This Morning I Picked Up...

Took a walk this morning to pick up a package from the post office. It was a shirt the folks at Current tv sent me. Took'em long enough. On the way back home I passed by a couple tables covered in old paperbacks and hard covers and decided to take a look. This is what I picked up.

The Bostonians is a novel by Henry James, first published as a serial in The Century Magazine in 1885-1886 and then as a book in 1886. This bittersweet tragicomedy centers on an odd triangle of characters: Basil Ransom, an unbending political conservative from Mississippi; Olive Chancellor, Ransom's cousin and a zealous Boston feminist; and Verena Tarrant, a pretty protege of Olive's in the feminist movement. The storyline concerns the contest between Ransom and Olive for Verena's allegiance and affection, though the novel also includes a wide panorama of political activists, newspaper people, and quirky eccentrics.

Although all set in Dublin and focused upon the themes of death, disease and paralysis throughout, Dubliners is a collection of short stories only interconnected by symbols and moods. They are not as bleak as their themes suggest, at least not in all cases, and are often heartening in their subtle evocations of experience common to all. The collection was published after numerous hassles from publishers and almost a decade after they were written, in 1914. It is hard now to see the innovation in Joyce’s construction of stories that are not based on the contrived set-ups familiar from nineteenth century short stories (Maupassant, Poe etc) and the way in which he avoids precise beginnings or ends to present instead an ‘epiphany’ or spiritual awakening. The Dublin portrayed in the short stories is usually grimy and full of cynical and indecent individuals. From this gleam a few thinking individuals who the author seems to side with. They are generally the sensitive or young ones, and the adult world is often seen as foolish, futile and unpleasant (see "The Boarding House" or "Ivy Day in the Committee Room"). These stories are easily Joyce’s most accessible works, and their vision of a composite life created around a chronological sampling of Dublin lives from youth to age is still both amusing, moving and serious.

The Old Man and the Sea is a novella by Ernest Hemingway written in Cuba in 1951 and published in 1952. It was the last major work of fiction to be produced by Hemingway and published in his lifetime. One of his most famous works, it centers upon an aging Cuban fisherman who struggles with a giant marlin far out in the Gulf Stream. Though it has been the subject of disparate criticism, it is noteworthy in twentieth century fiction and in Hemingway's canon, reaffirming his worldwide literary prominence and significant in his selection for the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1954.


An Emcee & a DJ Converse about AZ

Conscious: You know what I appreciate about AZ ?
Conscious: Dude has stayed him throughout.
Audio1: Yea man...
Audio1: Unnoticed longevity.
Audio1: Like everyone talking about everyone else. People done beefed, died and shit. He always stayed AZ. I still rock "Sugar Hill" on ocassion.
Audio1: or some old Firm business.
Audio1: You're right.
Audio1: Word up...




I Gotcha

Okay Lupe you got some points back for this one. Got a Tribe vibe to it. Almost sounds like it was originally suppossed to be on that Q Tip album Dilla produced. Shot out to the F.H.F [Fiasco Haters Fanclub] out there. Hope one day you all find something more constructive to do with yourselves.


Tuna recipe #4...

Another recipe for tuna has come to my mind and I will now share it with you. As you will notice, I use Bumble Bee and there's a reason. That reason lies in programming and conditioning. When I was younger I was always told by mother to never purchase Starkist because it was in fact cat food. I also remember my mother saying, though she adamantly denies it today, that it also had pieces of dolphin in it. As far as Chicken Of The Sea well that was never on the shelves in our house either. Anyway, on with the recipe.

What you'll need:

Of course Tuna. Let's go with 2 cans of solid white in water. (You can do one can in oil one in water. Don't ask me why. I'm just saying you can. It's up to you.)

Now what do you add to your tuna for seasoning. I for one have various ideas of what your basic tuna taste variations can be. There's a sweet, a garlicy, a spicey and what I would call a well seasoned. Tuna recipe #4 is well seasoned and borders on spicey.

Drain those cans. Empty them out in a pretty bowl. Or any container that's large of enough for you to mix your ingredients in with out making a mess of your counter.

