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My inline direction is coordinated online with offline suggestion
astral plane parallel questions
answered in sober symposiums sans weapons
revolution is a state of mind
i don't own nothin, ain't a state of mine
capital is ether
maybe states of nines
all off the record, feel free to speak your mind
most talk too much to hear the twinkle stars
take a moment, overstand appreciate a beating heart
every situation in life you can learn from it
possibly discern from it
ain't about being smart
when it rains they're casting for the part of Noah
you can play the part or watch
please watch the boulders, crush'em down to pebbles
ask me if i'm a rebel, then ask me bout bass or treble
i'll ask you for a place to shovel, got a corpse to bury (a dead marriage)
if they debt you for your carrots, that ain't healthy
you make too much walk when you walk, that ain't stealthy
your mind body and soul, out of sync out of control
true definition of unwealthy

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