Devil In A Bubbled Vest from Our Ugly Bright Straightened Reality

memories affected me
then the energies corrected me
weapon brandished
go head see how love handles
like dead weight
wait, a minute cupid,
yeah yo, wait a minute stupid
you left your arrows behind
shouldah shot you in your narrow behind
how you love that?
why you wanna interfere?
to make the mood confused
for you to leave the room amused
what you need some love too?
end up in the news
with yah heart all bruised
a spectacle, suggested dues paid
broken hearted union
go head, sip the kool-aide
communion for slaves
feel good to be the only one, in the community Paid?
well you could be laid in a community grave
no Or Leans with beads for the brave
that poke they’s chest out
or tell stories bout them fiends that they slayed
The Walking Dead, love locked down
cause they talked to the fed, Ben Bernake
On Smash, How a Hiphop World Fullah stars
wanna attack me
a tad bit Salty. Lawry’s
Towers Faulty, Al Qaeda, down wit the BBC
for that, my guitar it gently weeps
said Lucille, to mister BB King
A blues brother, always - with wings
Or twisted - metal dark fantasy dreams
as the right finds wrong answers
In the next T Pain, Sean Hannity scene
on deaf ears does reality bite, then scream?
matters none when the vampire public
ain’t payin tension to the nickelodeon screen

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