iAreConscious - It Figures (Music Video)

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i'm in the bungalow with hella hoes,
and by hoes i don't mean broads
i mean these supposed to be gods, (frauds)
lord of the flies, caught on the spider web
internet fame, these niggahs got no aim
i got trophies fam.
made some bad choices like Sophie fam
am i the blame
for the flames, that ruined the town
the dames, that saddened the clown
mistaken for minstrel
i lost the lead in my pencil
but still...
Jim Hensoned they mental
its simple
a puppeteer of fear
crack open beers
i was never ever welcomed to cheer at Cheers
hear hear! let's celebrate the moment and pour one out for those that used to pose,
no longer here...
ears are given
for the listen
weak though
with only strength enough
for silent whispers
i heard the truth is know to give you the shivers
in booth alone with my thoughts
i can hardly stand and deliver
it figures

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