Bush Fliks: Asterisk December 15th 2005: Mindspray


Cross at the green, not in between.

You know what grinds my gears ? Crosswalk buttons. If anyone can make any sense outtah this other then it being a possible experiment on random pedestrians or a horribly bad joke played with tax-payers dollars, please let me know. From what I understand the only individuals that have the power to control traffic-lights other the those that operate our traffic system are infact ambulance drivers (and possibly cops). While we're talking about ambulances, something else that has been grindin my gears for years is the word 'AMBULANCE' written backwards on the front of the vehicle. Okay so it's written backwards so you can read it forward in the rearview mirror. IF YOU CAN'T RECOGNIZE AN AMBULANCE WITH BLARIN SIRENS SPEEDING TOWARDS YOU ON THE ROAD. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE DRIVING!


Everyday, nother hustle...

Getting some rest before I head out to thet Beautiful Decay release party. But before I go, I got a few things to mention. Firstly, pet names and Pet Tags are simply just not the same thing. Not in the least. I don't think I've ever called any woman I've been involved with much anything else but her actual name. Any attempt at trying to come up with one in my opinion is a waste of time. That's about as much time that subject will get from me. Anyway, these days seems like the self employed are opting for certain Financial Jobs that require them to re-enlist to slaveship duties and once again drain them from their live's being, all in the pursuit of yellow diamond rings. Not everyone is blessed with the gift and the curse of being able to recieve monies from vioxx lawsuits and furnish their homes with marble countertops and humungous picture windows.


After Hours.

In the wee hours of the night or very early morning you can find groups of relentless individiuals that refuse to go home , huddled in front of numerous bars up and down Ludlow in lower manhattan. On any given sunday morning you may witness a drunken brawl, or bouncer draggin a patron's face across the concrete. After hours spots are few and far between. Not legal in the least and are subject to possible raids provided the proper arrangement to maintain them has not been previously made.

You've got until 4:30 am to get a tofu dog at Broomedoggs. One topping choice are crushed potato-chips. I haven't tried.


$3.00 Buy it now !

Yeah the mixtape is done you can get yah copy now...

The Knitting Factory show turned out dope on Thrusday night. (Video footage soon come.)It was cool to be on stage with my Black Horde Bredren. Friday night Tzo tore down the stage for dolo with his performance of FarWarned off of the Connexion compilation album, during the release party for the LP at The Bowery Poetry Club.

Tuesday Nov. 15th we're doing the listening party for Neo Retro Spectro Graphiks Vol. 1 at M Bar. Week 3 of Relax Star Vibe School.


I crochet in knitting factories... actually...

Yeah well, I do what I wanna. Wanna fight about it! I know quite a few new york lawyers if you're the type to press charges after you get whooped, so don't test me.

Life is good. It's hectic but it's good. Mixtape release next week at M Bar.

You know who's funny? Those conspiracy theory talkin kats you see that think the government is listening to their conversations that go no further then the corner they stand on. I joke and tell these individuals that the only way to combat the man is to get a portable gps handheld and track them. Keep'em on their toes. They nod in agreement.

Now iced-out, rockin pink diamond rings, extra thick lip gloss and a more then adequate supply of attitude, is my former 54.11 (Taxes have gone up in in New York City) wearin mistress of hiphop, slip not remove top-less dance for 8 Ball Magazine cameras and be candid centerfold. Truth be told, that staple doesn't cover much.

In highschool, economics was the easiest class, as a senior that you had to pass to graduate. But what did I learn. Nothing that I remember now. I actually learned more in junior high about the stock market and money from my math teacher that also taught us chess, spades and bid wist 2 days out of the week.

But you know I can only focus on what I can learn and attempt to teach myself in this day and not dwell on what I could have learned and didn't learn in school. I wasn't meant to learn anything to begin with. That's the whole point. I accepted that a long time ago. Time to move on. We have the world wide web. Seems most folks can only find negative things to say. They speak of the net as this horribly polluted place where you're children are far from safe and pornography is outtah hand. I say the internet is the world's largest mirror, but unfortunately we're all vampires so of course we can't see ourselves and we surely can't take very photogenic polaroids.

That was a tangent. Sorry. What I was ultimately going to say was that with the internet being the plug into this vast world of information, one has to do less coat-tailing of silver investors & investing gurus to learn about silver. Don't get me wrong, you need to get involved with a human at some point. But you can learn a lot on your own through research that is much more readily available in this time. I was amazed by online trading firms opening up shop in the real world. Physical buildings that you may walk into and make transactions and handle business that you would usually handle over the net or on the phone.

Are Psychotherapy T-Shirts meant to be worn by people that can't communicate or worn by those attempting to communicate to those that have a hard time communicating ? I'm confused, like being functionally illiterate and having to decipher Morgage Rates. Be easy and show up at the Knitting Factory thursday. And M Bar Tonight.


New Venue... Conscious The Host Is Back... Tuesdays at M Bar

Looks like The M Bar will be the place to be on Tuesdays from now until. I'm partnered up with Tah Phrum Duh Bush that was blessed with the opportunity to do whatever he wanted with the spot. Now together, (in the neverending pursuit of diamond watches and frivilous things) we intend on making things happen instead of whining, crying and waiting like unfortunately most people seem to. While checking the current gold prices at a local pawn shop just a few short days ago, I thought about a few things. One thought was about what I could potentially do as just one small being in this vast universe. Then I began to think, what could two people accomplish.

You know the Samurai's daily quest was increasing what he knew. Everyday, learn. Learn and learn more. The pursuit of infinite wisdom till they day you cease to exist in your physical from on the planet. Do you ever think about how much there is to know and experience ? Do you ever think about how you will never know or exerience all that is available. I mean, one minute you can be researching Mortgage Refinancing and the next, admiring the intricacy of a spiders web. It is what it is. I say, appreciate those those things that are often over looked. Take in all the information you can absorb within reason. Breathe, blink, yawn, stretch and enjoy each day...



Some great photography...!


Bowery Bowels...

employees... wash your hands... oh forget it!

Late Night Mischief...

