youngfish. is a #timerelease 'freestyle' multi-media project. Spontaneous creation of content that will go on for at minimum two months. (Delivery method similar to "audio journaling: unkempt". That project ended up reaching the cap of 300MB of digital content.)

Exclusive material delivered to you as the project grows like videos, remixes, digital art and much more. This isn't a 'rap' or Hiphop album. It just started with a rap verse. Be prepared for more. That's all I'll say.

You'll be introduced to other creatives through this project that I myself am influenced by and want to showcase the talents of as well. All this connected to the original theme.

A new model of creating and sharing. So be courageous and download the experience. You don't even have to pay for it. (enter 0 after clicking Buy) But contributions are always welcome and appreciated because #artistscanteatlikes and #creativesneedsupport...

I'm pretty excited.