New Music: Fly In My Soup


Pulled off the train by NYPD late night.

34th street station. Train stops pauses for longer then it should. I see a cop looking in the window then he walks by. Seconds later he walks back to the door. Tells me to come off the train. Hmmmm. I'm not sitting forward in my seat like a good little clone. I forgot its a crime now to occupy more then one seat on train, whether it be with a leg or a bag. Its my fault though. I forgot. Anyway he instructs me to stand to the side while he goes back to get another kat from a few cars back. He asks us both for id. Like he's surprised I have one he glances at it. The other dude didn't have any real ID he had like a school ID. The train friggin leaves. He tells me to take a seat. I see they're gathering up random folks from that station and from the train I was on. They cuffed two kids. They didn't have ID.

Officer comes back over to me. 'Why is your ID expired?'I say, 'Because I didn't get a new one...'


He says,'This is illegal. We can lock you up for this. You lucked out this time. I'mah let you go...'

I can imagine that while I was in conversation with this friggin cop, someone above or even below the surface transit was gettin their face bashed in, robbed or needed some help...

What a waste....