Photo taken by Thinker. What's better then going out in the weehours to take random fotos in this grand city of Neo York... And why not in the process stop and take a ride... Bike riding is very healthy.


Afternoon flicks...

Casiotone 405

I took my lil sister to school this morning and on the way back home I saw one of these propped up on the side of one of those dumpster. you the big ones that you see anywhere there's serious construction going on. Anyway, there was a dude over in the dumpster pullin stuff out. He pulled out a second one and said there was third in there. The school threw out a bunch of old stuff from the music department. He was like take one. (I'm not assuming anything about the guy. I could've said I saw a crackhead rummaging through the dumpster.) I was gonna anyway but I was like no doubt. Of course I have a spare power plug right in my closet. I cleaned it off a bit and plugged it up and sure enough it's in perfect working order. All I need is some nice replacement nobs. Only question now is , do I keep it or do I take this thing all cleaned up to the pawn shop and get some cash for it. Get a ticket and go back for it in a couple weeks?

Funny thing is a couple weeks ago I went in the Salvation Army to humor myself and saw a Casiotone 1000 sitting up on a shelf. It worked put the speaker situation was a lil bad. A speaker can be replaced wasn't that much of an issue. The real issue was my pockets weren't lookin right. All in all I discovered another piece of musical antiquity and I didn't have to spend a cent.


Village Voice Best of 2005

Before I serve up my dissertation on Debt Consolidation, I'd like to inform you about yet another wonderful piece of press to add to my artist resume.

I'm proud to say that I had the privilege of being a part of a video that made it into this year's Village Voice Best Of 2005.

If you've been paying any attention at all you'd know that I act and do improv. Well earlier in the year I did a cameo in NYC's hiphop group The Blue Room's video 'Show Me The Money'.

Best One-Camera, Low-Budget Video Shot on the Subway - SHOW ME THE MONEY

In the post—­9-11 terror-alert-orange Big Brother-searching-our-bags era, this one-camera underground gem, shot on the subway in the wee hours of the morn, may be the last of its kind. SHOW ME THE MONEY is a fun, tongue-in-cheek premise. Jor-El as hobo-rapper (complete with raggedy boarding school T-shirt) deliciously captures the essence of kids selling candy—not for no basketball team or nothing, just for themselves. "You do it for the love?" "Nah, show me the money!" True indeed. -Patrice Evans

Check out the video on the Conscious Podcasting Systems video page.

Neo Retro Spectro Graphiks Vol.1 Soon Come !

You know, sometimes I have to ponder for a while before I come up with new promotional schemes to make the world aware of projects that I have available. Where some artists run through new releases often because for some reason they seem to create music that is I suppose disposable, while I on the other hand, (mind you I'm not trying to boast) have no problem with letting listeners hear older material. You never stop selling an album. I don't believe in what I commonly hear from a large number of emcees, the statement of this is 'old material'. 'Dated' perhaps? I think there's a difference if you perhaps had music that you didn't think was as well put together or didn't really suit the personna you currently exist in. Otherwise, I really don't see the point of you recording a song this year and you feeling your own music is played out the next year and you cease to pushing it. If this is the case, perhaps you need to reconsider the music that you do. And why you are doin it.

Anyway, where am I going with this rant? What's the point? Well the point is, I'm releasing the Neo Retro Spectro Graphiks Vol.1 mixtape consisting of 4 years worth of music from various albums I have released during that time period as well as unreleased music and tracks from forth coming projects... Make any sense to you ? Well it makes an awful amount of sense to me. First off, if you've made some good music it's meant to be heard, doesn't matter when it was recorded. There are miliions that have not heard it. You never stop promoting an album. Micheal Jackson will never stop selling records.

If you've never heard The Hidden Diaries Of Sonny Carson Mixtape, Journal: An Eklektik Journey, Pagan: 1st Movement 1968 or Vinyl Destination, you can get a taste of what you've missed and proceed to get yourself up to date. On NRSG Vol.1 you'll get a sample of tracks from the forth coming album Co-Conspirators and an assortment of unreleased tracks from albums that were stopped short and mixtape songs that never left the studio.

I'm looking at men's diamond watches seeing as in my born date is just around the corner. This mixtape being completed and released to the masses is almost like a birthday gift to me within it's self.

On a totally unrelated note... Actutane lawsuits are just another serious issue in the midst of the million and one that exist in our unbalanced and chaotic society.

"Accutane has been linked to 240 suicides worldwide and has continued to be a controversial subject since Accutane was first FDA approved in 1982. Accutane manufacturer, Hoffmann-La Roche is now facing legal battles as mainly survivors of Accutane suicide deaths have filed suit. Lawsuits allege that Accutane manufacturers failed to warn of the deadly Accutane side effects that can occur and instead, focused on more mild Accutane side effects such as dry skin.

Accutane patients and Accutane survivors are trying to uncover what Hoffmann-La Roche knew about Accutane side effects while failing to fully disclose the dangers to the FDA, physicians, and patients. In addition to a link between Accutane and psychiatric disorders, Accutane causes severe birth defects and even fetal death. The FDA concluded that Hoffmann-La Roche did not adequately communicate the dangers to women using Accutane. Now, Accutane is even linked to an increased occurrence of inflammatory bowel disease and lupus."

Just some interesting information that you probably didn't know about. And it won't stop , won't quit!


Interview with Live Mic Society dot Com

1. First of all tell us a little bit about yourself. How old are you and where are you from?

Where do we begin? You can call me the 'everything' man. I've been working on various ways to express ideas and share them with folks for the last few years on a larger scale, though I've been an artist all of my life. I'll be 27 in October. I'm originally, from Long Beach, Cali. I've spent the majority of my life between The Bronx and Harlem though, actually, looking to leaving the states to find a new home.

2. When did you start rapping?

I started rhyming professionally in about 2001. It came directly behind me making my first appearances in New York's (Poetry Circuit).

