Help Me Decide Which Album Art To Use.

I'm working on a handful of possible album covers for this one song I'm working on with Coole High. Basically, it only makes sense for us to put out a small project considering we've already recorded three songs together that we've been performing and also we have a few other collaborations recorded for future records.

I need to figure out the art for this... By Sunday night!


Desperate Housewives - A Work In Progress

Track Produced by Verse All

desperate housewives
wit steak knives
can take lives
escaped with mine
ran by dem naked mines
on the field
on the reels
they taped my life
how can i be wrong for layin pipe, if i layed it right
slick plumber that never showed crack
man i never sold crack
just contra band to fans
in the form of new millennium wax...
even still i build watching grams
removing weight
music distributed through a basement gate..
then hit the the pavement...
independent indies jump the slaveship, left the salt mines

in strawberry fields blue blood spills for real
there is no oxygen, or pills
there is no boxin in this doc oc phil
mermaids splash
iare pop dem gill
some shock and aw campaign
we chop trill
for proper spill
the operas filled
canaries singing
we don't believe you
we know you ain't slinging



Wednesday, July 23rd @ 205 Club in NYC

205 Chrystie St., at Stanton St. New York, NY 10002




Yes. A New Fast...

Time to do a cleansing. Started flushing last night. Followed up with some more salt water flushing this morning. Went to the park with my sister and shot some baskets. I gottah say, I was definitely feeling good out there in the park. No stiffness. I felt rather flexible. Did a lil jumping exercise. Made some jumpers. Before I left, I ate a lil fruit mixture of blueberries, mango and apricot. With a lil orange juice in there.

Getting ready for tonight's show. Got Rabbi Darkside Djing the set. Coole high making an appearance and Gif opening up...


Conscious & Rabbi Darkside @ Vox Pop July 15th

On Tuesday July 15th 7PM (Half Time Show is at 9PM. Don’t lollygag please) you’ll be able to catch me at Vox Pop in Brooklyn providing the halftime show entertainment for A to Z Emcee, hosted by Tah Phrum Da Bush and Super King Armor. I have a 25 minute set. Tah ensured me that he’d be expecting a full set from me, or else...! Accompanying me on this night is a good friend of mine, Rabbi Darkside. You may recognize him from MTV’s Made. He’s teaching this young lady how to beatbox. Rabbi will be Djing this set as well as performing a tune with me and a tune of his own, a single from his forthcoming album ‘Building the Better Bomb’ (album release party 7.19.2008 at Mercury Lounge). Rabbi D in my opinions is one of the best emcees in New York. I wouldn’t produce anything for him if I didn’t feel so. Also making an appearance during my set is Brooklyn’s own Coole High. We have a couple songs that will make you ask, ‘So where’s that collaboration album?’. Soon come. Soon come. Pending acts, Gif, and Core Rhythm haven’t confirm their appearances yet. All in all, I’m putting together a great set that all in attendance will enjoy. If you can’t be there you still can check it out live online via the website. We’ve got all areas covered...! The show is $3 for spectators. $10 for Contestants. Yeah remember it’s A to Z Emcee. An emcee challenge with a cash prize of fifty bucks. I’m the halftime entertainment...

Vox Pop
1022 Cortelyou Road Brooklyn, NY 11218 Q train to Cortelyou Road 718–940-2084