A Possible EP?

Yeah I'm thinking I need to put something out. I mean I have some music I'm pushin for summer coming along as we speak. But, I think I need to carry out a new short run project. I got kats trynah buy my mixtpae twice. I guess that means it's time to give the people some new hard copy material again. Make some untaxed scratch at the same time. Probably, move the EP on that slidin scale between 3-5 bucks... seven or so songs... Perhaps a hidden track or two... We'll see. It will definitely be worth the while...

Here's a possible intro track...

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If by chance you can not infact see the flash player above...
Here's a link to the direct download of the track... mp3 - Love_Novice_Times-Intro

i'm on a wall tour bombing with cans...
crylons like claws attatched to my hands...
taggin up plans, while my peers is baggin up scam...
dishin and fishin scalin the whale
some can't deal end up head in a pail,
decapitated by life.. excited by the flickering lights take flight
on dreams... by any means spitting rhymes, lines blowin off steam...
we too poor to be showing off cream...
my legs sore reason why i lean... not a gangster
neither are i fein..
not dependent on prescriptions from yo clinic
seen my image in a couple magazines
been on the tv screen
the international news, who would'ah knew
what this individual could do
now I'm diggin in pockets collectin my due
just might be on the way to collect from you

you ain't slick fam. no not at all,
use'ah push over, wind blow you probably fall...



Henry Rollins' Ember of Rage

I've gottah say that I totally enjoyed Henry's stories about his visits to Walter Reed and his interactions with those wounded soldiers who reside there. It takes a strong person to be able to face individuals that have been injured horribly but even more so those that have been engulfed in this massive quagmire of war that is taking lives daily for no real reason at all. I agree with Rollins' statement about taking some sort of responsibility for aiding in the preservation of human life. I'm sure there will be those that will find the language he used to get his point across a bit unsettling and in turn use that as a means to ignore the greater importance of his declaration. I can't say that personally I have an Ember of Rage that propels me to want to affect change in the world that I am apart of. I realize that I am not separate from this universe and all of the matter that it is made up of. Being connected to this massive energy, I accept all parts of it's nature, good and bad and feel a need to cleanse those portions of me that are adverse to my survival.

I implore you to help in this cleansing process, for we are all connected. Not one being is separate. Not one is exempt from the modification of this collective body whether you believe it or not. If you don’t know where to begin I have some suggestions but, honestly we all inherently know where to start. It is just the matter of convincing ourselves to do so.


Open Letter To All…

There’s no sense in writing a long drawn out rant or anything of that nature. So, let’s get to the point. Everyday, it seems like I’m pulled into conversations that end in me saying something that sounds like, ‘don’t complain, affect change’. I’m actually going to start wearing a t-shirt that reads exactly that. If you’re reading this letter I’m thrilled. I ask you to consider something for a moment. Do you honestly, if not daily but sometime within your week think about what your personal effect on the world around you is? In the midst of the madness that is broadcast to us in full color twenty four hours a day, seven days a week through multiple media channels, do you believe you have the power to affect change?

I'm not done yet.
Collecting my thoughts.


Sorry, but wrong answer...

Recently, I received this email.

Dear fellow musician,

A new website was build for any musical artists at “wrong answer music dot com”. We (being musicans ourselfs) want to give you a platform to sell your music online.

We would be honored to place your music and we ask you to join us in building up a great music community.

The concept is simple.

- A visitor has the oppurtunity to listen to broadcasts for free.
- The visitors can also browse the artists on the site, browse your music samples and ultimately decide to buy your tunes.
- There are no costs for musicians to use Music Musketeers.

Take a look at “wrong answer music dot com”... Place your music!!!

We started this site in the first place because we as musicians ourselfs know how good it feels to have listeners being interested in our music. Music Musketeers aims to create a platform for original music artists.

Offcourse we want to be exorbitant rich and famous…but that will not be achieved with this site. It is because we love to make music and we love our music to be listened to. After all we all love the audience!

You won’t becom a miljonair using our site to sell your music but this exposure wouldn’t harm you either. What we would like to happen is to let this concept proove itself and generate a good stage for artists to show their stuff where the industry doesn’t even notice them.

This site is new, we need visitors and musicians because it needs to grow. This site can only grow with your participation. It will take some time to create traffic on this site. We need you in this, so please upload your music and stick with us for a while. Like we told you before there are no costs for you and it is possible for you to earn some fee for your work.

We hope to see you at “wrong answer music dot com”.


mm-team@ “wrong answer music dot com”.


Now isn’t that just wonderful. Honestly, I didn’t read the full email until after I decided to write about this site. I just clicked on their link to check out it immediately. I wanted to see how well organized the site was. Sometimes, sheer aesthetics can make a site worth the gander even if it’s not the most organized set up and the letter of invite is littered with grammatical errors, there may still possibly be potential there. After taking a look, I decided to humour myself and send a simple reply asking a few questions about what they were doing with the site in terms of promotion. Hey, if you want someone to sign up and use the service you should have things pretty mapped out. It shouldn’t be hard at all for you to tackle any issue an artist may have about the site. At least, that’s what I assumed.

Re: We need your music!

So how are you guys marketing this site so it will be a viable outlet for artists. What's your plan, and how do you intend to garner the credibility that your site would need in order for people to be willing to make purchases from the site?


Here’s their response.

Hi Conscious,

We plan to advertise for listeners.
This can be done on many other sites, one of them we think about is Googly but we will try several things.
We are not going to push it into the market with lots of power (read money) we are just a bunch of amateur musicians that would like to see this concept work. We absolutely do not promise artists or ourselfs to get rich out of this. We just believe that there's an exposure benefit for all of us, but even then we don;t know how or how much.

Just join us if you like the idea.
thanks for the attention.



Okay okay, reading the first email as well as the response to my reply I realized that these guys probably aren’t based in the US. Not that that matters terribly, but it’s something I say only because it kind of explains the spelling issues I’m sure that you noticed (never mind, the response concludes with ‘cheers’. I could be wrong though). But whatever, the main issue is this, ‘Professionalism’. There’s nothing more important in my eyes then the level of professionalism you approach potential clients with when launching any kind of site that ultimately ends in someone spending their money. Furthermore, if you want to have something be successful you may want to become acclimated with a tiny bit of business, business marketing and general etiquette to boot. Even for the most amateur individuals getting their feet wet in the world of you buy what I sell one must realize that your initial approach is the most important part of your pursuit. Communication with those folks that you’d like to get involved to help your idea grow is no less important. Honesty, when explaining your purpose is great, but honestly, can be a shot directly in the foot if not worded properly. All in all, I think it’s cool that these guys want to get their music heard as well as others, but I can’t spend any time signing up. I’ll definitely offer a few suggestions, hoping that they get their package in order, and make a productive stride forward with this venture.