3. Who do you think have been your main influences/inspirations?

As far as making my first step towards performing, it would have to be a very close friend of mine that influenced me the most. A very powerful writer/ performance artist & playwright, she basically was amazing on stage and made me feel a lil bit ashamed for being a grown capable man, afraid to speak the words that I wrote. Around the same time I began to post poetry online on a few sites and became apart of one very important site (Fireseek) that actually spawned a lot of the now flourishing poetry boards that exist today. I also wrote a lot about police brutality and the abuse of power by so called authorities in lower income communities. I received a lot of feedback letters and responses to the majority of what I wrote, mainly from those people that experienced events similar to those I spoke of in my pieces. I realized the importance. And decided that I'd continue by taking advantage of every venue I could speak in. Soon I had become a host of a number of open mics where people could do poetry, emcee or express their selves in whatever fashion they felt comfortable. I've performed in the federal prison system, in churches, colleges, various venues throughout the tri-state area and most importantly for children. I took some time off from it though, to see where I was going. I took some time to rest. One can become overly immersed in what they do. Hiatus from things at times is the best solution.

4. What was the main massages and vibe that you put in to your first album?

Journal: And Eklektik Journey
was the first real record I released. I was doing a whole lot of poetry back then. Holding down at least two weekly venues and slamming often. I decided to gather some of my journal entries and just record them. I compiled my poetry with my rhymes and tossed them together as I saw fit. Back then I did an open mic in Harlem where my main focus was to get people to stop being on either side of the emcee - poet divide. So much energy had been and still is going towards trynah separate the two when the two are apart of each other. I figured I'd give both sides something to appreciate and basically open closed minds enough so they could discover on their own what was great about the two. It seemed to work. Same idea came with that album. I didn't wanna do the same lame poetry cd that alot of the people I shared stages with put out. And I wasn't going to do another so called 'Hiphop' album. I did what I do naturally. I did me.

5. What differences can we except in your next release, if any?

Every album I've done thus far has been totally different from it's predecessor. 'Co-Conspirators', the next album set be released on the 'Eklektic Gardens' label will be the first album where I collaborate with other artist on the majority of tracks. I produced the entire album with a less is more vibe, very relaxed and easy flow. Something for those that wanna hear dope emcees spittin rhymes that don't sound like they're trynah be nice on the mic. We have some veteran wordsmiths accompanying the soundscapes. This isn't a party record. And it's not a put you in a coffin EP either. What it is, is some good ol reliable, won't do you no wrong Hip Hop.

6. Are there any artists that you wish to work with in the future and do you have any aspirations to experiment with different genres of music?

I've been producing unconventional Hiphop tracks and some alternative soul / rock tracks. I've always done more then what people deem real ' Hiphop' music. I have an album entitled 'Pulse 2.0' that's in the works. Honestly, most of the album is written and the tracks have been produced. Just need to get the vocals recorded. That's a process. Whole nother state of mind. There's also a 7 track Rock EP I plan on working on in the near future that basically takes a trip through the immense genre that is Rock & Roll. Honestly, I feel at times anything I do will be Hiphop. It's in my blood. And it will only be classified by I the creator of it. When the artist does not have the say in what it is that he/she creates, then the problem begins.

7. Do you regard yourself as an underground or commercial artist?

I'm an independent artist. The moment you sell a record you become a commercial artist. So I am both. People often confuse commercial with mainstream.

8. Who is your main target audience?

Anyone that will listen. Since I'm playing with different genres and making music in general. I have something to offer to a vast demographic that encompasses more then the so-called 'Hood' or cult following pigeon holed 'Indies'. Though there's nothing wrong with those divisions. I just choose not to be apart of the separation game. I have already interacted on stages with wide ranging eclectic audiences. Young and old. Wealthy and broke. There's no limit to amount of persons one can reach. I make music for anyone that can hear it.

9. Seeing that you are 27 years of age do you think that helps in terms of maturity when dropping logic on the mic and has this had any bearing on the choice of your name 'Conscious'?

Nope. Maturity comes with experience not age. The name came from the original poetry pen name Stream of Conscious. I dropped that a few years back. The way I approach art in general, is in a stream of conscious method. Whether it be in the form of a rhyme of a painting. Free flowing and uncontrived. When it's done it's done. No deliberation.

10. Thanks for talking with us! Is there anything else you wish for people to know about Conscious or any messages you want to send out (shout outs etc)?

Just look out for the re-release of the Journal via Violent Art Records. Of course the forth come EP Co-Conspirators on Eklektic Gardens (guest appearances by, Dyalekt, Crooked Scallah, Members of The Black Horde, Dirty Harry, Thinker, Tah Phrum Dah Bush (Filthy Clean Records), Frankie Devualle , Sense, Kaleal Crooks (Silver Pharaoh ) and some other folks who shall remain nameless. Definite shout out to Inner Circle Entertainment, my partner Jigsaw from for constant encouragement to do what I'm doing. And a certain new media guru down south that I can't seem to ever get along with that has opened my eyes to what else I'm capable of doing with all this new fangled digital technology. Oh and yeah can't forget Adam Bernard super journalist and host of the In Da Mixx radio show at Fairfield College on Tuesday nights. Check out Adam's blog

This Is How I Felt Yesterday...


Are i Truman ?

Aside from multiple hidden cameras all about the small town that Ed Harris's character created to watch Truman; Did he ever use any type of gps system?

There was a word going around earlier this year that certain manufacturers of Suv's would by standard have gps automatically installed in their vehicles. The theory was that since rappers seem to make Sports Utility Vehicles their choice of transport, that obviously making these modifications in cars bought by them would aide the 'Hiphop Police' in keeping track of them, along with monitoring their conversations. I wonder though where are this hiphop police stuff is and where it's actually going. I thought that it was all started to for the most part keep tabs on those individuals that use their freedom of speech to motivate the masses to think and free themselves from the wrong doings of the magistrate. I thought it was cointelproesque. Now what I'm hearing more of is complaints by individuals that don't have the masses best interest at heart. Who's messages are rather vulgar and frivilous. Those who actually have a track record for being involved in much more then making music. I don't question them being harrassed and being wrongfully infected by these providers of oppression. I just want to know ultimately what the real agenda is of this 'Hiphop Police' group. Who in fact they target? What their true purpose is? & Where the leak is? Who told to begin with that there was a special section of the police. I also wonder that if perhaps there's a differance between the Hiphop Police and the monitoring that has been done and the haraasment of those not so mainstream artist that speak more so about affect governmental change.

