Star Power JACK produced by @Dj_MentPlus

she said get with the rc program, the rc pro am?
i program games and play dem for a livin
tab and make-shift, making gifs for the children
what you mean by that?
i set the scene, so they may gleam like that
like so... type holes in your tissue paper faker..
sweet tooth, music lover draker
i ain't mad at Canadians
how old are you? Old enough to remember the palladium
old enough to remember the old Yankee stadium
the original, snap backs, throwbacks
rhinestones, on starter caps...
We got tapes niggah,
and repair kits...
now hear this we was skatin
before kick push in case you didn't know
my stream of conscious, endless
when breath leaves me i will continue to flow
i will continue to throw rope
let yah hang from it
watch the stock plummet
turn tables over like Yeezus
at your next summit
don't invite me late
this ain't no Hollywood great debate
Denzel ain't gonna play me in a bio pic
bio hazard, the i's have it
but can they manage...
time's UP! time to vanish

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