Help Get TastyKeish Back Online Before The New Year!

My good friend and co-host of "A Monthly Bondfire" lost a valuable tool last night. Someone walked off with her MacBook shortly after our event at BPC.

Needless to say that it's not a good look to lose an item beyond the cost to replace it, the data contained was invaluable. She just did a two week tour of the west coast so you can imagine the amount of footage, interviews and photographs that were lost.

TastyKeish is a self employed individual. The majority of her living income comes from the use of her personal computer; voice overs, journalism, etc...

I've set the price to $2,400 to cover the cost of the MacBook, taxes and AppleCare Protection Plan for MacBook Pro. Bare in mind she is still paying for the laptop that was stolen.

All funds go directly to TastyKeish. I'm asking for help so that she may be able to replace her comp before the new year rolls in. All help is appreciated. You will be blessed for your contribution.

P.S. Chipin uses Paypal.

1. You do not have to have a Paypal account to make a contribution.

Thanks again for your support. TastyKeish most definitely is great contributor of much time and effort to help create opportunities for artists in our NYC community as well creating awareness about pressing issues that are important to us all. This year alone TastyKeish has personally funded numerous projects for artists, helped raise funds for Japan Society and Haitian relief and daily lends knowledge, motivates and entertains her online network of followers and fans. Please help me give back to her. Thank you.




Lil B - Ellen Degeneres (VIDEO) Re: Purposed - Manifest It


ClockWerk9 circa 2005

From the archive and a mixtape that never happened. Track begins with a drop from an old friend from Kentucky Dirty Harry. Dope emcee and producer.


iSeekGuild - iAreConscious (Official Music Picture) Download song.

If you like the music. Share the music. Talk about the music. Like The Music. Do something. If you want to collaborate or discuss any of the material. Contact me. I'm ready to chat.

Listen to my album Konnichiwa (K)ninja. If it moves you enough to purchase you can for $4.99
Download song here:

This song is available on my album Konnichiwa (K)ninja. If it moves you enough to purchase you can for $4.99

If you like the music. Share the music. Talk about the music. Like The Music. Do something.

If you want to collaborate or discuss any of the material. Contact me. I'm ready to chat.

My inline direction is coordinated online with offline suggestion
astral plane parallel questions
answered in sober symposiums sans weapons
revolution is a state of mind
i don't own nothin, ain't a state of mine
capital is ether
maybe states of nines
all off the record, feel free to speak your mind
most talk too much to hear the twinkle stars
take a moment, overstand appreciate a beating heart
every situation in life you can learn from it
possibly discern from it
ain't about being smart
when it rains they're casting for the part of Noah
you can play the part or watch
please watch the boulders, crush'em down to pebbles
ask me if i'm a rebel, then ask me bout bass or treble
i'll ask you for a place to shovel, got a corpse to bury (a dead marriage)
if they debt you for your carrots, that ain't healthy
you make too much walk when you walk, that ain't stealthy
your mind body and soul, out of sync out of control
true definition of unwealthy



“Clear & Lucid & Natural & Simple.” The Summer’s New Hit ‘e-book’?

NEW YORK, N.Y. - Thursday (July 21st, 2011) - It’s summer time in the city of New York and while most every music artist is concerned with putting out a ‘hot’ single to compete with the season’s heat or ‘making some noise’ via an oh so cliche ‘buzz’, one in particular has decided to thread so far left, he’s ends up right. iAreConscious currently in the midst of an ‘indefinite musical hiatus’ is releasing a free e-book this week entitled, “Clear & Lucid & Natural & Simple.”.

With a forward written by Bay Area indie Hiphop vet Sum (The Milky Way band front man) that can be heard online from the e-book’s sign up page, (accompanied by an ever growing Facebook Face-pile) it’s apparent that while the content within may be concise and to the point, the method used to promote this work is a bit more elaborate. A little less Zen.

When asked how the idea came about to author this collection of original quotes iAreConscious states, “I was booked as a guest lecturer at NYU recently and realized I had no new product to share with the audience. I needed a calling card. I wanted to introduce them to something other than my music. People still read you know. Never-mind my mother’s been telling me to write a book for years. How could I not listen to my mom?”

“Clear & Lucid & Natural & Simple.” is both a literal and figurative journey of sorts for an artist that remains two steps a head of his audience and four to five steps ahead of his musical peers at all times. Perhaps his break from music with applied focus to writing and sharing ideas in this manner will enhance the power of his tunes whenever he decides to return to recording and performing them. Whatever the case may be, one can not deny the genius of this alternative summer campaign to create awareness. Everyone loves a good “quote”.

Sign up for your free copy of "Clear & Lucid & Natural & Simple." by clicking the following link:


Hay Pastor [Hell Of A Life] Should I continue telling the story?

I'm telling a story but not sure if I should continue. Should I? If you think I should and enough folks agree with you that I should, I will.

"Like", retweet the song or email me if you're ready for verse two and if the numbers suggest I should, I shall...


hey pastor, jesus on the main-line
he wanna ask you couple questions bout your face time
Why you rappin to the choir, that was Mase job
be more clinical or end up, genitals in mason jar
or in the grove of the pine where the free Masons spar
skull and crossbones, shiftin through papers
and lost poems, my lost signals my lost phones
androids, and clones meet, where your arms cain't reach
not to be out place in this space
we tuck our charms underneath
he bought the farm it was brief, no boxers
or that contract would be breached
safe haven for the maven's fuzzy peach
hat ten gallon, so his record's wouldn't leak
inherited her earth, grand prize for the meek


Mon-tag - Simply (Produced by Magnavok7)

Video rendering of Mon-tag's live performance in 2009 at La Mama Theatre, NYC mashed up with studio scratch recording of song Simply produced by Magnavok7 for the forthcoming EP 1984 Complex: Mon-tag's Love.


Dear Tokyo, a Konnichiwa (K)ninja sends his love…


I was there. In Tokyo in November. I didn’t want to leave. I met so many great people. Received so much love and hospitality.

Now they’re going through it. They need support and they need aide. While I’m happy to know that my family and friends there are safe, still their lives and countless others have been affected tremendously. While we’re still finding out if there are ways we can directly help all of those folks that so graciously hosted us during our stay, we intend on doing something this month with Bondfire. Not exactly sure what yet, but there will be something going on.

After a random conversation with the founder of Edward Aten, I crafted a grand scheme (You know I like to do things BIG!). I enjoy using Swift to upload and share music. Why not stream the entire album Konnichiwa (K)ninja, Sending out a vibe of peace and solidarity.

Today I’m uploading the album here and will leave it up indefinitely. It’s also available for download on > There’s no minimum to download it. That means you can have it for free.

It’ll be tweeting out each song with a little background info about each one. So you will be introduced to some new producers and other artists that made the project possible. Please feel free to ask questions, leave comments, interact and share.

It’s all about intent. Working on figuring out how else I can be of service to those in need, but for now I’m going to share my music. I put much into my words, while they may not seal up broken grounds, I am sure that this impulse will reach and contribute to the collective healing energy being sent from around the globe toward our extended family members in Japan.


Skate_ : A Short Film by iAreConscious

Believe In You is the only message here.

On a Sunday afternoon I shot some random video of some teenagers riding their skateboards in Brooklyn.

I reached out on Twitter and Facebook for a beat to complete this project. Dr. Quandary answered the call. I spliced it together and now we've collaborated to relay this affirmation.

Share it... That's it.

Believe In You