It's all rather confusing to me.


The Assimilated Negro: Blue Notes -- Museum of the Assimilated Negro: Exhibit B (audio)

Check out this guy. As well as The Blue Room making noise in the city.


Chewing gum in church.

I remember when I was a kid going to church on Sundays, and one thing that stands out in my memory as an adult (other then being afraid on the first sunday of every month, because the communion wafers and grape juice containers where underneath a white sheet in the front of the church looked like a dead body covered up) are the items that you could and could not ingest during service. There was a unwritten rule of some sort. That rule was simple. You couldn't eat anything in the 'House of The Lord'. But you could suck on a mint. Tic Tacs. Little peppermints. Big Peppermints. The one's you had to crack on the floor. Or on the side of the church. Charms hard candies where better then Lifesavers. But as the candy became less minty and increasingly sweet a line had to be drawn. Also you weren't supossed to chew gum. And if you did. Perhaps Trident. Chicklets were pushing it. And by no means were you ever to chew bubble gum!

As a child though there were times that you'd chew gum or eat mints that kids normally would rebuke if offered. But anything was good when you were sitting in church. For instance. Violets in no way would be the candy of choice for a small child. Honestly, they weren't all that great and if you asked me then I would have said that they probably really had violets ground up in them. There were also an assortment of chewing gums that were likened to adults such as Clorets, Freedent (The only gum I know of that boasted of not sticking to teeth. Dental work. Old people. Kids aren't worried bout that.) and that sugarless gum.(Tasted diet. While it's on my mind. If you happen upon a restaurant that serves Tab. Don't order. Get out of there. And don't be fooled, some of those Fresca's are the old ones that you shouldn't drink).

All this talk about when I was younger reminds me now of two things I did not like.

Pepsodent. Why? Just why? The worst toothpaste that ever existed.

Davey And Goliath. Scared me. Talking claymation, puppets or what have you just didn't do it for me. Nevermind you're talkin bout a children's show that came on before the sun even rose. It was dark out when it came on. Dark out and weird scary show. Not a good mix. Similar to Zoobilee Zoo and don't let me get started on the friggin Letter People on PBS... yikes..!


Can You Dig It !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Movie trailors at times can make or break a film depending on who your veiwing audience is. I must say that even though I've seen The Warriors quite a few times the new director's cut trailor was interesting enough to make me want to see it again. They're talking about the film having footage that we've never seen. The new dvd is suppossed to be a representation of the director's original vision for the film. I wonder how true that is. I look forward to finding out. Wonder if the Lizzy's had any digital enhancement done for this version. And who could forget the softess of the soft Warriors popin out the bathroom stall with the spray can. Gang members that tote purses are not gangster. It's a long way to Coney Island from the Bronx.


Picture Day In The Bronx ?




Wylde & Black front the gold door. Pon the courthouse step.

The one and only L-Star...


Introducing: Wylde


Poetry, Rants, Woman & Power

Check this lady out.



It's either you're airborne or you're under a rock it seems in this life's race full of crashed matchbox cars with candy paint but no car insurance. In the midst of it all you must perservere. I mean right at that point where I'm about to say the wrong words to validate the madness I realize again for the first time that I already know better. I know that in order to affect change you must actually, do something. There are two types of people in life. Those that make things happen and those that don't. Simple and plain. Cut and dry and every other cliche terminology you can conjure up for conversational purposes. The question is. What type of person are you?

Me. I make things happen!


Dear, Kayne

Fam. You gottah stop getting on tv making general statements. Hiphop is not the opposite of gay. When you say foolish things to a mass population that believes everything they hear or see in media sources, you contribute to their ignorance. Or maybe you're a tool.

Please stop making wild statements.

Watchoveryah : Wachovia

Big brother banking has done it again. Not a hostile takeover this time but a purchase of two financial companies. Watchovayah.

Apple released the ipod Nano (A new very slim design.) Also, the new ipod phone. They're definitely cornering the market on digital music as in they own %82 of the market share. So you gottah wonder, with there being so many other competitors in this burgeoning tech market how are the rest sharing that little %18. Sharing crumbs. Ha ha.

Google purchased a Voip company, they believe that this movement will help to generate more sales, seeing users will now have the ability to communicate and negotiate their sales more effciently over phone. I assume this is targeted more so to customers online, buying and selling internationally.

When's the last time you gave your significant other flowers or actually purchased some fresh ones for your home? Nowadays, as I walk through the park, I make it my mission to inhale deeply and take advantage of that wonderful concentrated oxygen that our tree friends produce for us.

I must write about the whole mess that's called the primaries and the goings on in the last few days that lead up to them Later.


The Acting Bug : Once Bitten You'll Always Wear The Scar.

Sitting here, feeling like I wanna do some type of film work. I noticed that a couple of shorts I was in are listed in the datatbase of . I also noticed that there are currently no credits for my characters in both of the films. IMDB has been contacted. That info should be up in few weeks. Anyway, I dug up a picture. A pretty old picture. Over 10 years old.
I like black & white photos. Above is a photo of the cast and director of the short flim 'Little Man'. Guess who is young Conscious ? It was cold during the two day shoot of the integral playground scene. Freezing cold. The same year we had that blizzard in NYC. The snow began in the middle of the second day of shooting. It ultimately added perfectly to the actual film. <----- Little Man
Take The A Train -----> Another Bronx native was in this short film by the same director. You may know her as Ray Charles's wife in the movie Ray, Kerry Washington.


Soul On Ice

I always felt that Rass Kass was one of the best, if not in fact the best westcoast emcee to grab a mic. It's unfortunate that access to this superior wordsmith has never been regular through a mainstream audio station. More then likely you'd have to be from the west or a serious underground listener of Hiphop to really know and appreciate this man's talent.

Soul On Ice.
As I write this, I'm listening again for the very first time. I think if anyone remembers this album for anything it's for the track entitled 'Nature of the Threat'. This is a track that will have you put your head in a book and do your own research. Makes me think about how the vast majority of folks in this western westworld land are similar to those animatrons in the fact that we follow a general pattern that has been pre-determined for us. You ever ask yourself, am I actually doing what I want to do ? Or am I moving accordingly. According, to a plan pre-determined for me ?

