The following poem, inspired by a being I love...


gold tonic
cosmic, seismic shake...

earth looks strange from this distance...

eye witness angels breakin into cars to steal radios...
and robots made of flesh...

clock maintenance man in this grandfather
art folded fingers to make paper shapes
disappearing acts...
transforming thoughts tangible
edible clouds and a moon that regrets nothing...

bullies the tides daily...
gives free rides to sailors

toll paid,
my stove days are over
range to slave over...


Monday Music: Justive

Remember that freaky television program Thunderbirds ?

Download - Justive [Here]

There's this pretty dope emcee in Brooklyn, a member of the rap trio, 3rd Party, that over time I've tossed a track or two and he's never failed to bring forth a strong showing of skill. Ladies and gentlemen I introduce you to Rabbi Darkside...

Download - Righteous [Here]


Monday Music: It's been a minute huh?

I was on Mog and read this post about an email that a fellow mogger sent out after a friend asked for a list of places on the net to find new music. I scrolled down quickly and Bumrocks caught my eye. So I clicked on it. Simple as can be, this site basically posts a brand new song almost everyday of the week. New music I might have never found otherwise. Sooooooooo. Here's a song that I found that I enjoyed so I'm now sharing it with you... You can thank me by leaving a comment...

Hot Tea - Kalyan


Your tonsils... You still got'em or no?

Since nearly every sitcom on television has that list of 100 scenarios to regurgitate into a 'new' story line for season after season of non humor I thought about this, having to get your tonsils out business. I can name a handful of eighties shows that made this their main focus to get one more show written for the season. I was flipping channels and arrived at Seinfeld, the episode when George thought he had a heart attack, then turns out his tonsils grew back and they needed to be removed a second time. Yep, I wrote up all this just to ask you guys, have any of you had your tonsils removed...?

A Rhyme

I wrote the following during the wee hours listening to a beat from this album... Aj - Rock Paper Scissors

pausin while you walkin,
talkin over instrumentals,
instrumental in the accidents
that somehow happen,
some die scrappin,
some die strapped in flamin vehickles
some transform, perform miracles..
in the first place you second string mean you play the harp third rate...
ain't seen near skin till the fourth date, mork from ork great..
you moon men with high noon grin, dig spoons in the creamy carcass
feedin on the flesh, bleedin till he death, warrent, read life in pdf torrents
Petey green, double team, silver screen with mitch green curls..
teeth all leanin, like gangsters
i thank yah for you listen ear, Vincent van go right there
behind the car no one will see u
you shouldah made a version of twelve sunflowers in 3d too

these chicks bustin outtah skirt like
the hulk puttin in work
a purgatory story
how i'm stuck on the cusp...
upside down sevens, niggah ran outtah luck
and dropped the baton,
wontons, futons, cuttin coupons
new editions
my groups on tour
and they's gonna sell more!
then you one hit wonders
see all yah fliers on the floor

Happy Born Day J Dilla


Super Tuesday: I'm Convinced Barack Obama Is A Robot.

Whomever wrote this page in history has a real sick sense of humor. A black presidential candidate verses a female candidate. The winner of this competition faces some unfit Republican...

People whether or not you decide to vote, realize that there is much more to be done. If you so happen to get the person you want in there, it is simply not over. Successfully electing the candidate you want is not the answer to America's problem.

The solutions begin with you, right where you stand. Being active in your own community and working together with your immediate neighbors to increase the quality of life in your section of the world. Even before you interact with others ask yourself if you are capable of refining self so that you may be more effective, in affecting change in your environment.

Sunrise [I Love You] Instrumental

I want to share this instrumental I produced a while ago with you folks... Feel free to listen, enjoy and comment with your thoughts...


The Sky And Everything Above It.

I woke up that morning, twice. The first time came after a confusing dream that while dreaming it I realized that I was. I tend to know when I'm dreaming. In ways I control them, though I've yet to put the full effort into maximizing the awkward ability. The colors in total, were mind blowing and the signal was strong.Then I awoke from that instance. That dream. Dreams, within dreams... are puzzling. And for one who is not satisfied with general mediocre impulse, I must say that I was pretty annoyed by the occurrence. I need to drink more water. Perhaps proper hydration will contribute to clarifying madness like that in the future. I'd expected a windfall of useful growth information to drop shortly. Packages delivered in timely fashion when moment choreographs dances with eager opportunity. Some call it synchronicity. I like to say it's just universe cliff note technology.

The color that day was blue. Not blue like the sky, or a robin's egg. Not like eyes or even toilet water. It was like the blue of your blood, before air hits it.