Music Monday: MF Doom, The Chambers Brothers, The Sex Pistols, John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins

Monday is back. Didn't seem to have been gone for long at all. Today I'm posting a few instrumentals produced by MF Doom from the Special Herbs series.

MF Doom - Special Herbs Vol. 1&2

John Coltrane - Soultrane
Sonny Rollins - Saxaphone Colossus

As always I hope you enjoy the tunes. I'm sure you'll gain some sort of inspiration from at least one of this random selection. Please drop a comment and let me know what's going on, on your side. I'm sure everyone that's checking out this blog will appreciate your convo as well. I don't like doing all the talking.


60 Second Review: Kanye West - Graduation

I just tossed up a new review on 60 Second Review blog for Kanye's latest album.
60 Second Review: Kanye West - Graduation


Monday Music On Tuesday...

As promised, to make up for missing Monday's music post, here's double the tunes... and I'm going to start off with some words that to some of you may be a bit inflammatory.

The Sylvers were better than the Jackson 5.
Yeah I said and I ain't takin it back jack. Go ahead and get mad. Just make sure you get the downloads.

The Sylvers

[Click Here] to downloadWe Can Make It If We Try - mp3
[Click Here] to downloadCry Of A Dreamer - mp3

Blue Oyster Cult

[Click Here] to downloadLet Go - mp3
[Click Here] to downloadTake Me Away - mp3

Sum(kid) Majere

29 Flights - mp3
Naked Wit My Cape On - mp3

I wrote this a while ago...

Guess what? Yesterday morning my hardrive said, 'screw you I'm done!' Well there's no sense in crying over it. I'll make my way to reclaim the only seriously important thing on it, that being all of music I should have already completed and gotten mixed, mastered and published. Anyway, my old comp was sitting in the closet. I'm working from it now. Upon rebooting this dinosaur I first noticed a document on my desktop. I wrote this few years ago.

Independent thinking these days seems rare, but I insist that it does in fact exist.

From out of the corners of my thoughts scattered, attempting to make sense of low scoring basketball games, newly installed slum doors with working intercoms pried offah hinges and that button near some intersections that is supposed to make the light change for every guinea pig pedestrian that expels the necessary energy to press it; I find balance.

Unfortunately, finding the meaning of life isn’t as simple as brandishing a miniature Mag-lite and rummaging through cobwebbed storage bins in a dark attic. I didn’t grow up in a house. But my mother did. Even still she didn’t learn the meaning by that method either.

If you stop to watch the low flying aircraft in awe, or walk slower when the rain begins to pour. You may be close to or already know the answer to the age old question of ‘What does it all mean?’ When I say this I think of the chorus of the De La Soul song Three is a Magic Number, which ends with Prince Paul scratching in those same five words. The O’Jays sang that there was a message in the music. Kenneth Gamble wrote: In this day of confusion, we must find the root of the problem in order to solve it. The problem is a lack of truth and communication between man and woman. Therefore, the wrong interpretation of life and life’s purpose has been exposed…

I purchased a record player some time ago partially because I’m a producer that does, let’s say, ‘musical research’ and also because I realized that my little sisters never experienced what it is to hear the sounds of music lifted from vinyl by a needle then tossed into a receiver and right back out through speakers to ultimately, end up dancing in your ears. I figured, perhaps in doing this I’d help them add pieces to the puzzle of this life’s game. So, in the future when they’ve grown older and left the hands of parents and guardians, they won’t be caught trying to fit all those pieces they’ve collected over time in with a hammer.


Hiphop Rukus - Conscious Music

Today on the Hiphop Ruckus Blog you can find 2 tracks of yours truly's available for free download. I really like this picture...

Conscious "Space Age" + Bonus Track! (Audio)


Monday Music: Ike & Tina, Dean Martin & Thelonius Monk

Alright we're gonna start this week off with something a little different.. Well for the blog that is. I need music. I need to listen to it. I need to create it. I need to share it. Today I'm going to share a few songs with you I randomly pulled from my cd collection. I used to do this more when I first began this blog. But as you know, I'm all over the place. I like to switch it up. Today I'll toss you some Ike & Turner, Thelonius Monk and Dean Martin. There's no real method to this madness... There's no theme that I can imagine at this point. Just simply some music to share with you all.

[Click Here] to downloadYou Are My Sunshine - mp3

[Click Here] to downloadHouston - mp3

Don't Blame Me - mp3



Lupe's Fiasco Revisited

I wrote a little review about Lupe's 1st album. Check it out.
60 Second Review: Lupe Fiasco - Food & Liquor


Lupe Fiasco - Dumb It Down

So what's really good with Lupe Fiasco? From interviews, sounds like he's a tad bit jaded by the way things have turned out with his rap career. In this business I guess you can only go but so far when corporations at the end of the day hold whether or not you will be famous in the balance. (One day we'll realize that the music we hear on commercial radio and most every media outlet is programmed. Possibly, on the same day we realize that we actually have power to affect changes in this world we're all a part of). How successful can you be with the use of 'their' money? Well, Lupe won't be dumbing down any song lyrics as he proclaims on 'Dumb It Down'.