Go listen to Soul On Ice again. Or listen for the first time if you never heard it to begin with.


Oktober Appreciation Thread...

Gottah give a shout of appreciation for that dude. He's come a long way from the open mics and the cd hustlin in front of Fatbeats. He's constant on the grind and he hasn't let anything he's accomplished in the underground change his attitude, unlike a lot of his contemporaries in the twisted world of subsurface music culture. Oktober is a cool dude that should get a thread, just like some of the conceited emcees that people seems to praise that aren't even all that great.

Cop that cd when it drops.


CL Smooth : The Champ Is Here !

M1-5 was the place to be on the last night of August, 2005. CL Smooth put forth a performance so magnificant that recorded film will not do it justice. There's no doubt that he's definitely stronger then ever, upon return from a self induced retirement. He stated, that he took time to travel and discover himself. He found his purpose with the music. Now he's back to tend to the seed within the foundation that in the past he and Pete Rock built.


My Song For The Summer Has Been...

I'm starting this blog entry for the second time after something crazy went about with this Mozilla browser. More then likely triggered by attempt at using a shortcut to cut & paste but I digress, mustn't submit you to the verbal loitering that the majority of blogs are known for. I cease contributing to the stereotype right now.

Well this summer I...
You know what I'm tired. Be back.


Supplication of Understanding

I'm creating visuals. Sometimes I'd rather just do this. No writing or rhyming.



Check it out!


Not natural...

I saw a grasshopper today, and it hopped right into a brick wall. Twice. A house in my opinion just shouldn't be surrounded by concrete walkways. Picture windows need to over look grand green lawn blankets, sans bits of broken glass shards. A place where one may walk with feet bare. Unclothed skin touching nature. Not concerte street, under feet.


Blue Collar LLC

Blue Collar LLC

There's a new blog in town and it's establising a middle ground. Blue Collar LLC is a Promotional Creation of some sort that explores and promotes the middle ground in Hiphop music. There is a grey area you know. But leave it to the mainstream media, and you wouldn't.


The Village Underground: Thorough Thursdays

You can find him behind the wheels of steel rockin a red Richard Pryor T Shirt. That dude that seems to be spinning every night of the week sending last minute myspace notes containing flyers for events a few hours away has a name. It's Synapse.

DJ Synapse is serving up a residency at the Village Underground. As far as thursdays goes he's tied into a well put together event organized by Dave Gee, he's got a new clothing line called 'Methods NYC'. Tonight they had the Art Battles crew on stage doing live art. Picture four large canvases, with four talented artist standing in front of them eager to paint as soon as the break-beat drops. A totally different experience, then what most are used to when attending a late night, no cover, open bar, DJ spinning event. For anyone wanting to step out thursday night and not worry about having to spend a fortune at some dark venue, servin up watered down overly expensive drinks, this is definitely the place for you. The Underground serves up a pretty decent plate of buffalo wings for $5.50 something you may consider ordering while getting your fill of free liquids during the open bar. Next week... Gravy (Iration Soundz).. Come through... Bring a friend meet a friend...


Hiphop: We Need A Lady Right Now !

Where art thou Lady O' Hiphop? We need you now. Female emcees I'm calling out to you, and I am not alone, there are others, requesting that you surface and bless us with your necessary presence. We're tired of the plastic woman mouth loaded with frivolous speak. We want a woman we can bring home to mother. One that's grown folk sexy, not vulgar. A lady that's tactful, not tactless and uncouth. Someone that switches lingo effortlessly and can hold down the fort. High self esteem required, not vanity and conceit. We don't want you to sound like our favorite male rappers. We'd like less bass in your voice. We'd appreciate that you not share every sexual detail of your past present and future. The increasing number of your partners is not attractive in the least.

We want your honesty, creativity and everything that embodies your feminine being to shine through in your lyrics and videos. Could you do us this one favor and make an appearance even if it's only for a short while. Any moments with you will be cherished and help to replenish this increasingly less fertile soil we attempt to plant seeds in.

If that woman that gets all the airtime doesn't represent you please step into the light. We will support you. We need you.


Tender Lovin Care : Where did it go ?

Alright, I can't say that I've done any research, but I will say at the first thought of there being a show in which the remaining members of the former trio TLC, search for a replacement for the deceased member of their once very successful girl group in reality show style just bothers me for some reason. I'm quite sure that there's some disclaimer that defends this new shows development. They may even go as far as to say that it is a tribute to Left Eye. That in some strange way this show will be dedicated to her honor and all proceeds will go to a charity of major importance. My question is, am I the only one that thinks that just the idea of this is utter appalling. I mean, there have been music groups throughout history that have lost members tragically, replaced them and kept their groups going on strong. But, I do not recall any of them broadcasting their talent search on national televison to an eager Relality TV'ed audience. I can't make assumptions about this, other then the possibility of tv producers and music moguls going too far, seeking the ultimate in Reality TV. Perhaps, the lack of funds in the accounts of T & C. Aren't they still paying for that Waterfalls video from way back when ?

I want to know if I'm in fact wrong for thinking that this is quite perverse. What do you think ?


Ire Asked: What non hip hop song you listening to?

Man I've been listening to the same few songs at random...

Harry Nilsson - Me and My Arrow - Man I have this thing about certain Beatles tracks as well as beatles sounding stuff. Also stuff written by Beatles. This one I'm just weirdly partial to and I can't pinpoint the exact reason for my inital infatuation with it.

Daryl Hall and John Oates - I Cant Go For That Man it's simple as there are just some great eighties songs and this is one of them. Never Mind I love the friggin chorus. I'll do anything that you want me to followed by I'll do almost anything that you want me to. I crack up everytime I hear that.

Gerald Lavert - Casanova - this is another one of those tracks that makes you think of that eighties flick that made you smile. The main characters made it through whatever issue they had to deal with, they end up dancing the night away at the club and the camera fades or they toss their caps in the air at graduation and it's all smiles. Scene done.