Now you need a bit of Ken's Steakhouse Zesty Italian dressing. I think I used about a little more then a quarter of a bottle. (Don't you love the way I measure?) Mix that in with your tuna well and make sure that you get those solid chucks broken down proper. Now, I have issues with tuna being too dry and being too soggy. So since we already have Ken's dressing in there it's already pretty wet... Sparingly add your choice of mayonnaise or 'white' dressing. Last time I made Tuna # 4 I had some Miracle Whip in the fridge so I used that. 2 heaping tablespoons should do just fine. I call myself combating some of that wet by using of a fair amount of ground black pepper. If you have a little pepper mill and grind whole black peppercorns then that's even better (A little white pepper corn in there would be a nice added bonus), besides, what's tuna without black pepper to begin with? 2 teaspoons of ground mustard. 2 fork fulls of grated horse radish. And there we have it. I'm big on wheat bread and I suggest you be big on it too. Arnold's is my choice when it comes to multi-grain loaves and they have some very nice country white if you just have to have it. Oh yes how could I forget. A nice ripe tomato slice accompanied by you favorite green leaf lettuce. You can even top that with a slice of onion. Toasted bread if you wish. I think that's about it for Tuna #4. Perhaps we'll work backward and I'll post #'s 3,2 and 1 in the future.


February 14, 1965: Malcolm X addresses the First Annual Dignity Projection and Scholarship Award Ceremony

Malcolm X delivers "The Last Message"

The Sterilization of Lupe Fiasco...

I've grown quite fond of Lupe when it comes to a new kat to check for with this rap music bidness. I enjoyed his mixtape with DJ Envy a while back. He recorded a whole lot that most folks that just discovered him after the success of Kick Push haven't heard. With Lupe it seems his fans and naysayers are split in half. Some say he's not that talented, his awfully simple he sounds like Jay. Some are simply bias because of his connection to Kanye West , which in my opinion is just plain bogus. The moment you refuse to listen to an artist due to your dislike for another, that is the exact same moment your opinion becomes illrelevant. Then there are those like myself, that just like what the kid is doing, paying no mind to the pedistal he has been placed on. He didn't do it his self so he shouldn't be punished for it.

Anyway I was listening to this Pressure track sent to me by the one and only J. Coleman and his rather unbalanced record pool. Yeah I said it. It's unbalanced. But surely I'm not hatin. And I can't help but sit here rather puzzled as I hear what seems to be a rather souless Lupe compared to the one I heard on Trials & Tribulations over the same track. Listen and tell me what you think.

Trials & Tribulations
Pressure ft. Jay Z


About Leftist

I don't mourn the passing of individuals. I celebrate their lives. And I consume what they've left for us to enjoy long after they've departed. The physical form of a young man who performed on stage using the name Leftist is no longer. But fam is still here as all those that we have 'lost'.
In a conversation with emcee, Hired Gun he had this to say about our friend Leftist. "I know that he had an energy and zest for life that was amazing. It's rare you find someone who will not be stopped.He always struck me as someone who wouldn't take no for an answer...he always had a "bright" side to a situation when I spoke to him. At least in my dealing with him, much didn't seem to get him down. He wasn't unrealistic or a pollyanna, just knew that everything had an opportunity waiting within matter the situation.He struck me as a very positive thinking person. And committed. Mindspray is like that in general, I give them a lot of respect for that."

My last conversation with Leftist was a good one as they've always been. I'll remember his smile and his general enthusiasm for creating music and collaborating with his Mindspray brothers
and anyone that came into this circle of artists here in NY. I appreciated his support for me and as an artist. I could always expect an out reached hand anytime I came off a stage along with a few words of encouragement about what I was capable of doing up there.

I send my condolences to members of the Leftist family whether blood or not. Dry your eyes folks. I doubt he'd want you to be crying now.



Friday Night In Brooklyn: Sept. 8th

So I'm displaying some pieces during this event at Asterisk in BK this week, accompanied by another fine artist that goes by the name of Demo. The flyer is below. If you've yet to see any of my work in person, you oughtah swing by.

A message from Domer about the event.
So this is it... the big party we've all been waiting for. We're very lucky to have west coast lap-hop pioneer and recent Ninja Tune signee Daedelus gracing us with his amazing musical party-in-a-box, and we have a full night of other brilliant acts too. Live instruments mixed with samplers and looping, beats made on a gameboy, rapping from space... we got it all.. Seriously DO NOT miss this one!

1:00 Daedelus (
12:00 Eliot Lipp (
11:00 Brokendomer feat Bubblyfish ( +
10:00 mon.key.pod (

D Spliff on the decks all night. $7 door, L train to MONTROSE, walk a block downhill on bushwick to JOHNSON. Left on Johnson to #258 on the right under the illuminated *.

Drop a line if you've got any questions... this show is gonna be crazy!


Stingrays. I've chilled with'em in the Bahamas. They are amazing creatures. People always touch them. They say the accident was a freak occurance. Regardless, I say rest in peace mister croc hunter. You inspired many. You died doing what you loved. In ways a strangely beautiful end to a life devoted to educating people on wildlife and preserving it.