iareconscious.com is Alive!

So I finally found a friggin template that I like and started working on my website. It's totally ridiculous that I haven't had one all this time, but whatever... I want you guys to check it out and stay posted. www.iareconscious.com Keep on reading and most importantly commenting so that I know you're out there. Shout out to Lateef Dameer who reached out after realizing he recognized me at a Ghostface show in NYC. Using the power of the internet for good. One day at a time. So the official iareconscious website will basically keep you up to date on the madness that I create, where I'm going to be and things of that nature. One of the things I'm really excited about is the journals I'll be writing to share the process of creating two great album in Magnavok7's 'Let Her Bomb' and The Bronx Über Villain's, 'The Bronx Über Villaini'. Of course they'll be new photography and painting projects. Also look for frequent drops of new and old audio... basically a wealth of art to share with you. Hoping you find some sort of benefit from ingesting it all.

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