There's something empowering about a lot of that era's music. Something that's really missing from todays' mainstream. It seemed to flow from radio effortlessly back then. (I'm not trynah start any conversation about why the radio is the way it is today.) Z100 in the morning was straight up get up and go music.

Also I just can't get over the line I am not your cassanova, me and Romeo ain't never been friends. that is classic.I reheared that song for the first time while standing online at the bank. Preoccupied with nothing at all, I was able to listen to every word and appreciate it.


Organzied Konfusion

Dadda da...

I wonder what ever happened to my Organized Konfusion cd or tape of Equinox. I feel like listening to it right now. Maybe I'll find my Extinction Agenda. I could use that too right about now.

I'm a bit sore today, from running 2 fulls yesterday. Been a minute since I seriously played basketball. Things haven't changed. Dudes still won't drive to the basket. The jumpshot challenged opt for it anyway. Live by the jumper die by it and wait around for next once you've lost the game.

Soreness doesn't last forever.
Today I prep for an art festival.
Decide on what ringtones I wanna sell.
Contemplate on podcast or no.


And on the count of three...


I can't stand that song of Common's that Kayne produced. But it's so infectious. Yes, it's infected my brain and every hour or so I say,'Goooooo!'.

I made it to the Hiphop Theatre Festival this year. Not like the year I actually I made a musical contribution to one of the plays produced and performed there. Ran into folks I hadn't seen in years. Was a good thing. Sorta.

Jesus Taco was closed. Had to settle for diner food.

So where does this sabbath day for some take us. Perhaps I'll gather all of my info and complete the consciouspodcast site. Actually, it's time to get oiled up and running I have new prints to sell. needs to be updated as well. Time to add that Broke MC cd to the online store. There's alot I can do. Should do.

I tried to stay awake to watch Ong Bak, but I was way too tired and when sitting up watching and reading the subtitles became too laborous, I opted for laying down and just watching, soon after that, it became me turning over and listening. I'll watch it when I'm awake. Coherent.

I'm on writer's block as it comes to this prose.


Old Poems Of Mine Are New To You

> I don't wanna stay home..
> no peace and quiet..
> not even a piece of quiet...
> life
> mocks death
> like anything I can do
> you can do deader
> like doorknobs
> covered with
> sars germs
> placebo like sickness
> when will it be my turn
> to lead the 3 ring circus display


Hu: Keystyle

two words, death defied, as i testify, they request that i, remain silent,
while my mind and my rhymes remain to be violent, but my sense tells me to be silent
like niggah be quiet, for you cause a riot, man forget the law, the wars inside
capsize this slaveship mentality. kick facts back yah mind up to the reality
in a blue or red pill, death come daily, but they still want you to pay bills
loan sharks, slum lords, some own record plantations, own what you spit digitized through the sound board
with hiphop realized i was bored, for i started a new tour... of duty
my job is to cultivate minds, and spit truely..duely noted, i quoted the next mind for the last time
not being ones own self is truely a crime, sue me if i'm infringin on yah clone rights
but yah so called rights in this so called life just got bodied
unpatriotic, to the likes of yah crocodile equatics
your best boy and best girl are at best westworld... pretty animatronic
never to be wise to the truth clevely disguised... keepin yah high on that wine and chronic



The grinds stylistic, gifted..
givin phrases
answers for questions gettin you outtah mazes
nothin cease to amaze this griot,
return of the clones
dow jones
robots need oil durin these sands wars..
tip of the iceburg
say word...
sheeps get hearded to slaughter...
no trade no barter..
on the corner beggin for quarter waters
somethin similar
to in the future sippin vinegar
to clean out systems
crack kills but who are the real victims..
at times the minds like san quintin
a hot cell,
inmates is thought finna break out...
in a elevator stuck... trynah deliver this take out...
flippin funds, tradin toys for guns trynah make out
or make sense of attempts to lock me up under false pretense
patience been spent on the frivolous
like fam... you can't be serious ?
delirious, like the jokes on you, trapped in the murphey bed...
on yah last leg sweatin trynah get out the red

Stumbled upon that ol instrumental from Da Stakes Is High... Quite possibly my favorite Hiphop Album...

Though most seem to be partial to De La Soul Is Dead.


All I'mah Say Is...

Dude was sellin color contacts at the Puerto Rican Festival.

They Ain't Payin No Tax ! I Know's It !

Okay I copped 2 dozen of the new toy of choice for todays little New Yorker's. Bubble guns. Yeah a cool little invention that will hold the attention of any 4 year old as well as 40. A dozen is 30 bucks. I'd sell'em for 5-7 dollars a piece depending on where I am and the amount I have left. Understanding economics in this 'free market' economy. Making dollars untaxed. Wondering how much it really cost to produce some of the items available at these wholsale outlets. Also thinking that possibly the person that assembled this merchandise would never actually use whatever it is that I purchased, thousands of miles away.


We Crossed The Streets Like Pros: As an Adult I'm Just Now Working On Seriously Writing Prose.

I was thinking again.
Nothing blew up, so don't worry.

Anyhow, I was thinking about the amount of emphasis that went into my training and that of many other small children of the eighties, concerning the importance of crossing at the green, not in between, not talking to strangers and taking candy from them. Before, BET & MTV would entertain the thought of being poor parents raising the children that the biologicals should have been, we had the 'Children's Televison Network'. Funky, tv for kids like myself back then to view. A lil laughter mixed with education, brightly colored furry and furless puppets along with memorable songs and unique animations was quite beneficial, to me at least.

I'll be back with some more in a sec. It's hot. I'mah cool off.


Who's The Black Sheep ? Where's The Other Black Sheep ?

Just came in from Joe's Pub. Wondering where the second half of Black Sheep was, as tonight Dres held it down for dolo. Dres wasn't bad or anything. Actually he was quite on point except for one tiny spill spittin. It just was a lil akward I guess. There's new material which isn't bad, but we don't know it. First time listening to a song when it comes to Hiphop isn't usually done at a live performance. Perhaps, if Black Sheep was allowed airplay, that would be a lil different. Dres did some cool joints that kinda make you wish you got to hear some real lyricism more often. Less frivolous rhymes about nonsense. Things that don't matter.

