Dogs & Nooses; Decoys

They're called decoys... With all the things going on in the world right now. At a time where people seem to be waking up a little and thinking toward taking action and changing things. You get nooses...and mad dogs... We have soldiers still dying overseas. People aren't buying the terrorism bit as much. An election nearing. All the creations that the minority that controls us have put into place starting to tear at the seams... We'll continue to get decoys and all kinds of things that will cause us to lose focus and keep people from being united in any way that may further cripple these moron's system.

Rubik's Cube: Like Life's Puzzles?

In 1974 The Rubik's Cube was invented. It's creator originally called it 'Magic Cube'. In 1980 Ideal Toys decided that the name we're all now familiar with would be the way to go. A metaphor for life is this 3 dimensional cube of color that tells us that though it may seem impossible to complete, the puzzles of life are not unsurmountable. Challenges can be met . How long it takes depends on various factors. But in order to meet those challenges you must take them on. You may at times put them down. Then pick them back up from where you left them. The amount of time taken to complete each puzzle depends on you.


Monday Music: Sumkid

I have a short list of emcees that personally inspire me to wanna continue to write when I feel as though I've reached the point of no return.

Sum(kid) Majere
Andre 3000
Ghostface Killah

Today the the free downloading begins with Trans-Am produced by Belief. Its quality Sum lyricism over pretty dope production. These two guys are making awesome music together. New Millennium Gangstar.

Trans Am - mp3

And for my next trick...!

[Click Here] to download The Doors - People Are Strange

Music Monday Waaaaaaaaay Late: The Beatles

When favorite albums by the Beatles are discussed, often times Revolver is the record of choice of many die hard Beatles fans. It is quite an album.

[Click Here] to download The Beatles - Got To Get You Into My Life - mp3

Totally unrelated to the previous offering. I noticed I had the link to another song up on Zshare. It's a rough track I've been messing around with.

[Click Here] to download Conscious - Smilin On the Inside - mp3

Monday Music: Let's Get Funky!

I can't begin to break down the importance of Parliament's contribution to funk music. George Clinton's unwillingness to be ordinary and submit to what the radio deemed playable and his profound affect on future musicians. There's so much history and so much music that came from the likes of this legendary funk explosion. Let's not forget Boosty Collins significant role without it well you know wouldn't have this post...

Today I have to drop a song (Gettin' To Know You') that I just really love. This album though is tremendous and this in my opinion isn't the best song on it but for some reason I'm just attached to it.

[Click Here] to download Gettin' To Know You - mp3

[Click Here] to download DJ Jazzy Jeff- Shake It Off [Instr] - mp3