic
cosmic, seismic shake...

earth looks strange from this distance...

eye witness angels breakin into cars to steal radios...
and robots made of flesh...

clock maintenance man in this grandfather
art folded fingers to make paper shapes
disappearing acts...
transforming thoughts tangible
edible clouds and a moon that regrets nothing...

bullies the tides daily...
gives free rides to sailors

toll paid,
my stove days are over
range to slave over...


Monday Music: Justive

Remember that freaky television program Thunderbirds ?

Download - Justive [Here]

There's this pretty dope emcee in Brooklyn, a member of the rap trio, 3rd Party, that over time I've tossed a track or two and he's never failed to bring forth a strong showing of skill. Ladies and gentlemen I introduce you to Rabbi Darkside...

Download - Righteous [Here]


Monday Music: It's been a minute huh?

I was on Mog and read this post about an email that a fellow mogger sent out after a friend asked for a list of places on the net to find new music. I scrolled down quickly and Bumrocks caught my eye. So I clicked on it. Simple as can be, this site basically posts a brand new song almost everyday of the week. New music I might have never found otherwise. Sooooooooo. Here's a song that I found that I enjoyed so I'm now sharing it with you... You can thank me by leaving a comment...

Hot Tea - Kalyan


Your tonsils... You still got'em or no?

Since nearly every sitcom on television has that list of 100 scenarios to regurgitate into a 'new' story line for season after season of non humor I thought about this, having to get your tonsils out business. I can name a handful of eighties shows that made this their main focus to get one more show written for the season. I was flipping channels and arrived at Seinfeld, the episode when George thought he had a heart attack, then turns out his tonsils grew back and they needed to be removed a second time. Yep, I wrote up all this just to ask you guys, have any of you had your tonsils removed...?

A Rhyme

I wrote the following during the wee hours listening to a beat from this album... Aj - Rock Paper Scissors

pausin while you walkin,
talkin over instrumentals,
instrumental in the accidents
that somehow happen,
some die scrappin,
some die strapped in flamin vehickles
some transform, perform miracles..
in the first place you second string mean you play the harp third rate...
ain't seen near skin till the fourth date, mork from ork great..
you moon men with high noon grin, dig spoons in the creamy carcass
feedin on the flesh, bleedin till he death, warrent, read life in pdf torrents
Petey green, double team, silver screen with mitch green curls..
teeth all leanin, like gangsters
i thank yah for you listen ear, Vincent van go right there
behind the car no one will see u
you shouldah made a version of twelve sunflowers in 3d too

these chicks bustin outtah skirt like
the hulk puttin in work
a purgatory story
how i'm stuck on the cusp...
upside down sevens, niggah ran outtah luck
and dropped the baton,
wontons, futons, cuttin coupons
new editions
my groups on tour
and they's gonna sell more!
then you one hit wonders
see all yah fliers on the floor

Happy Born Day J Dilla


Super Tuesday: I'm Convinced Barack Obama Is A Robot.

Whomever wrote this page in history has a real sick sense of humor. A black presidential candidate verses a female candidate. The winner of this competition faces some unfit Republican...

People whether or not you decide to vote, realize that there is much more to be done. If you so happen to get the person you want in there, it is simply not over. Successfully electing the candidate you want is not the answer to America's problem.

The solutions begin with you, right where you stand. Being active in your own community and working together with your immediate neighbors to increase the quality of life in your section of the world. Even before you interact with others ask yourself if you are capable of refining self so that you may be more effective, in affecting change in your environment.

Sunrise [I Love You] Instrumental

I want to share this instrumental I produced a while ago with you folks... Feel free to listen, enjoy and comment with your thoughts...


The Sky And Everything Above It.

I woke up that morning, twice. The first time came after a confusing dream that while dreaming it I realized that I was. I tend to know when I'm dreaming. In ways I control them, though I've yet to put the full effort into maximizing the awkward ability. The colors in total, were mind blowing and the signal was strong.Then I awoke from that instance. That dream. Dreams, within dreams... are puzzling. And for one who is not satisfied with general mediocre impulse, I must say that I was pretty annoyed by the occurrence. I need to drink more water. Perhaps proper hydration will contribute to clarifying madness like that in the future. I'd expected a windfall of useful growth information to drop shortly. Packages delivered in timely fashion when moment choreographs dances with eager opportunity. Some call it synchronicity. I like to say it's just universe cliff note technology.

