"No Gucci, No Prada" Unofficial Video (A Scratch Recording)

Ain’t no stains on my Gucci, cuz I don’t wear no Gucci.
No stains on my Prada, cuz Prada I got nada.

Rockin plaid Dexter’s from Fabco
My Carhartt faded, I won’t let it go
My fashion, is just to keep quiet
the way yall broadcast, I think you’re wired
So sick and tired, niggah well change yah diet
S&M, ordered a new whip, mine came with tires
Same crack rock, but a different stove
least Craig Sager ain’t a mother-funkin clone
I’m Edgecomb, BX encrusted
Some Diamond out, Ice and Dusted
never touched the stuff, bredren sober up
don’t get addicted to the labels have you touchin toes and stuff
Call’em Uncle Dope, leanin on the right man
Caught’em sleepin and droolin on the train, that ain’t tight fam
Whether leggins or jeggins Sam, I don’t care
We still gottah deal with niggahs flashin underwear
tell me close my eyes, yeah no surprise
cuz that’s a major part of the plan. they want us blind
rakin in the dollar signs for every piece purchased
free advertising, walkin talkin billboards, absurdness

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