I thought to myself about De La Soul's most recent offering 'The Grind Date' ( I listened to it again for the first time, just the other day) and how that is what us now approaching, thirty and those of us thirty plus ought to be listening to. Grown folks music. Adult Hiphop. Man, some of us are married. A lot of us have children of our own and these kats are speaking to us. I'm hoping Common's 'Be' goes platinum although I'm not actually in love with the album but feel that it is still a quality release, I realize that we are the ones to blame for not making it a point, to make sure that these artists that got us through junior high, high school & college get the respect and spins that they deserve.

My Conscious Diner : Chiptole Style Turkey Burger For The Lazy Non-Chef

Now Listen. Firstly, I'd like to say that me and turkey burgers are tight like hospital corners and that this is in no way representative of my usual, well involved method of producing delectably appetizing turkey meat feats. In short, you will soon enough learn the method of various turkey burger styles. But you have to work up to that. This one is for the not so much lazy but more or less pressed for time individual that's gottah fill his/her belly like right now and doesn't have all day or night to wait for some friggin meat to marinate. Let's go!

What do you need?

Some ground turkey for starters. Not pre-made patties. I said this quick, not ridiculous. This is gonna require that you get yah lil hands a bit dirty. If you don't wanna then wear some gloves.(I get mine from the 99 cents store).

As far as turkey meat, I'm dealing with Shady Brooks Farms ground turkey. I'm sure I'll find something wrong with the companies procedures next week and denounce them, but for now this will do. *You have a choice.They have your ol regular lean turkey look a lil lighter them hamburger (ugh) or you can get the straight ground turkey breast that is much lighter,or even white turkey breast (It looks almost white when you cook it) and has to be seasoned much more for flavor.

The turkey is handled... What's next? How do we season?

Well folks that is quite simple. If you don't already have some you need to make a trip to the market and get you a bottle of Mrs. Dash SouthWest Chipotle Seasoning Blend. The great thing about this Mrs.Dash is that it is salt free. Never mind herbs and spices are great medicine for whatever ails yah.

I may go overboard with the amount that I use for my burgers at times but I would generally say for a nice quarter-pound burger, I’d advise about a 3/4 heaping tablespoon of that chipotle seasoning mixture.

Now it’s up to you whether you toss that raw burger in a fry pan or if you so happen to have on hand as I do a standing Foreman grill, you can toss it on there. I’m partial to grilling.

The next part is integral to this particular recipe seeing as in the fact that it is not one of the well involved ones with many steps that you will see from in the future. Slice up some onions. Nice yellow ones that’s make yah cry. Those will do fine. I normally toss those in around the time I’m looking to flip the burger the first time. Keep your flame low. Don’t burn up those onions.

I’m attempting to loose the dairy from my diet gradually so I’m not going to put cheese on this burger. I’d suggest Muenster if I were though.

We’re gonna keep it pretty simple with the condiments as well. Let’s just go for a squirt of ketchup and some Gulden’s spicy brown mustard. Wait I almost forgot. Toss on a couple forks full of sweet relish. Yes sweet relish. Why? Well because the South Chipotle tends to be a lil bit spicy for some folks and the sweet relish tones it down a bit without being intrusive to it’s integrity.

I always say cut up a nice sized slice of tomato to top any of your burgers or sandwiches along with you favorite green leaf lettuce. (NO ICEBURG HERE!) Lettuce & tomatos are healthy let’s face it and people just aren’t eating enough vegetables these days. Also, tossing some veggies on yah burger you’ll get full up a lickle quickah along with yah side dish and your beverage you should be straight without thinking to have a second burger.

One more thing. I don’t do the bleached white flour thing and I suggest you follow my lead. Looking back to high school and those wheat sesame seeded buns, they were actually giving us something that wasn’t so awful. If you can find some wheat buns as such try’em out, they won’t kill you. If you can get regular sesame seeded buns of the large persuasion then so be it, just make sure the flour they were made with was not bleached. If you want toast yah bun.

Commence Consumation Of Food Units…


Restless in NYC

You ever have so many thought in your mind that you can't even single one out. Do you ever get caught out there, spaced, thinking about nothing? Do you sleep as well as you should on those nights that you actually sleep?

Restless and in attempts to accomplish something massively creative, but without tyring to force it, I wanna write prose but it never seems to come. I hardly ever write poems anymore. Only on the occasion that that part of me seperates to do so.

Today. I will set a schedule as to what I will post every day on this blog of mine I created out of sheer boredom while at the same time thinking it will be beneficial for exposure and hits. More search engines will pick this up. Rss feeds. The internet changes every second. And the digital age is upon us when it comes to music. It can get confusing. One day I will ration my time. And I will be unplugged as this certain person I know speaks of being.

I need some paint. I have some images that need to be created. The grand ol plan can not just be described in rhyme form. Many chapters will be complied from scribbles on discarded bar napkins, and scrawlings on old crumpled receipts.

Clover oil kills bacteria. Waterbugs are disgusting and cunning...

Clowns... I'm not too fond of them...


This Time Next Year, I'mah Be A Millionare

Yeah but before that comes to past. I have a lot of preperation to do.

social secure... tea?

Tired of paying for
social secure
like… protection money, for…
feels like… we need parties for tea
could smack cans of Arizona or brisk from hands
smash Snapple bottles
tackle tea bags…
we need that cash…
spent on bombs
and probably
that in future
may be

copyright T.Walker 2005


Breakfast.. of Champions ?

I actually slept through the night. Of course I woke up around three. But instead of getting up and turning on the televison or going for the keyboard, I closed my eyes.

I had a 'Mexcian' egg thing... No not really. 2 eggs, some garlic, some freshly ground black pepper, a couple'ah spoons full of salsa and cheddar chesse. I threw 2 bottles of Poland Spring water in the freezer. Then I opted for a some fresh juice. Simple ingredients... Contents of one of those little bagged salads... half a cucumber... 2 green apples... and a tiny amount of honey.

All of that is rumbling in my stomach as we speak.

It's obvious you gottah do more then think healthy. I plan on practicing what I teach...