The color that day was blue. Not blue like the sky, or a robin's egg. Not like eyes or even toilet water. It was like the blue of your blood, before air hits it.


Tuesday Night In Williamsburg

Seth of gave me a call last night to invite me down to the Tuesday night event that happens every week at Black Betty on the corner of Havemeyer & Metropolitan in Brooklyn. Little did I know that 'The Howl' would be playing at midnight and I'd also run into a handful of BPC folk(Moonshine, NY's greatest bartender. Cody and the notorious Sean Hanratty). The Howl were like Ahhhhhhh Real Monsters. Very entertaining. It's great to see kats rock out and totally enjoy what they're doing. No gloom faces on these guys. A lead singer with a respectable sense of humor and good timing, knows how to keep the crowd attentive in the moments when he's not strumming away and shouting lyrics at times undecipherable because of the not so perfect sound set up. If anything the vocal mics were too loud and needed a bit of equalization.

I'm happy I went out. I was at Konkrete Jungle Monday. I'll be out a whole lot more.


The Day The Earth Stood Still

It was on this afternoon. I tried to watch it but of course I did not see the complete film. I had to step out for a minute. I've never seen this film in its entirety.


The Adam B Experience w Conscious 12-14-07

Here's a clip from my most recent appearance on The Adam B Experience (WVOF 88.5FM Fairfield CT). There's a bit of talk about upcoming projects and a handful of good quotes. There's a bit of ridiculous nonsensical banter as well. A fair balance I would say.


Canned Did Camera ?

Looks like Tone decided I'd make the reel for the website from hundreds if not thousands of flicks taken during Fubz's recent party at 205 Club. Big shout out to TONE. There are some phenomenal photos at Photo By Tone. No I'm not wearing make up. My skin's smooth... Drink water! Eat healthy, that's what MC Lyte told me.

Oh Yeah I took a handful of photos myself, here's one of Jedi from Method's NYC.

R.I.P. Bobby Fischer


Thatz Da Word Live

I had to revisit this video. One of my partners for a long time Tzo is performing a song off of his forth coming album. I produced this madness and Tzo met the challenge with an equally maddening dose of lyricism. this was taped at the Bowery Poetry Club in NYC.

For more info on Tzo, check out his artist page on here...


A few thoughts.

It's January. 2008 is already shaping up to be a great year for me. A lot of work and patience. I've been through
a lot. But no more then anyone else so I don't complain just appreciate what I can learn from the hard times. I'm looking forward to March as the Low End Theory folks launch a NYC version of the tremendously successfull LA show. I'm happy to be involved with it. It's amazing living in this age. Some folks don't realize the potential we have now more then ever to affect change and create a world that we may live more comfortably in. I embrace the technology that helps us create new media and reach individuals that otherwise we would not be able to reach in order to communicate and build with an intense progressive energy.

I'd like to thank everyone that reads the blog and gets the mailinglist, 'I Are Conscious Update'. I appreciate so much the comments and random emails. this is a great time and I encourage everyone to do whatever it is that their heart desires this year with no fear. There's no time like the present to be overtly cliche. If there's anything I can do to help you with anything. Get in contact with me. I'll do my best.


Conscious' Q & A With The 'Hebrew Mamita', Vanessa Hidary

Conscious: So miss Vanessa Hidary, what's going on with you this year? Introduce yourself to our readers. Let'em know who the 'Hebrew Mamita' is.

Vanessa Hidary: Hey Conscious. Or is it still Stream of Conscious? :) Or did you abbreviate as the years have rolled on? Lets see how can I describe the Hebrew Mamita. The sexy, Oy veying-matzoh eating, chutzpah having, non-cheaping, non conspiracizing, hip hop listening, torah scroll reading, all people loving, pride filled Jewish Girl! Ha, that’s my poetic tag line. These days I call myself a "solo performer". It seems more inclusive than Actress or Spoken Word Artist.

Read the rest of the Q&A's here.


More Paintings From The Eklektic Vault.


common property

untitled mountain

red lineage