Cedric Butler: RIP Ced...

"Pressure - Epitome" length: 02:52
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How far do we go back? A few years. I’d say 02-03. Back when I used to host an event called Hiphop Affair in Harlem. He and Maza were featured. Since then we stayed in contact sporadically. Random meetings at events, you know how it is. Only in the last two years did we kind of confirm that we’d consciously stay linked. Steel sharpens steel. I am totally aware of the progress that the group Epitome has made. Proud that their single, ‘Pressure’ is still doing so well. (We featured pressure on and included it on a digital mixtape for more exposure). My conversations with Ced were always productive and motivational. Forward thinking was the plan and taking advantage of all progressive opportunities was of utmost importance. I’m not the one to deeply mourn the passing of energy from here to there. I’m more for celebrating the life of individuals that have touched us and departed from this leg of their journey. I’m happy to say that I had the privilege to meet and be friends with this young man that refused to buy into the foolishness that would tell him or anyone of us that we won’t achieve what we want to through music and a positive way of living and thinking.

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