7 tips/ideas/questions for artist development/refinement...

Even though I've had a real website up for some time now, I decided to post something here on this blog because it still gets a fair amount of traffic. Hey, the more links that are pointing to me online, the better I look to Google.

What started off as random rants on Twitter about artists and what they're not doing right, has turned into a regular thing I do, devoted to listing helpful tips to help artists refine what they're doing. People have been taking notice. This man who co-signs not often, is now being co-signed majorly.

I want to reach as many people as I can with info that's beneficial to them life and career wise. Hopefully these tips that started off as wee hour shouts of frustration and aggravation will reach those who need them most...

  1. #Artists What's on your website? How often do you update it? Do you think it is important to have a website, or does that matter to you at all?
  2. #Artists Web domains & hosting plans are inexpensive these days. Invest in your career. Free services with ads & banners reek. Unprofessional.
  3. #Artists Do not email mp3 attachments to press agencies or online promo services unless asked. Attachments will be deleted. Send links.
  4. #Artists Get a general rundown of venue specs before you ok a gig. Sound. Location in relation to transportation. How will show be promoted?
  5. #Artists If you want people to care about what you to have offer presentation is key. There's no excuse for hard to navigate, sites, blogs or Myspace pages.
  6. #Artists Get organized. Use Reverbnation to handle your mailing lists and distribute your music files so u can track your stats.
  7. #Artists Until you're in a position to not have to promote your show. Promote your show, if you really care about what you do. No excuses...

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