RIP - Frosty Freeze

I think it's kinda ill that this kat passed away 2 whole weeks ago and I actually didn't find out till a couple days ago, sheerly by accident while on Youtube.

Anyway, I was thinking about how you have a dude like this that basically was an integral part of breaking history and contributed to it's evolution, by inventing moves but he never really got enough props as far as I'm concerned. Never heard him making so much noise about what he did and what not while a few other dancers deem it necessary to stake their claim with every single opportunity given, just like a number of DJ's and emcees. (I rarely see aerosol artists come out like that. They always seem much more humble though I'm sure there are those who aren't that spray as well.) Anyway this is just a reminder that often times people ain't got nothing to say about you till your dead. And even when they do, it's for more selfish reasons. They wanna get props for giving you props. If they really felt you were so dope and important they would have given you your props while you were still breathing and possibly helped you out when you were sick and falling on hard time..

Just a rant. Whatever...

RIP Frosty Freeze...

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