Why Am I Making Music?

Because I am able. I'm blessed with the ability to create things that affect people positively... I don't do it for personal attention or because I think I'm going to be rich from it. In my opinion, you really can't 'sell' music to begin with... It's not a person's responsibility to 'support' me. It's not your job as audience to see that my bills are payed. I will not guilt you into supporting. I create music actually to support you. To inspire you and get you through your rough patches. To share with you my experiences. To share what I've learned, I love, I enjoy so that perhaps you may draw some benefit from them. Maybe not. My job is not to thrust any agenda on you or smother you with what I think it's all about. I appreciate your time and interest in my endeavors and not for one minute do I feel you to be obligated to do so. I am grateful for your time.


Tuesday is today.

Looks like Sam Cooke is the focus on this cool September morning as I make an attempt to get some type of work done. Was singing , 'All I Need To Know', while walking through the park. I didn't do my shoes off, sit atop the rock thing at Crotona this go round. Frying up some turkey sausage. 'Come Love' is playing now as I type these words you're reading. Sam Cooke. What can you really say? He was a phenomenal being that made an early exit. Now off topic but similarly related because it's music. Radiohead. I'm mad late. Just now catching up. 'Hail To The Thief', the song, 'Sail To The Moon', like damn. Anyway... I'll be back.


EMA Photography

Yall don't know Lizzy Allen? She took this flick.


Working with another artist...

Yesterday I went and helped out a friend of mine on some preliminary recordings for her forthcoming album project. I had to get reacquainted with Logic on a Mac. Has been quite some years since I've used the program. The last time I used it was still available on Windows. I still have the Sound Magic software. Think I might rig up an old comp with 98 Second Edition and run that old one. Maybe not.

Anyway back to my friend, Eboni Smith. She's quite amazing to say the least. Working with another artist that you respect and share similar opinions and feeling about the direction of your music is great. It's a tremendous thing as well to actually do more then sit in a room while recordings are going on. Eboni can sing. She's not formally trained. So there are things that she doesn't exactly know about preparing. We did a vocal exercise together. I never did that. I felt good about teaching her something helpful. I'm putting her on to a good friend of mine for vocal training. These actions can do nothing but add to the refinement of her artistry. Make her better. Make me better. Eboni is dope. Wait till you hear her.



Last week was a pretty interesting one in terms of the various connections that were made. Ultimate linkage, whoa! I learned about this new music form that's currently in its infancy called psyphy. Yeah. Look it up. I'm currently experimenting with Glitch
on one of the singles for The Bronx Über Villani project I'm working on.

I met Rob Sonic Tuesday night at The Knitting factory during The Fire Your Boss show. Heard much about the kat and finally got to see him rock. He's tight. Good dude too. Will definitely be linking up with him for some things in the future. Spoke to Kool G Rap last week as well. Definitely gonna hit him up, I'll let you know what comes of the linkage.

Frida was dope

If I had a time machine, I'd definitely go back and holler at her.


6 Feet Over

When I was a kid, to be six feet was the goal. As an adult six feet ain’t that tall, at least sometimes it’s not. I’ve seen men of 5'5 that were mountains, while those that were a whole foot taller were mere hills with not so much incline. Daily my height changes. I’d like to be consistently tall. I’m working on that.