Intolerance - Mercy (Non-Explicit) With Earl Sweatshirt?

You hear Big Sean say swerve how many times? I think that's 2 Chainz on the hook. Kanye West and Pusha T don't appear on this version. Earl Sweatshirt is mentioned. Whether or not it's GOOD MUSIC is relative. I wonder what he'd have said over this track...

Here's what i had to say...

nifter i don't want yah girl
she ain't worth the earl
take this sweatshirt wipe'er down, (now) press n curl
that line ain't make no sense
your life don't make no sense
that kite don't make no sense
wind ain't blown for days, she wrote that under paid
no scratch for commissary, no conjugal, yall ain't married
what yall gettin dusted for?, yall ain't fairies,
wait...! well perhaps you are
but I mind my business,  no blue vans, eyewitness
think we ain't see, know yall snitches
that's why yah aingstee
we one and only, you ain't we.
cause honestly, honest is what you cain't be
no matter what they pay me
I ain't finna let them paint me
or let dem crackahs hang me

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