Can We Focus Better?

I'm all for people having an opinion but sometimes I wonder if we always think things out fully. I'm not a fan of Kanye West. But I'd be lying if I ever said he wasn't responsible for some great songs since he's been around. I was on a message board and saw a post that read, 'Would You Rock?'. It consisted of a few t-shirt images. This Kanye West one stood out the most to me. It's interesting how people get around to using their freedom of speech, but in this age of increased ability to reach a mass audience through multiple channels, you'd think that all the so-called, 'lover's of Hiphop', would take advantage and possibly use these avenues to promote what they love within the art. With all the complaining that goes on, sadly on so many levels there is this consistent thread of human beings who refuse to take responsibility for anything, especially in Hiphop. All I’m saying is, when will we stop complaining and pointing out what we don't like so much and start embracing what we actually do enjoy and appreciate. When will we begin to regulate things, force a standard to be set and met by our collective, punctuated with a refusal to accept just anything? I say consider the energy you put into whatever it is that you do. Then, ask yourself if what you're doing is progressive or will it contribute to the already dilapidated state that exist and worsen it?


and i said...

Let's make a t-shirt that says "Kanye makes dope beats."

Adam said...

To quote The Fresh Prince:

"Lost is when you hide behind the freedom of speech

Well sure you're free to do it, but what it mean to do it?

Did you mean to do it? Did you need to do it?

Did you take time to think about the seed you ruined?"

- The Fresh Prince, "Lost and Found"

anti alias said...

you're wrong about this t-shirt.

hip hop is only good because it has rules and standards and people who enforce them, dissing and battling and telling it like it is is the cornerstone of hip hop, you completely misunderstand whats going on.

this t-shirt is funny as hell, and its also true.

FHHN said...

By your response, I think you misunderstood what was written.

Coole said...

The point in the article is a valid one. It's not just in hip hop, but it's also in mainstream american thinking. People are bred to sensationalize the bad, the violent, the f-ed up stuff. The good, peaceful and pleasant stuff is too boring, not news-worthy, not interesting enough to sustain life as we NOW know it...