The question still remains...

After the last week or so of reading posts on message boards and comments in response to video clips online where folks suggest that Doom's been lip syncing and at times sending an impostor in to perform in his place, I'm actually starting wonder what's really going on. I haven't been to any of Doom's recent shows to see for myself. I won't indulge in the madness behind this new buzz talk on the net. There does exist this thing where human beings seem to go along and agree with just about anything without having an once of proof that said situation has happened.

It is an interesting situation. In ways, it's quite exciting. Here we have an artist who plays the part of a villain on record. In performance he where's a mask. In interview he where's a mask. Knowledge of his personal life aside from the character Doom virtually non existent post KMD fame. Now he's supposed to be MIA. In some ways it sets up great promo. It makes sense. Then there's the side of maybe the future is not so bright.

But I'd rather not think too much about it. Because I don't have any factual information to go by.

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