• Must be hard to live everyday of your life followed in stores plus ppl are afraid of you because the TV and movies tell them to be.
  • Must be hard to adjust the bass in your voice all the time because people are afraid when you speak.
  • Must suck to have pockets but never be able to use them because having your hands in them or pulling your hands out of them is dangerous.
  • Sucks that both males n females. Young n old of every complexion except for yours can wear hooded jackets. You can not. It’s wrong of you.
  • Must be be hard to live in trauma for the entirety of your life and not realize it. Even worse the world doesn’t acknowledge your trauma.
  • Must be hard to struggle when everyone wants to compare their struggle to yours.
  • Must be hard to see the bigger picture. But be judged by your peers for not hating everyone that is not like you.
  • Must be hard to try and change your life when the people that surround you don’t want to change their own.
  • Must be hard to escape this life trap that’s been developing for so long.
  • Must suck to not have to deal with any of this and surely not understand any of it so much so it forces you to be apathetic and blame those people for the life they did not choose. Man you’ve got it so bad.
  • Must suck to have historically documented evidence that certain things were implemented specifically for you to fail, but have people ignore those facts. Tell you you’ve gottah pull up yah damn boot straps or something.

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