BiN Green

With all the talk about being 'green' I realize how inherently green we already are. Fact is, I've been turning lights off and conserving water all of my life. Ha ha ha. Bin Green! Mind you it's all about self preservation by taking care of the planet that gives you life. Something that should already be second nature. Why is this a new concept.Well because it's not. Amazing how we can be sold something we already own.

I'm going to see 'Johnny Voltik And the Technicoloreds' hosted by Tasty Keish

Man I've been to Public Assembly a whole lot this year. If it wasn't for some BRM Magazine party it was to see my homegirl TastyKeish host something. I rocked with ADM. I hosted an awesome show with The Dugout performing a group reunion school is over celebration and witness the beautiful Queen GodIs rock out like no other female performer I know can. Now i'm going out to have a great time as Johnny Voltik celebrates a new album on the way. The Lifted Crew is rock earlier in the evening which is very cool. I've rocked with them at Kenny's Castways a number of times. They're solid.

If you're around tomorrow night at 9pm. You really need to come check out the show. And come hang out with me....! Hang out! WITH ME!

Public Assembly

70 North 6th St.
Brooklyn, New York 11211
United States
Show on Map

Tel: (718) 384-4586
Web: publicassemblynyc.com

Hosted by TastyKeish of 99.5 WBAI Rise Up Radio Show

Performances by:

-Johnny Voltik and The Technicoloreds
-The Outabodies
-DJ Single White Female on the 1’s and 2’s