Roy Ayers is the greatest!

I'm not a person that runs around talkin much about having a favorite anything. But there is one exception when the question of who my favorite musician is, is asked. Roy Ayers is responsible for a quite a few of the greatest songs ever made in my opinion and his contribution to Hiphop (whether he knew it or not) has been massive. If you've never been hipped to the sounds of Ubiquity then you have definitely been deprived of life healing vibes. I'm going to give you a lil bit. Just a bit. But, it's up to you if you haven't already gone there, to go further.

Here's "Running Away" off of The Best Of Roy Ayers. I'm a kind of bothered by the fact that 'Everybody Loves The Sunshine' isn't present on this compilation of Ayers hits.

Once again, Chasing.Red drops a 'righteous' bomb on us with this download. A mighty thumbs up!

Album: The Best of Roy Ayers by Roy Ayers

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