We hours rnadom scribes...

didn't smoke the devil's lettuce, just sprinkled on the salad
alice asked the holy falice, would it spit a few bars...
wet her whistle at the palace, she a hustler, love the challenge,
of snatchin niggas balance, losin mojo, stagger in the after
jo-jo dancin with sum's talent, respect from vinyl junky parents
far from average, like uh thousand blocks away
never shot on blocks, peddled sacks of rock, moved or used the yay
only move the hay searchin for record needles
to the tune of beatles, Diego's useless easel, sadly thrown away
in a world of many canvas, I chose to mural upon the wall
future plan, purchase land, of Bahamas sand, sans
boutique grubbing spots and over crowded malls...

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