In Print : Elemental Magazine Issue 67

Well the new issue of Elemental Magazine is out.( I'm in it. Adam B. wrote it. I still haven't picked up a copy yet. Hopefully, my picture made it. The one my little sister took of me, that would be great. We Shall see. Anyway the article is about poetry in prison. The prison industrial complex, if you do not already know is basically a holding facility for modern day slaves. My head still hurts and i refuse to get into it.

New music on the way. Workin on a cookbook. Well a book with scattered recipes, photos and written pieces... Title... Don't know it yet. Maybe you could leave some suggestions...

You know this blog thing is pretty cool. And I don't care who thinks otherwise. I love the turnkeyedness... And that was hardly a word. So what!

Conscious surrounded by beatboxers... Posted by Hello


Yeah so i decided to add this Blog so if you're interested in keeping up with all that it is i do you will be able to. There are just too many sites. To many projects... i'll give you the run down. We'll chat daily. You know briefly. i just wanna stay in contact with you.

My heads hurting because.. simply.. no one needs to spend the amount of time that i do in front of a computer monitor.



I wrote this poem the night before I had to perform it at the Riverside Church in NYC last summer. The event taking place was a meeting for the 9-11 Commsion. I was glad to have the opportunity to speak from the same place where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. made his famous speech concerning the Vietnam War.

I spoke to Sun Tzu
The other day…
He said that America’s army
As he signed mine
Hadn’t read his book
And that they’re so called war wasn’t a good look…

I thanked him for his time,
Bid him farewell,
And began to piece together the story I would tell
To a congregation, waitin on seat edge
To hear some cries of how war was unfair…
and caused by it … the hurt, despair,
the cold stares,
the loss of hope faith and life there…

But before I assembled a piece about
Weapons that mass destruct
I thought I’d shed some light on weapons we don’t have to search for
Because they are live, right here…

In the eighties in the midst of
Pop locks, beat breaks
And adjusted calligraphy on
Elevated elephants
Cocaine cracked
Side walk pediment…
Let me tell you how this is relevant
Because just like this
Academy award winning war on screen played
Over the years death and violence on street has plagued lives
And even though a so called war has been raged
Against this substance abused…
Well this substance is still alive…

Lies get told daily,
I can hardly, breathe barely,
See optimism rarely…
And I don’t believe in fairies that guard mothers
From the pain of losing sons and daughters
At the request of
Mad men

Like little green numbers
Are these little green soldiers
Like these little office workers
And middle school students
These meaningless elderly, eyes sores
That brought our parents into existence
Of course their thoughts and feelings don’t count
Like reasons for going to war don’t add up
But the tally of what this war cost does…
By the minute,

We point fingers,
But are partially responsible for these foolish men acts

We’ve complained far to often and cried out
Losing voices,
Wasting voice speaking to them…
But not speaking to each other
Assembling, each other
Getting organized with one another…

Conversations, easily memorized,
Because of their redundancy
It’s funny that we
Can concentrate on tossing hate at evil pup petered
Always leave these forums all charged up
Fueled to control our destinies…
But we still pay unfair fares…
It’d be nice if we could assemble and tackle some affairs
That exist right here…
Practice for the bigger brothers we must face…
Perhaps, if we pulled our rations together…
Instead of trying to horde them as individuals
In the corners of our rooms
Hiding from the screen
That we can not seem to just turn off…

We would have control of us…
We wouldn’t be crying over lost loved ones…
We wouldn’t be forced to vote for the lesser of 2 evils…

Let’s disassemble, these weapons of mass destruction within us
That, prevent us from assembling to affect change...

Copyright T.Walker 2004

Wheat Pancakes

Whole Wheat Pancakes

1 1/4 cups whole wheat flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
2 Tablespoon brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1'2 teaspoon of cinnamon
1 egg
1 1/2 cups of vanilla soy milk
2 tablespoons vegetable oil

Mix ingredients and pour onto griddle in pancake sized puddles.

Eating Habits

I am not going to Craig’s list you to death or chain-smoke you with unenthused advertisements of a righteous lifestyle. I will not kiss the die and rub my rosary beads together, with a Hail Mary pass of the dice on to this crappy life, crap table. Not gonna beat you in the head for stealing cable either. What I will say is that although, is sickens me, that you ingest what you do because you’ve accepted, the preprogrammed diet manufactured by some boardroom of men that do not look like you and would never invite you out for drinks by their pool; go ahead and do you. Cliché alert, I’m sorry but you are what you eat. Your head hurts from an over dose of sugar. You’re an alcoholic. Sugar is just like alcohol once it gets to burning in your system. Sadly, your body aches, adverse affects of yellow number 5 and blue three. An intervention, by way of a nice hospital stay is quite possibly what you need to come to the realization that it is indeed important to pay attention to what you put inside of your body. You are the only one responsible for what goes down in that club. Unfortunately, even with countless mounds of information given to you that is proof of what certain items you scarf down will do to you, you choose to ignore them. With that, ‘nah, I’m not gonna quit smoking, I’mah die anyway’ attitude. You gottah love that logic.

You Know What ?

Over'ah Billion Served, (McDonald's) has served up some next level of exploitation that this time comes in the form of a grand idea they have for enticing artists to develop songs mentioning the franchise in their lyrics. Supposedly, they plan on offering some sort of deal for artist who's songs become hits that have Mc D's references in them. Here's the problem. I'm an artist now taking time out create a hit with mention of the Donald's. My song doesn't hit. But it's popular though, and I've provided free advertising for the franchise anyway. Where is my compensation? It's like working overtime for no pay. All this work get's done. The boss man makes more money and I'm stuck with the same lame check I've been getting. The sad thing is that artist large and small will actually take the time to try and make a song mentioning a Big Mac, or something off that Dollar Menu, instead of just making music like they normally would. And at the end of the day, the only one that will benefit from it honestly will be McDonalds. Now as far as the artist, I'm not saying they're victims either. If you you choose to be exploited that's your decision. I'm just pointing out what's obvious about this scheme. So write songs about the golden arches if you wanna. You might actually make a hit ! But I bet that there'll be some fine print. Perhaps, they'll pay you in cheeseburgers, if you're lucky.