A compilation of verses recorded mostly at random in the wee hours. I sometimes wake up peruse maybe Soundcloud and a beat strikes me. I free write and record with no regard for whether or not the listener will like what I'm saying or how I deliver it. It's my journal. Journals aren't written to impress others. Subconscious and conscious meet. My thoughts of the week emerge and traces of conversations I've recently had  join the now growing collage of ideas, dreams and what have you. I offer this piece as an introduction or perhaps a reintroduction to me and the sonics that flow through me as I figure out the future of my auditory output.

It's unkempt because this is raw stuff. Of course it's audible and will not destroy your speakers or rattle your ears buds in an unsettling way. There are no high fidelity mixes in giant studio. It's unkempt with much character and the content is just the same. I even cuss on a track or two.

I'll be using the funds from this release for future official releases as well as putting $'s towards #theconsciousness my movement to continue to support artists through the channels of FreeHiphopNow, OkaySoSTFU, BondfireRadio Conscious Bootleggers as well as PayUsNoMind. ( You can also just contribute to #theconsciousness here if you're not interested in this release but would like to help this movement along. be sure to specify in your note where you'd like funds to go.)

I've set the price at $3.00 but feel free to contribute more if you feel to do so.

P.S. All lyrics will be provided accompanied by a unique piece of visual art. Depending on interest I may make some of the art available for purchase as prints as well as the audio on cd or perhaps cassette. we'll get to that point when we have reached that point.

I'll be adding some bonus items with this digital release leading up to October 1st at 12PM when this becomes available.


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