Conscious' Twitter Updates for March 27th 2009

  1. @verseall I say debted instead of dead that
  2. @VERSEALL Dude you gottah debt that Facebook Event posting... We've gottah be on the same page with this promotion.
  3. @tinlady When'd you plan on telling someone that you acted? This changes everything...!
  4. @djreadycee Word didn't know you were going out of town...
  5. @missjo_ladie Well, isn't that special...
  6. @MissJo_Ladie aren't we quite the humorist this morning
  7. @missjo_ladie Indeed I know what love is...
  8. @konkretejungle Those were numbers that randomly appeared during my walk this morning.
  9. @tinlady Why not?
  10. @jubei_ Indeed they do. All over NYC.
  11. March 27th, 2009 Morning Playlist
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  13. I'm learning how to absolutely, bring myself into the present moment. It's not all meditative and trance like. You should be conscious, ...
  14. Children are beautiful.
  15. Do you know what love is? Manifest it!
  16. 8
  17. 432 Manifest it!
  18. 869
  19. 42
  20. 25111
  21. 70 71
  22. 19226
  23. SE7
  24. BBW 5407
  25. 12
  26. Waiting for info on a second Say Now


March 27th, 2009 Morning Playlist

Don’t You Worry About A Thing - Stevie Wonder
All I Do - Stevie Wonder
Too High - Stevie Wonder
Pop Life - Prince
It’s The Falling In Love - Michael Jackson
Carousel - Michael Jackson
Butterflies - Michael Jackson
Joy - Marvin Gaye
Brother’s Gonna Work It Out - Willie Hutch
I Choose You - Willie Hutch
Day Of Knowing - Anam Owili-Eger
The Moment - Anam Owili-Eger
The Crying Shame - Anam Owili-Eger
Reason To Be - Anam Owili-Eger

Conscious' Twitter Updates for March 26th 2009

  1. How do you like that, I just missed the 4 train. Well, here comes a next one.
  2. Assume some sort of responsibility in life. Quit being so jaded.
  3. If the kids are dancing, it's actually a good thing. Manifest it!
  4. These brief sputtering moments of what I feel are inner peace, are incredibly complex to an extent, but not really.
  5. Technology isn't the problem. Careless use and, or implementation of it is... Manifest it!
  6. Silence the mental mind chatter now. Manifest it!
  7. Gotta remember that everything begins with you. Use distractions to your benefit...
  8. Check out this event: "A Monthly Bondfire @ The Bowery Poetry Club!" []
  9. Helicopters in air... Why? Regardless of that, today seems weird thus far. Like the year of 1984 is upon us...



'You know, it all begins with you' is what I said to my self or what my self said to me this morning. Still trynah figure that one out. But I do know someone is talking to you. Yes, you reading this post. 

I took off my shoes and lay with my back upon a rock this morning, facing the sky, hoping that rain would fall on me and wash away some of the stagnancy that's encased my body. A little rain is all I asked for. With such an overcast, it was bound to happen, but did not.  Still I was not upset. Why be angry when I'm capable of stopping what we understand to be time and feeling a heightened sense of living, if only momentarily. Each day has been a quest to learn how to extend these rations of peace. Brief episodes of quiet time. The mind's chatter is maddening. Many failed attempts at seperating from the machine, this ghost sans ability to walk through walls but very easily sees through most people is tired. 


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