Star Power JACK produced by @Dj_MentPlus

she said get with the rc program, the rc pro am?
i program games and play dem for a livin
tab and make-shift, making gifs for the children
what you mean by that?
i set the scene, so they may gleam like that
like so... type holes in your tissue paper faker..
sweet tooth, music lover draker
i ain't mad at Canadians
how old are you? Old enough to remember the palladium
old enough to remember the old Yankee stadium
the original, snap backs, throwbacks
rhinestones, on starter caps...
We got tapes niggah,
and repair kits...
now hear this we was skatin
before kick push in case you didn't know
my stream of conscious, endless
when breath leaves me i will continue to flow
i will continue to throw rope
let yah hang from it
watch the stock plummet
turn tables over like Yeezus
at your next summit
don't invite me late
this ain't no Hollywood great debate
Denzel ain't gonna play me in a bio pic
bio hazard, the i's have it
but can they manage...
time's UP! time to vanish

I created a digital tipjar. #tipme

I don’t have a grand speech or pitch to try and get people to contribute to what I now call #theconsciousness. I’m well aware of my affect on others by the art I create and content I share every single day. I’ve been doing it for well over a decade. Some people buy stuff some don’t. Some SHARE it in a major way via write-ups, interviews and invitations to speak on radio shows. I appreciate it all. We’re in an era of free and people are use to getting everything without paying for it. I get it. I’m not complaining. With that all said it is important to say creating and distributing creative works that people have grown to expect to be free cost something. In most cases if you spent money to give everything away all the time you be considered a fool.

Besides sharing my art I share the art of others. I create portals for exposure. I empower artists and entrepreneurs and create avenues for income for them too. It’s not free to do these things. When you contribute to my tipjar I’m literally sharing my tips with hundreds of others. I have no major campaign with bells and whistles. I do need assistance.

If you love my art or you want to help me continue to build the label Eklektic Gardens so I can officially release material on a serious level. Put something in my tip jar. If you’ve downloaded and enjoyed song after song of mine, and were motivated by my Youtube channels. Tip me. If you’ve benefited from things you’ve read on PayUsNoMind.info. Tip me. My tip jar is to pay for sites like OKAYsostfu.com to stay up. Domains aren’t free and neither is the web space they are hosted on. Do you listen to BondfireRadio? Well it costs money to run a radio station. All the music we play pays the artists who’s tunes we spin.

If you really want to contribute, you know what to do after you read this.