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Bon Iver's "Team" Instrumental With Narration By Mon-tag

Mon-tag Tells New Story Over Bon Iver's "Team" Instrumental from the album, For Emma, Forever Ago

"While riding the train some time ago, I was inspired to write down a few words..." - Mon-tag


Like a catapult, leapt outtah the vault
Takin the coin, that wasn't my fault
Takin the blame, I will never do that
Even with name written right on my back

forget a rat race
I'm not chasing your cheese
No photos please
Don't care to be seen

Let me disappear (please)
Let me disappear
Let me disappear

Off of the grid
Into the wild
Intrinsic with style
The truth in a smile
Barrelling down
On an unwelcome frown
Crease in the brow

I don't wanna be found
Would you please let me drown...
I don't wanna be found
Would you please let me drown...

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iAreConscious - It Figures (Music Video)

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i'm in the bungalow with hella hoes,
and by hoes i don't mean broads
i mean these supposed to be gods, (frauds)
lord of the flies, caught on the spider web
internet fame, these niggahs got no aim
i got trophies fam.
made some bad choices like Sophie fam
am i the blame
for the flames, that ruined the town
the dames, that saddened the clown
mistaken for minstrel
i lost the lead in my pencil
but still...
Jim Hensoned they mental
its simple
a puppeteer of fear
crack open beers
i was never ever welcomed to cheer at Cheers
hear hear! let's celebrate the moment and pour one out for those that used to pose,
no longer here...
ears are given
for the listen
weak though
with only strength enough
for silent whispers
i heard the truth is know to give you the shivers
in booth alone with my thoughts
i can hardly stand and deliver
it figures


Pagan: 1st Movement 1968 [Express]

My second attempt at creating what I thought at that time constituted an album. Oh how foolish I was. I was motivated though and believed in what I was doing so that alone was a great thing. I figure why not introduce you to earlier work so you can compare and contrast the growth of my art. Also there are messages that remain relevant even today and will as long as there are humans populating this planet I guess. 

You can also enjoy a beta copy of my e-book “Clear & Lucid & Natural & Simple.” I’ve included it with the download of “Pagan:1st Movement 1968 [Express]” 

I’d appreciate any contribution you make for the audio as well as the literature included in this package. 

Interested? Download or stream this album here. Peace.