Konnichiwa (K)ninja

Devil In A Bubbled Vest from Our Ugly Bright Straightened Reality

memories affected me
then the energies corrected me
weapon brandished
go head see how love handles
like dead weight
wait, a minute cupid,
yeah yo, wait a minute stupid
you left your arrows behind
shouldah shot you in your narrow behind
how you love that?
why you wanna interfere?
to make the mood confused
for you to leave the room amused
what you need some love too?
end up in the news
with yah heart all bruised
a spectacle, suggested dues paid
broken hearted union
go head, sip the kool-aide
communion for slaves
feel good to be the only one, in the community Paid?
well you could be laid in a community grave
no Or Leans with beads for the brave
that poke they’s chest out
or tell stories bout them fiends that they slayed
The Walking Dead, love locked down
cause they talked to the fed, Ben Bernake
On Smash, How a Hiphop World Fullah stars
wanna attack me
a tad bit Salty. Lawry’s
Towers Faulty, Al Qaeda, down wit the BBC
for that, my guitar it gently weeps
said Lucille, to mister BB King
A blues brother, always - with wings
Or twisted - metal dark fantasy dreams
as the right finds wrong answers
In the next T Pain, Sean Hannity scene
on deaf ears does reality bite, then scream?
matters none when the vampire public
ain’t payin tension to the nickelodeon screen


Hey folks. Somehow you found your way here but I do have a real website I'd like for you to check out possibly even subscribe to...



"Neck On Froze" Digital Release

<a href="">Neck On Froze by The Bronx Über Villain</a>

Consider this a relic.

One of the only pieces of audible data, salvaged from the damaged drive that once housed, "The Bronx Über Villaini" LP. This work, an integral fragment of 'sound history' conceived by one mysterious figure the world will soon recognize.

Neck On Froze is available exclusively on

It is not on iTunes or the most familiar digital channels for purchase. The "Über Villain" will receive all proceeds for his product directly, so that he may continue his projects of science and make available his findings in the most timely and efficient means.

Science is expensive...

Invest in the science of sound today. Participate in shaping a future filled with innovation that you, have vested interest in. (Be the programmer not the programmed... - Douglas Rushkoff)

The "People's Villain" is engineering new works as you read this.


iBuprofen - (the fotoLAB is DEAD) Tease

Soon come the single featuring Likwuid & Sumkid. The Carolina's South and North meet for this collaborative effort produced by iAreConscious.

#iBuprofen is the sequel to "We Sort Glass" featuring Sumkid.

The song quite simply is about manifesting what it is in your life that you want to come to be. Taking matters into your own hands. Taking total control of your life. There is no ship coming that you should be waiting to board. If anything learn how to swim and get where ever it is you'd like to be. Fly there if you have to. Train yourself to teleport. It really doesn't matter how. Just get there!



It took me long enough but I finally have some physical product out. Yesterday, I launched a web store connected to my official website furthing the 'Believe In You' mantra with first of a limited edition of shirts that read, "Be Leave En Ur Phour" (Believe In Your Power!). With only 500 pieces to be created by order, the possibilities of me selling all of them in a months time is pretty feasible seeing as in the support I've already garnered for this movement and the number of both domestics and international orders I received on day one. to say the least, I'm pretty excited about all of this. One of my first orders was from a lovely lady in Australia of all places. I have Twitter to thank for that sale. Come check out the store here:


Eh hem

You know I have a site right? I update it pretty often.


Conscious Conversations: Ciph Diggy [Explicit Content]

What happens when one half of the duo Sleepwalkas drops a solo album? Well an 'Untitled Wave' happens. Ciph Diggy is my interviewee for this latest installment of Conscious Conversations. Working with what I've got right now I shot the interview with an old Flip and edited it in' Windows Movie Maker' ... Urgh! You know what, I got it done. Soon I shall invest in a new comp that's capable of handling my usual means to edit. Sony Vegas.

Untitled Wave will be available March 30th. We celebrate the release at A Monthly Bondfire next Tuesday night. Shout out to Mister Beatz who is also releasing his album, 'Spit Therapy' on the same day. I promise I shall have an album for you all soon too. #StayTuned4DaTrap