Best Course Of Action

For the most part in most situations we know the better path to thread, but sometimes various, variables detour us from making the best decisions. As an adult we stumble upon and place ourselves at times in precarious positions, many of which could have easily been avoided. Nonetheless, we can benefit from whatever the matters are regardless, if we use these experiences toward our self refinement.


Friday November 14th 11pm

This is a pretty big night. It's a mainstage show. The Knitting Factory is closing. It's Manhattan doors this year and I'm performing with a lottah great friends on this night. If you're a follower of this blog and my general madness and you are within reach of this fair city of new York, you've gottah come out!


True Speak

Roy Jones Jr.




excuse my french but, she kiss like a broad wit no lips
as i travel abroad wit no chips...
ain't never seen one, so i's not recognize no ships.
blips on radars, clockin quasars
soul patrol in sharp blue blazors
before the layzars, man tag you're it
the chosen, frozen, in street, you might get hit
split in 2, amoeba feevuh
at the group home, there's a bunk for u
beats get juggled,
we could discuss struggle...
or lay down all weather coats over puddles
disappear in London's fog, then
reappear in sisco's smog
these Nabisco's god...
got a whole lottah nerve
natural born doctors of spin, with a whole lottah swerve
campaign, champagne bottles
christianing ships, model optimist
the runway's a plank, the audience sharks
there's no night light to life
you finna swim in the dark
tuck in chin, then get smart
they put shoe to ear
guzzle beers and throw dart
niggah, we fabricate art - in circles
stereo types get broke apart
a baby face'll merk you
you facin grown men wit curfews
some later day saints that birthed cool
no dress rehearsal
married in flip flops and jeans
carried a clip board on site like I manage the bricks that leave
nah man.. they red ones we buildin
cliche we say we for the children
then we for us... cause most times we act like dem
an actually... that ain't so bad
crayola controller, finger paint the pad
i got rhymes on stand by, am i mad
no not at all, i mean life's too short to be so sad
mournin ghost, good mornin hope
float on over... all hallows get weened in late October
late night hay rides, night life for agriculture
in pace we phase out the savage, the vulture
regurgitate and re initiate our culture
feed it to the yute
then show and prove so its us they salute...
no refueling the machine
cause it's us they recruit
whether it be for front lines
or chained together on bus lines
let's do lunch, no math
niggah it's crunch time

Good Bye Michael Crichton

This man was totally responsible for a whole lottah dope stuff. George Clooney owes his career to this man.


Getting thrown under a bus...

I just recently got thrown under a friggin charter, I mean one of those huge touring joints with the bottom like 2 inches off of the ground. Though nothing really surprises me anymore and honestly I wasn't really hurt by the instance, it still initially was some WTF! type business. Like, 'Oh word that's how you get down?'. Damn, you really went the distance for you showed your true colors, infiltrated the camp even.

When was the last time someone you considered a close friend just straight up threw you under the bus? What was the situation and how'd you handle it?

* yeah I realize that's not a charter bus in the image. I just liked the image and used it...

Monday. Yes, Monday.

Life is about recognizing obstacles as challenges, then figuring out how to overcome them.


Pharoahe Monch Interview With

Pharoahe Monch hasn't failed me. I have a tremendous amount respect for this dude and his movements in the musical field. I totally appreciated his enthusiasm as discussed in this video clip for production and the meticulous nature of a great craftsman of good tunes. It's great to see an artist articulate his true feelings about this business of creating good music. Support Pharoahe Monch. Dig for that discography.