Oh.. On Pagan...I was suppossed to....

I forgot to give you a song from the Pagan album... Here... goes...

"Basketball Jones"

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The Revolution on cd ? Life's a journey you say?

We'll start this post in the year 2001. 365 days after the y2k disastor that never came. The same year more signs of our suspect government's dealings were brought to light but still unseen by most blinded by conditioning. This year a cd is released by a rather popular independent contributor of hiphop music these days. A very dark and angry cd. Here's a few random tracks from Revolutionary Vol. 1 by Immortal Technique, a dude that's been hustling since the day I met him and purchased this cd I'm ripping for you to hear. I remember the day quite well. It was back when I was hosting multiple events in the city and I just happened to be hosting at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe that night where Technique was performing. It was an interesting experience.

"The Poverty of Philosophy"& "Dance with the Devil"

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In 2001, I myself released two independent albums. I'm too lazy this morning to describe them. Ha ha. So, download and enjoy.

"Journal: An Eklektik Journey" full album zip.

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The pagan: 1st movement 1968 album is also available on msn, yahoo, sony, emusic, (emusic has a special offer for new customers, 25 freedownloads free of charge. So you could basically get my album and another of your choice for nothing.) man you can even download it at a walmart with a kiosk... Below are links for you pod-heads that are interested in this movement...

City Streets-Conversations Conversations : City Streets - $.99 We have to begin the story somewhere. We chose the beginning. Right Here.

City Streets-Conversations Cast - $.99 - True Love Story...
Unorthodox Unorthodox - $.99 Not the norm. In some circles defined as pagan.
Burn'em Up Burn'em Up - $.99 ?
Eastern Eastern - $.99 - We live in an automated age. Scary like animatrons in Westworld.
Verbal Pimp Verbal Pimp - $.99 - Some people pimp language. Words in general.
Crazy 4 U Crazy 4 U - $ .99 - Love's good. Love's bad. Love can get you killed.
Makeshift: Here's A Tale Makeshift : Here's a Tale - $.99 - Listen to a story. Bet it's been a while since you had someone read to you.
Honorable Mention Honorable Mention - $.99 - No one wants to come in 4th place. What do you think an honorable mention is?
She Devil: Lyrical Lady She Devil : Lyrical Lady - $.99 Music. She is definitley unlike any other creature a man can ever know.
Ba Ba - $.99 - Politricks as usual.
Cast Remix Cast [Remix] - $.99 - Love revisited.


Wayne Shorter - Speak No Evil

So what's your jazz collection looking like these days. Are you hip to the stylings of Mr. Wayne Shorter. If you don't know, now you have a chance to learn. And for all you hip dudes and ladies that already do know here's a lil reminder by way of two great selections from the 'Speak No Evil' Album. I'm well aware that a few of you sneaky producers check out my blog from time to time, so if you choose to be slick and chop up a bit of this make sure you do those samples justice or don't do it at all.

"Witch Hunt" & "Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum"


Fresh - Sly And The Family Stone

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In order for music to progress some individuals and groups must stick their necks out. Being different and being themselves was always the staple of Sly And The Family Stone. They paved the way for more musicians to be free with their music and take it to higher levels. The Family helped intergrate many audiences and change the way that other artists approached music. Sometimes forgotten for their contributions as it always seems with great innovators, the group will always be an important piece of the puzzle of music history.


That's The Way Of the World

There's nothing worst then picking up an empty cd case. This case was once empty. Today it's not and I'm thrilled. Now I'll lead you to the path of Earth Wind & Fire. Have you not traveled this road yet, there may be good reason. But, since you've stumbled across this blogger's domain today, you are invited to check out this lane.

The title of this album is actually the title of an out of print film (That's The Way Of The World) that starred a young Harvey Keitel as a record company executive caught up in a worldwind of race, power and politics. The group Earth Wind & Fire stars in the film as a band of hopefuls.


Hmmm. So yall want me to rap huh ?

We'll I'm doing Mindspray next week on the 16th. Thursday Night. Recorded something brand new last week just for the show. I should by early next week have a video up of the intro song 'Justive'.

And a quick keystyle for all you people in this cyber world...

Etched on, a wretched thought, time traveled bought 2 tickets, to witness, one of the illest to spill it on stage.. super serum, hypo allergetic... sneezed with much rage. way past the 2 handed touch phase.. shot out to ET and the educated consumer passin rumors to the greys... negros possed to start a new league in this space age... like each day. you create your own cage... understudy didn't study, through a monkey wrench in the tarzan play... yall all can't stay.. no room at the inn... reset... reset... and let's all just pretend... like we ain't seen nathan... passin the knowledge from hotel bibles leatherbound tradition with profound abbrations... 2009 he probably won't rhyme.. just janitor on space station...

Done... fini


Justive- Intro track for an upcoming show

Yep yep yep... I'm booking shows again. Bout time to get back up on the stage and perform some of this music I've been creating all these years. Come see me @ Asterisk March 16th.

Here's my intro track entitled 'Justive'. Thus far I've received a handful of 'you sound angry' comments. Truth is, that I hardly am. I'm just ready to get it goin! Let's move!