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It's either you're airborne or you're under a rock it seems in this life's race full of crashed matchbox cars with candy paint but no car insurance. In the midst of it all you must perservere. I mean right at that point where I'm about to say the wrong words to validate the madness I realize again for the first time that I already know better. I know that in order to affect change you must actually, do something. There are two types of people in life. Those that make things happen and those that don't. Simple and plain. Cut and dry and every other cliche terminology you can conjure up for conversational purposes. The question is. What type of person are you?

Me. I make things happen!


Dear, Kayne

Fam. You gottah stop getting on tv making general statements. Hiphop is not the opposite of gay. When you say foolish things to a mass population that believes everything they hear or see in media sources, you contribute to their ignorance. Or maybe you're a tool.

Please stop making wild statements.

Watchoveryah : Wachovia

Big brother banking has done it again. Not a hostile takeover this time but a purchase of two financial companies. Watchovayah.

Apple released the ipod Nano (A new very slim design.) Also, the new ipod phone. They're definitely cornering the market on digital music as in they own %82 of the market share. So you gottah wonder, with there being so many other competitors in this burgeoning tech market how are the rest sharing that little %18. Sharing crumbs. Ha ha.

Google purchased a Voip company, they believe that this movement will help to generate more sales, seeing users will now have the ability to communicate and negotiate their sales more effciently over phone. I assume this is targeted more so to customers online, buying and selling internationally.

When's the last time you gave your significant other flowers or actually purchased some fresh ones for your home? Nowadays, as I walk through the park, I make it my mission to inhale deeply and take advantage of that wonderful concentrated oxygen that our tree friends produce for us.

I must write about the whole mess that's called the primaries and the goings on in the last few days that lead up to them Later.


The Acting Bug : Once Bitten You'll Always Wear The Scar.

Sitting here, feeling like I wanna do some type of film work. I noticed that a couple of shorts I was in are listed in the datatbase of . I also noticed that there are currently no credits for my characters in both of the films. IMDB has been contacted. That info should be up in few weeks. Anyway, I dug up a picture. A pretty old picture. Over 10 years old.
I like black & white photos. Above is a photo of the cast and director of the short flim 'Little Man'. Guess who is young Conscious ? It was cold during the two day shoot of the integral playground scene. Freezing cold. The same year we had that blizzard in NYC. The snow began in the middle of the second day of shooting. It ultimately added perfectly to the actual film. <----- Little Man
Take The A Train -----> Another Bronx native was in this short film by the same director. You may know her as Ray Charles's wife in the movie Ray, Kerry Washington.


Soul On Ice

I always felt that Rass Kass was one of the best, if not in fact the best westcoast emcee to grab a mic. It's unfortunate that access to this superior wordsmith has never been regular through a mainstream audio station. More then likely you'd have to be from the west or a serious underground listener of Hiphop to really know and appreciate this man's talent.

Soul On Ice.
As I write this, I'm listening again for the very first time. I think if anyone remembers this album for anything it's for the track entitled 'Nature of the Threat'. This is a track that will have you put your head in a book and do your own research. Makes me think about how the vast majority of folks in this western westworld land are similar to those animatrons in the fact that we follow a general pattern that has been pre-determined for us. You ever ask yourself, am I actually doing what I want to do ? Or am I moving accordingly. According, to a plan pre-determined for me ?

Go listen to Soul On Ice again. Or listen for the first time if you never heard it to begin with.


Oktober Appreciation Thread...

Gottah give a shout of appreciation for that dude. He's come a long way from the open mics and the cd hustlin in front of Fatbeats. He's constant on the grind and he hasn't let anything he's accomplished in the underground change his attitude, unlike a lot of his contemporaries in the twisted world of subsurface music culture. Oktober is a cool dude that should get a thread, just like some of the conceited emcees that people seems to praise that aren't even all that great.

Cop that cd when it drops.


CL Smooth : The Champ Is Here !

M1-5 was the place to be on the last night of August, 2005. CL Smooth put forth a performance so magnificant that recorded film will not do it justice. There's no doubt that he's definitely stronger then ever, upon return from a self induced retirement. He stated, that he took time to travel and discover himself. He found his purpose with the music. Now he's back to tend to the seed within the foundation that in the past he and Pete Rock built.