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Some random things.

The price of gold must be looking rather good seeing as in the fact that my mother opted to purchase gold instead of diamond earrings for my little sister that soon will be entering teen-hood.

I'm back out and about promoting this Relax Star Vibe School and pushing the NRSG Vol.1 mixtape. Made an appearance in a Queens barbershop chair for a new show for MTV entitled 'The Shop' on monday. I'm not sure when the series airs, but the promos for it have already started to run. I did a casting for a HSBC ad campaign. I assume I did not get it. I haven't recieved a phone call. Anyway, I'm being a lot more active in this first month of the new year. Contemplating my headshot situation now. I actually need them now for search engine optimization

Organzing.... organzing...
Eating properly... Getting enough sleep...
A lil bit of excercise...
postive mind adjustment and meditation is all a person really needs.

Stupid Cupid.

Will you buy the interest of your love valentine's day flowers or chocolate or both ? Funny how some folks make so much of this day that commemorates much more then the idea of a lil winged dude shooting arrows. Every day should be one of appreciation for the one you love. But perhaps this day is valuble if only being for the reason of less beatings and bashings and possible murders of mothers, sisters, wives and girlfriends. The day when the men many females lives decides he's gonna apologize. He's gonna sober up. He's gonna act accordingly.


Night Work

"Night Work - Conscious" length: 03:34
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Things change.

I couldn't tell you how many years I've refused to eat oatmeal. But today and yesterday marked 2 quite monumental days for this man that introduces hisself as Conscious when meeting folks for the first time. I've gottah say that the strawberry Quaker Oats stuff is pretty tastey, though in reading the stats on the side of the package, I fail to see how beneficial eating it is. But hey I'm eating oatmeal. Oatmeal! Who would've thought that that would ever happen. I for sure didn't. Anyway, I'll be back a lil bit later with some else that's actually worth being read.