2008 Election: Vote For David Ruffin

I was going through some music and stumbled open this David Ruffin joint. I Could Never Be President. It's from Feelin' Good released in 1969. I thought it was funny considering the 2008 presidential election that will be here before you know it. While Ghostface voted for Oprah Obama and Eric B. for president, stated on his latest LP Big Doe Rehab, I'd have to go with Jimmy Ruffin's younger brother Dave when headed to the poles in 08'.

This post is dedicated in memory of David Ruffin (Davis Eli Ruffin) (January 18, 1941 – June 1, 1991)

[Click here] to download I Could Never Be President - David Ruffin


before the sun rose...

before the sun rose on the eve of the holiday that i do not celebrate, i found myself outside, engaged by the moon's luminescence... 180 degrees, then turned to witness moments before, a new day on its way. silence. the the fading line of horizon, blending the now with yesterday... the north start sparkled, knowing its part in this godly production... an awesome display of subtle magnitude, quiet emotion, stillness and patience as if the earth were meditating... before opening its next chapter...


Sometimes I Dream In Blak N white

Korean Karate
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Today's photo journal is all about black and white. These are a few items that caught my i...

Kansas City Love...

The great thing about the internet is that if you have something that someone likes chances are they will let others know. The other day I was taking a look at my Youtube submissions. I noticed there were some new links attached to a video I'd only had up for about 3-4 days. When I clicked on it to reveal what those links were I was lead to a blog about Kansas City( Kansas City? Upon visiting this blog, I scroll its front page looking for where my video had been posted. I was happy to not only find my video clip but also a very nice description and brief acknowledgment of who I was. There was also a link to my song Fly In My Soup from my forthcoming EP, George Caplin's: Kansas City Shuffle. Alright, it now makes sense why I'd been linked. How the writer of this blog discovered my video I'm not sure but what I am sure of is that this action was great and well appreciated. I made sure to leave a comment on the blog and also posted the full lyrics to the song that had been posted, saying thanks and his efforts were duly noted.

Photo by KC-Rod Special Message From Conscious from Conscious on Vimeo.

Wink, wink...

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Remember, even when I'm not around I'm still watching. Behave yourselves...


Late Monday Music: Company Flow

It's Company Flow time people. Some love, some hate...
Funcrusherplus is a classic record to me... 10 Years Old!
one track , 'Blind' actually charted on the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Maxi-Singles Sales list.

1 "Bad Touch Example"
2 "8 Steps to Perfection"
3 "Collude/Intrude"
5 "Silence"
6 "Legends"
7 "Help Wanted"
8 "Population Control"
9 "Lune TNS"
10 "Definitive"
11 "Lencorcism"
12 "89.9 Detrimental"
13 "Vital Nerve"
14 "Tragedy of War (In III Parts)"
15 "The Fire in Which You Burn"
16 "Krazy Kings"
17 "Last Good Sleep"
18 "Info Kill II"
19 "Funcrush Scratch"
* "Corners '94"